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  1. Quick question about the Yatch. Yes, I did resume this old friend. But there is a problem: I did a couple of missions but the slots do not open. Is it normal? Am I missing something? Thank you.
  2. Back after some months. Still like the game and the developments...

  3. Sounds like a good patch to me. Let's see how it plays now in the game.
  4. Don Navarro, I am back playing the game after a hiatus. I understand your frustration and I think that a game should be entertaining, funny to play, and/or relaxing if you wish. I still love the game and its mechanics. I think it is challenging, complicated, and funny to play. So I will continue to play and see where the Devs will take it. If there is a suggestion for the Devs, is to create ASAP a clear tutorial for new players. The game, right now, has a very slow beginning and I can understand how new players feel confused... there is so much to do and it could be difficult (I think that is the real challenge) how to manage things, get money, and progress in the game. I wrote it so many times in the past and I will repeat it here: I am here for the journey so I will keep playing the game and see where the Devs will take me with it. Best of luck Don Navarro.
  5. It is not the bad reviews or the passion (or dis-passion) someone has for this game that bothers me. What really I do not understand is why people are upset about a game-in-progress. Everything is up for discussion, because everything can be removed or added at this stage. I have been playing a lot of games but here, for once, I feel that our opinion (players' opinion) is considered, and sometimes we see our suggestions in the game itself. And, above all, I respect a dev who takes time and answer a disgruntled player. Again I think it is because of their passion for the game they are building. I said it long time ago in this forum. I love the game and I am here for the long journey... just cannot wait to see what this game can become. Respectfully, "Pig" Pigafetta
  6. I have a quick question. I have an OP in a city belonging to our current ally (which is a great idea IMHO). What happen when the alliance expires? Will I lose my OP? Or what else? Thank you all.
  7. Experienced crew? I like it. It follows the line of opening the rank and craft limits... The more you have the same crew the better they perform. It makes sense and it seems realistic too. Great idea Pagan Pete. I also like a lot the suggestion made by Powderhorn and it should be elaborated and implemented.
  8. I was just thinking about command experience (ranks) and crafting level in general, and then I see this post. I think it is possible to keep growing both in terms of ranks and crafting. Just open the rank and crafting limit and maybe every 2.000 points (this is just a random number of course, and can be absolutely changed) we could have an extra perk, or a reduction in labor hours or anything else. All the suggestions above make sense (by Magnum, Sir Texas and the rest). Limitless ranking and crafting... just an idea to be thought and developed of course, but maybe worth of trying.
  9. Or read the forums... this is what I do during long long cruises. I always learn something new while sailing...
  10. Following up Captain Wind's idea... what about remake the models for the cities? I think I read this suggestion long time ago in one of the forum, but it fit well with the beautification of ports. Maybe just some distinction for Capital, Regional Capital, and free cities, each one with their share of fishing ships. Just to make coastline navigation more appealing.
  11. I thought that the "home key" camera option was already eliminated...
  12. Little nice ideas are the best... I like your idea Captain Wind
  13. Thank you qw569!! A great video and makes easier to understand the role of specialized modules (and the real sails in RL). Great job!!
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