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  1. Damn I'm rusty as hell... need to make time to get back into this. I do miss it.
  2. Well since we've got some WW2 stuff... Das Boot Stalingrad Not a movie but a three part series https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XEiwR5HGMkk
  3. Movie was alright but this scene, which ends the movie, was top notch. Scaled down of course, pretty faithful representation of the pike and shot era
  4. Napoleonic Anthem But quite frankly, I think I may have Royalist sympathies... how can you not after listening to this. One for the Spaniards
  5. It's a color/colour kind of thing. Both are right, depends on your flavor.
  6. What's with all the hate? All we want to do is rake.
  7. Except your logic is faulty. Especially concerning the two ships you're comparing.
  8. Your deductive reasoning or do you have evidence to back this up?
  9. My apologies. My brain turned the angels into angles and didn't spot them. Not much of an editor
  10. Wonderful news! Though I would have preferred the Temeraire or Tonnant as we already have two first rates, any Jacques-Noel Sane ship that makes it to the game is a good thing.
  11. Indeed. The margin for error is even smaller in group battles because the discipline needed to retake the wind is seldom present. The outcome of these battles can and is usually decided within the first two to five minutes. Once wind is conceded it's lights out, merely a matter of time. Shooting at masts is only effective if the charging team does to line astern rather than line abreast.
  12. When put into action on Trafalgar, and people actually listen, it is a complete wipe out. Without fail, ever single time.
  13. Way off topic, BUT, given the odd hull shape of the turtle boat, is this the oddest shaped steel hull you've ever seen or what? It's the French Battleship Charles Martel. Or this one, the Carnot
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