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  1. @admin I'm happy with the DLC prices
  2. Shrez

    Safe zones and Newbies

    It's an ridiculous gank game now NA needs more players? @Devs Make game casual friendly then!
  3. It can't be a leech in a pb i have the same risk to loose my ship.
  4. 200 Players online its massive! To bad all my friends refuse to play NA again.
  5. I can't grind hostility alone coz gankers. My advice to devs remove hostility mechanic and allow pb to join for all players but have to be in same nation.
  6. Haha bullshit why i can't join as a Nation Player? As example if danish-norwegian nation is in trouble why i can't join and help my nation?
  7. I never played eve with reasons i don't care about eve online.
  8. I'm not happy so far. I have to be in a clan to see main content? ONLY IN NA!
  9. Ye another bad change against casual players.
  10. No! This will give to much power to clans.
  11. Shrez

    Name 5 things you would like to see in NA

    Get player names back on Ships .(PvE Server) PvP area on PvE Server or a PvP-light Server. Faster crafting leveling. Better loot distribution less op items. AI stop cheating.
  12. Shrez

    Ninja Santi and One Shot Kills

    What do you expect form a troll?
  13. Shrez

    Deutsche Spieler Ingame

    Das halte ich für ein Gerücht.
  14. Shrez


    Ich fahre alles und zwar Situationsbedingt. Unbesiegbar gibts nich.
  15. Shrez

    Ninja Santi and One Shot Kills

    Wait, Rear Admiral and you didn't know about leak mechanics?🙄
  16. Shrez

    Idea: Norfolk nAhab and his White Whale...

    It's a combat game not whale hunting.
  17. Shrez

    Was hat sich Berlin denn dabei gedacht?....

    Ich finde das Schiffchen ganz nett.
  18. Shrez


    FYI I bought since EA release 5 NA accounts, 3 for me one for my bro and another one for a friend.
  19. Shrez


    Devs should finish game first before adding more DLC's. I'll wait and see how the game develops before i "invest" my money into the game.
  20. Shrez


    Welcome Back😊
  21. Shrez

    Bug - bot firing angles

    @Devs plz fix cheating A.I.
  22. Ganking meta and anti casual changes destroys the game.
  23. Shrez

    Basic Upgrades

    Plz Remove useless Basic Upgrades and check loot dropping it drops always same shit.