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Found 1 result

  1. @admin @Ink @Hethwill Longer term, down the road idea POST launch. Short Version go straight to the bottom of the POST... “Call me Norfolk...” The opening words from Herman Melville wrote in 1851 probably the first all American Novel depicting Norfolk nAhab's obsessive-compulsive nature to the bitter end. Giving no thought to lives lost to aid him reap his vengeance on one of the largest and unique animals in God’s creation. Not just a giant but a one-off hard to catch albino white whale known as Moby-Dick. Norfolk nAhab in his previous voyage Captaining the Essex, lost both ship and left leg to Moby-Dick. In his new LGV whaler named the Acushnet, the burning intent will push him to his final goal of Spear-ing the Beast or he’ll meet his maker with bitterness and anger in his soul... https://americanliterature.com/author/herman-melville/book/moby-dick-or-the-whale/summary ...go get a good glass of French Red.... Idea: The NA-OW Whale Mechanic Big Fish, Small Pond... In NA-OW we’ve seen fish of all shapes, sizes and value. Different fish in different areas but now a new type has been sighted. To give its correct title they are aquatic placental marine mammals or to you and me Whales... https://www.windy.com/overlays?currents,19.062,-74.048,5,i:pressure These mammoth creatures swim together in schools of three to fourth adults following the ocean currents. Unlike the fish hugging the coastline these creatures habit deep water playgrounds. The expanse of Port-au-Prince to Cartagena to Fort-Royale one such area. The Bermuda Islands to Atwood open ocean another or the Gulf of Mexico. Fueling the Caribbean Economic Growth... Within the Caribbean we have many different types of PORTs some small a type 1 like Rum Cove and some huge like Cartagena a type 5. These PORTs attract trade and from that trade a local income tax is levied. In the past most, business trade happened in the daylight hours. However, a recent invention called the oil lamp gives out light but much brighter and safer than candles or an open fire. This allows the shopkeeper to open for longer generating much more income than he would in a normal day. Street oil lamps make the PORT much safer at night thus attracting more AI commerce than would normally occur. In fact, using this oil over night would increase that days tax generated income by as much as 20%. To raise hostility at this port would take more mission input now being much safer. The Oil Product... The oil comes in a barrel from whaling ships that have hunted a whale down and processed the carcass into usable Whale Oil Barrels. The Whaler would come to PORT and sell the oil on the open market. A PORT owner would buy the barrels. Then take the barrels to his port. In the PORT management area, he can allocate how many barrels of oil can be used overnight. Type1 PORT only 1x Barrel can be consumed, Type 5 PORT up to 5x Barrels can be consumed. The more barrels the higher the tax revenue percentage boost. The PORT management will continue to reload the Barrels allocated every server restart as the oil is consumed leaving the empty barrels back in the warehouse for re-use. Some Need to Know Grizzly Facts... https://nammco.no/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/manual-baleen-whales-grenade-and-harpoon.pdf The Harpoon Cannon was first used as far back as 1770 but by the 1850s it was what we know as today’s weapon with a grenade delivery system. Look at the whale images below. The optimal target area is a harpoon fired side on just above and behind the front fin. If too far back then its all muscle with no vital organs, too far forward and we find a hard skull area that the Harpoon will ricochet off. So not too big a surface area. The Harpoon successfully hitting the correct spot delivering a delayed fuse timed grenade. The Grenade now is in or around the chest cavity. Upon detonation spinal cord, brain and other vital organs suffer catastrophic impact leading to failure. Whale Hunting BASIC Mechanic... The school of whales underneath the graphics are basic AI fleet of unarmed Indiaman ships that just look like whales. When ships approach them, they’ll try to steer away but then to get back on course. The Whale Ship needs to close in distance within a circle to tag the creatures. This then drops all into a BATTLE instance. The Whales try to run away like a trader would with the Whaler in pursuit. The Whaler needs to shoot harpoons at a specific area that cause internal damage to the whale’s health eventually slowing it down and killing it. Here like in a normal battle top right would show a ship/whale diagram with front back and the two sides planking health bar with the central internal health bar also. Hitting the right area of the whale will deplete the central internal health needed to kill it. Slow death takes the sides down first... The Whale Ship comes along side the dead floating corpse and the empty barrels stored in the hull start to fill up with whale oil over time. Like a boarding locked action. Once all the oil is extracted then you can escape the BATTLE. Also, like a normal BATTLE instance it is always OPEN. This could leave the Whale ship venerable to opportunistic enterprising players like @Nick the cursed need I say more...? The LGV Whale Ship with Bow chaser Harpoon Cannons... http://www.macyplace.com/FirstFury/Supplementary/Image_alice.gif This is the Bark Alice Knowles whale ship diagram To start whaling you will need specific Skills unlocked. An LGV filled with empty barrels in the hold, plus Bower Chaser Harpoon Cannons. Now imagine the entire Mortar-Brig Mechanic from cannon to perks to mods. And the unique dispersion aiming function. This is mapping the same model over to the LGV. In aim view the target and focused dispersion rings contract and come together allowing you to fire a Harpoon at the beast. Like with the mortar brig play you are looking to take down the central health bar. This works the same way targeting the whale side on just above the front fin. The DLC LGV Whale Ship... If you like the whale trading part of NA-OW then you may want to invest in a DLC LGV Whale Ship. This ship is purpose built for whaling. It can carry more empty barrels in the hold. The design allows for better spotting of whale schools thus allowing for a larger tag circle. The Processing time is reduced and the oil extracted is increased. If @Nick the cursed fancies his chances it also comes with a company of built in battle axe whaler marine defenders in case of boarding actions. This DLC is not really a “Pay to Win” P2W like a Tiger Tank or Battleship, but it can enhance your in-game income above the standard LGV model. I think this is acceptable and realistic. Economics... The original whale idea came from Quad AI a STEAM contributor. I thought it was ok-ish not realistically plausible from a Dev’s viewpoint. The thing is I couldn’t stop thinking about it. How much Whale Oil in barrels comes out of a whale? How much cost is a barrel and to craft it? Although like the milkman regular supplier would take back the barrel after use. PORT consumption rates and raw material depletion rates. The Dev’s controlling the amount of daily whale’s swimming around while the tax revenue benefit must out way the barrel cost. Loads of inter market analysis... In-closing... It’s a long-term back burner type project. It can stimulate the economy on many levels. But the prime objective is to get NA-OW launched first. Great idea from Quad AI and I hope he likes what I’ve done with it. Apologies for the length but I felt the start to finish process was needed to be shown. Any part in isolation can be poo-poo’d. What’s the saying...? You can tell your not dead by learning something new every day. Today, I learned that it wasn’t the Harpoon that killed the whale but the detonation of the grenade from inside the animal’s chest cavity. I’m glad it’s a thing of the past, but I needed to research the whole grizzly ugly business. Tomorrow, flower arranging... Thank you for reading and Let me know what you think of the idea ... Norfolk nChance [ELITE] The Short Version Just watching Stormy Daniels in action, is no fun. You need to know the full story behind her unique skill set that made her dad so proud. Like watching Porn without the storyline... The Whale Mechanic that can offer DLC, provide a unique high value perishable product and add depth to NA-OW. Now please go back and read the full POST...
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