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29 of May 2017 map update.   Every black line of grid is 20000 game units in game (F11). The grey line is 10000. The numbers indicate the position every 100k units. Distance of view aprox

Here's a printout of the "low res" image -- looks great! Printed out at Staples for $36

Yes, but that info I will not release to public for obvious reasons... 

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9 hours ago, Siegfried said:

For open the assets files and put the map in the game? I didn't tryed too since months ago.

Yep, all my UAE is doing is crashing now - what version do you use?

I use Version 0.3 (BETA 1) 26MAR2014

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I think Game-Labs needs to hire all of you wonderful chartmakers.  At least temporarily! 

Very impressed with the talent of Naval Action players. 

Anyone out there know how to design and implement a beautiful, tasteful looking GUI?  :D

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Yeah. Sorry for the little errors. The last update put new ports in the map and I was no time for check by myself. I used the game's map directly for estimate the position.

The important thing is the map is usable and in the real world maps were not exact too.


Thanks for your opinion about my map.

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