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A treatise on Naval Action: a complete guide - Mr. Doran

Mr. Doran

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If the game design is any good then historical tactics should at least be a reasonable path to victory in battle.




I work with the NATO definitions so, to me, Strategy is "The manner in which military power should be developed and applied to achieve national objectives or those of a group of nations".


Operational Art is what you use to manoeuvre forces to implement your Strategy. This may result in battles and engagements. Tactics is what you use during battles and engagements.


I am aware, however, that others use different conventions. For example Game Theorists use the term Strategy to refer to what I regard as Tactics.

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These techniques are very good for duels. I had some very fun duels with JeeF who spends a lot of time dueling with Mr. Doran, and his duelling skills were excellent. We would all benefit by trying to understand them and put them into practice.

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Honestly, it needs some pretty heavy editing. The formal language combined with complex sentence structure, neologisms, typos, novel use of nautical terms, and literal translations from Doran's native language add up to make it a very taxing read.


Some 'Angle' or 'Angles' is also 'Angel' or 'Angels'. Might confuse some people.

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