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  1. The grind is real... just gimme a Frigate and I'll be happy... :)

  2. Release is happening? All my friends who said "I'm gonna wait till it's out on Steam." can get the game now??? Three Cheer's for the Devs!! Hip hip! HUZZAH! HUZZAH! HUZZAH!
  3. Are you suggesting coconuts migrate?

  4. at first I thought "good idea!" and then I thought... "hey... from a distance... all cannons kinda sound the same.." So... I'm actually not sure how I feel about this Idea... Maybe if I had some evidence that different sized cannons actually sound different when fired.
  5. I think the splintering thing is not going to be as much of a worry as people think. Consider: Live Oak may splinter less (I think we've kind of agreed on that) but let's all remember that Constitution has regular White Oak planks in a sandwich around her Live Oak timbers, so whether or not Live Oak splinters less, there still are going to be splinters from the White Oak planks from any shot that penetrates. So lets say the Gunners only get 5 big pieces of wood stuck in their chest's, instead of 10... those are still very unhappy Gunners...
  6. UltraVires

    Questions about ammo and guns

    Everything Raatha said, and add this: There are two kinds of Chain shot. (link to wiki Article) One with two cannonballs, and a chain between them, the other is One hollow cannonball split in half, with a chain between the halves. There are also Bar and Star shot, but those aren't in the game, and I don't want to confuse you. As near as I can tell, the one we have in game is the the Single ball, with a chain connecting the two halves. That would explain why it has the range it does, even tho the devs nerfed it a while back, and also why it won't do much against a ships hull. Long Cannons also seem to have a slightly longer reload time than the others (the guns being larger, and heavier; thus harder for the crews to work with). The Simulation aspect should get much better when the New Damage model gets implemented. All the positions of Crew/vital components/magazines etc will be accurately modeled. Sea you on the waves, Matey!
  7. UltraVires

    Dialects of English - Why do Brits insult the American dialect?

    President Andrew Jackson's best quote: "I never thought much of a man who couldn't figure out more than one way to spell a word." There's a butcher-er of the English... language... for you. (Yes, that's a War of 1812 reference. )
  8. UltraVires

    What music while playing Naval Action

    Lot's of great stuff on here... but I had to put this up... because... "He Task's me! He task's me, and I shall have him! I'll chase him round the moons of Nebir, round the Antares Maelstrom, and round perdition's flames before I give him up!!!"
  9. Happy Friday the 13th. :)

  10. Oh! to play Naval Action, or Warthunder... screwit... why not both! :)

  11. UltraVires

    A treatise on Naval Action: a complete guide - Mr. Doran

    I see shades of our Constitution Duel here Mr. Doran... Glad I could help you refine your tactics... And now you've done the same for me... Cheers! You may live to regret those words Prater, when the game releases... and we get Rammed by noobs...
  12. Here, Here, Sir! I would love to see something just like what you describe. I think this would go a long way toward simulating the advantages that different Countries had- in terms of crew makeup, and education- the same for officers as well; and all without the need to "nerf" of "buff" individual ships. Indeed Sir! I completely support your urge for historical accuracy! But lets remember that accuracy cuts both ways: American ships may get a little "tougher" on an individual basis, but British ships will be far more numerous, nearly as effective, and much cheaper/easier to build. If an RPG style Crew system such as Dr. Maturin has suggested gets implemented, then that historical "Balance" can be even more effective. For Example: I think US and British crews should have about the same level of "competency"- being able to sail, work the rigging etc. But in terms of Combat Experience, the British should have far more. A lot of how the effects work would depend on implementation, but I really do think it's more than possible to model all of the ships historically- and then "Balance" them with the particular strengths and weakness's of the Countries they represent.
  13. I don't really understand a lot of the resistance to this topic... Some of it I do understand- for example, Alex giving facts and evidence that don't agree with the paper written by Northern/Lev etc. But honestly, the impression that I get from some of the negative posts goes like this: "Oh, you Americans want your ships to be better than everyone else's, just because they were built better, out of stronger materials... Well too bad, you can't have it!" I think that point of view really ignores the Paper, and the Evidence presented by people like Alex, etc. I would play this game whether or not the United States was a playable faction or not (I'd be a cheese eating, wine swilling Frenchman ) But if the US ships are going to be in the game, I would like for them to be modeled accurately. The differences in design and construction, are the only things that make American Ships unique compared to those of other Countries- the UK and France- for example. If those differences are not going to be modeled in game, then the American ships might as well be British Frigates, with a different Texture applied. I think this game is better than that.
  14. I agree with this paper completely (and not just because I'm an American ) I support historical accuracy. As someone who has worked with Southern Live Oak in carpentry on a couple of occasions I can tell you it is damn hard to work with, and one of the strongest natural wood types to be found; it is very hard, and quite heavy compared to pine, or even White Oak- and it has a very fine grain. Even working with modern power tools (Tungsten Carbide saw blades etc.) it was quite difficult... I can't imagine how shipwrights and carpenters built the Constitution with only hand tools. I think Constitution is completely unique compared to other ships of the time, and many if not all of the features of her construction would become the standard for building wooden ships right up until the first Ironclads. In my mind, the best way to think of Constitution is like a purpose built Razee, or a very small ship of the line. In fact, that's what I think Constitution really is; a 44 Gun Ship of the Line. Even the British referred the the American Frigates as "Overbuilt". As a player, I say make the ship accurate to history, and "balance" it- if that must be done- in some other way. Just my two cents on the issue. Am I willing to admit that some of this is national pride... yeah... But justified in this case, I think, by the Ship herself.
  15. UltraVires

    The Decatur Armada

    Would you be needing any Privateers then Lads? I be thinking not well on joining the Navy lads, for I be not the kind as takes orders, nor bows and scrapes... But a Privateer needs a Letter of Marque from someone; else there's some as go around calling em' "Pirates" and wanting to stretch their necks like. I prefer me neck at it's present length... So if a share of me gold for a scrap of paper from you Decatur boys keeps me head out of the hemp, and me ship in the trim; then that be a fair Accord says I. What says you? In modern English: I'm not sure if I want to be a Navy player or a Privateer, as I'm still unsure how the progression in the game will work. I would still like to have some cool people to play the game with though... do you have an "Associate" member category, or something?