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    I have been waiting for a sailing game a long time!! Finally it is here.
  1. Back after some months. Still like the game and the developments...

  2. One little little thing the Devs did which I like very much: the luffing of the sails when sailing closer into the wind!! Realism!! Tx Devs.
  3. Great collection of beautiful drawings!! I really enjoyed looking at the beautiful Italian ships... Nice job guys and I hope, one day, we will have our own subsection in the forum (Devs... wink wink...).
  4. Because so many misspell the name of my beautiful ship... I imagined a conversation with a ship builder...
  5. Well you are right!! If there is a thing that I like the most of the game is navigation. It really makes you feel you are discovering a new world. The satisfaction in the end is to be right were you wanted to be (or close by at least lol). If there is one thing missing, is the possibility to use binoculars in OW... that will make me really happy. So, please, dear developers... can we have it?
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