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  1. TXSailor

    too hard for new players

    I know I tried starting “fresh” alone. The first mission in a basic cutter puts you against a rookie brig. It’s not easy by any means, but it’s doable. That very next level mission, the first non-cutter level, I had a Navy brig and was put up against 3 snows... again, doable, but just barely... said screw it at that point, and left off solo missions.
  2. Not to derail the subject, but what are these treasure fleets?
  3. TXSailor

    Copper: Unobtanium?

    I've found the port, but apparently as others have confirmed, there's no eurotrader option, and the contracts already there are exceeding 7.5k per...
  4. So I just made a run to Little Harbor, the nearest source of copper, and not only is there none to be found, but there doesn't seem to be the ability to buy it via the Eurotrader, because there's no resource for copper under crafting. Am I missing something? Or is copper unobtanium?
  5. I'm not trying to build SOLs constantly lol. Just a single ship for myself.
  6. TXSailor

    Hull thickness feedback

    I’ve found thickness to be great. I don’t sail anything larger than a 4th rate, but I’ve fought some 3rd rates, and everything seems very correct.
  7. TXSailor

    Odd Crutches that Reduce OW Traffic

    I almost never leave the safe zone, but that's not so much by choice as it is that there's no reason. I don't seek to remain in it, it's just everything I need for crafting and grinding happens to be inside of it, and there's no incentive to leave unless I'm claiming a shipwreck.
  8. TXSailor

    Siegfried's Map

    How is the current release of the map here compared to the game? Are the locations all present and fairly accurate to the latest release?
  9. Thanks! While I don't want to join a massive clan, I play well enough with others that I've been able to make some deals to get the supplies I need to make a single ship, it's just frustrating seeing that I'm taking a shortcut, having already unlocked all of the blueprints and crafting level. I can't imagine a new player trying to get into this alone...
  10. Maybe the situation is so different in other nations, my point is not being made clear. Farrago, I'm not a new fawn. I've unlocked about everything there is to unlock crafting wise, as I was doing just fine manufacturing what I needed for myself and for countrymen back before the merge, months and months ago when the game was playable for a single person. I understand placing contracts to buy, but everything has become so hard to get that in order to actually be able to collect on those, continuously higher buy contracts must be placed, seeing these things going for as easily 4 or 5 times their initial cost. Teak logs have been driven up to 10,000 gold a piece. It's not just lignum vitae, and it's not so simple as "place a buy contract, and you can get everything you need at a fine price". There's just not enough supply that anyone but the power players can afford to accumulate any decent amount, and those that can are only turning around and reselling it at exorbitant prices.
  11. Supply isn’t there to be purchased outright, and placing contracts to buy from the AI has already been driven to unreasonable levels. A casual player just can’t participate let alone be competitive.
  12. Because I’m already having to farm other equally price gouged products and there are limited buildings you can own.
  13. I had sailed to every last one of those ports in search of lignum vitae, and there was not a single log to be purchased, and already standing purchase orders for egregious cost. Just because the port can sell it doesn’t mean it won’t be entirely bought out.
  14. Which I've done to the maximum extent, but the problem is, you simply can't have enough outposts in enough different places to ensure a supply of anything. Some of us don't want to have to be part of a zerg clan just to enjoy a game. While I certainly sail with them from time to time and pitch in whenever we need a coastal patrol or whenever some kind of crafting is needed, it doesn't do to have to rely on the good nature of others just to play a game. Yep. Exactly.
  15. Hopefully the sarcasm was evident. Logged in tonight hoping to finish a shipbuild. Lignum Vitae is entirely NONEXISTENT on the east coast US. Live Oak is ONLY available from CTon in excess of 2500 gold each. White Oak is entirely nonexistent everywhere along the coast. I can't farm the Live Oak or Lignum Vitae because I've had to open Iron Mines, an Oak Farm, and a Hemp farm to try to drive down the 1,000% markups THOSE were all getting as well, and a workshop because canons, when they're available, are STUPID expensive as well, and a shipyard because... well... see above. It's all kinds of screwed up that crucial products can be held hostage by your own team-mates.