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  1. Shrez

    Ocean is still to Tanky

    Remove all modules / upgrades /poods @devs let player skill decide who wins. This game should be skill based don't make another WoW.
  2. Shrez

    Ocean is still to Tanky

    Stacking thickness upgrades is the prob then not the ship.
  3. Shrez

    Ocean is still to Tanky

    Just stern rake then.
  4. Shrez

    Loot Dinghy

    Let us use a dinghy to collect loot!
  5. Shrez

    Question or additional information on a Bug report

    How should I know that? There is no description.
  6. Let me guess, it's the patrol mission patch.?
  7. Shrez

    Question or additional information on a Bug report

    Question´╗┐ PvE Sunk 2x Essex and one Bellona with my Bellona and didn't get reward damage inflicted still 0/500k, me and targets was in pvp area! /edit i forgot to mention that the circle did not appeared.
  8. Shrez

    Server crash?

    We have on PvE this issue to! Send Report (NAS-924831)
  9. They keep victory marks to just replace own ships that maybe sunk.
  10. Shrez

    Private Warehouse

    PLZ add an additional private Warehouse so i can be in an Clan but with my own Warehouse!
  11. Shrez

    Private Warehouse

    No! the Clan warehouse is clearly arranged the other one is chaos.
  12. So we need then less labor hours to craft a ship? coz no materials needed to be crafted right?
  13. Niet! We need Victory Mark to craft this ship.
  14. Shrez

    Waiting for E3?

    Skull and Bones
  15. Shrez

    Caribbean Invasion News

    Your comments are witty as ever.
  16. Shrez

    Forged papaers don't give new name.

    I would buy that with a nice ship included and special blueprint for that ship but only usable for dlc owners.
  17. Shrez

    Question or additional information on a Bug report

    Question PvP - PvE Shrez + Shrez2 + Shrez3 Is it possible to transfer my xp and craft xp to PvE Server?
  18. Shrez

    Caribbean Invasion News

    I've been thinking about it for a long time and that's my opinion.
  19. https://steamcommunity.com/app/311310/discussions/15/1696046342859785134/ scroll down
  20. Ink said in steam conversion rate is 100 to 1 that's mean after patch we need 1 Oak "Load" / 1000 Oak logs to craft a Lynx!? LMAO
  21. Shrez

    Caribbean Invasion News

    Russians Poles and Prussians never was in the Caribbean at this timeline. Plz Devs if you make an simulation then do it right, you loosed all credibility with inventing such "fantasy" Nations.
  22. It's like AC Blackflag we will see.
  23. Shrez

    Penetration difference 18-24

    How can i get those Edinorog?