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  1. He probably think that Xebecs are very good at very low wind not at no wind at all and he is wright.Xebec are in very top when we talk about very small wind speed.
  2. same problem here like sir Lord Vicious described
  3. Admin stated that yacht is preorder ship so anyone who preordered the game will have it at the start of the game it will not be available in shop to buy. He also stated that it mite or not apear in future as a gift or some reward prize also in limited edition.
  4. mmm i like it thx you sir freddy for deciding to make a model of spanish 4th rate i really appreciate it. Keep up the good work and keep us updated if its not to much trouble for you.
  5. This is true no armor at stern what so ever if you count windows or woden frames that holdes windows or the walls and doors of the cabins at the back that is not armor and ball passes throo like butter. Another thing that admin mention that you have to aim allmoust parrallel to waterline and then shoot have big chance to pass throo the whole deck. Ok this is also ok but im asking what happens when you miss your aiming for one or few milimeters and your ball enters a window on some angle it should do allmoust the same damage or just a little less then when you shoot at exac parallel waterline level . Example it will enter the window and lets say it bounces from celling becouse you had a little angle that ball in some cases will do also a considerable damage after becouse it will still have the momentum and it will bash around throo deck changing direction and choping heads and parts of body the same like you fire a exac horizontal waterline shoot . In some cases maybe its gonna be whorse then waterline shoot becouse who knows where it will bounce and how many changes in direction will have when she enters the deck.
  6. Axralis

    Greatest Admiral's

    Your are right i did a mistake when writing my post Vice admiral is one lower rank then Admiral and to be whorse i did know that but i write it down wrong. Clearly my mistake and i apologize sir Alex. But for Genaral Admiral i did know at all and i didnt come across of that rank even beeing mention in this time frame that we are speaking off,maybe it is a later developed rank , But then again maybe its just me not hearin or reading about it and you are right about it once again my apologizes sir.
  7. Well sir Smith i didnt stated there was no problem in all the ports in the game i did not visit them all,what i did said that i didnt had to much problem so far,some of them are easy to acces on some i had some difficulties but nothing to serius to be such a serius problem for me. Now that being said if you did encounter major problems on docking in some port and by your post you clearly did can you make a nice and clear post on them for example > where did you encounter that problem,what is the port name,location,and explain in detail how you could not enter the port what ever you tried to aproach it and so on and if you have a solution for it write it down aswell.
  8. This is also true not only back then but also in today world, When a ship reaches some difficult ports\canals\river entrances a local pilot is requested to come aboard and take over the helm until the ship passes safetly out of those kind of dangers and + at that time that he is on the helm of certain ship he takes full responsibility for the ship his crew and the cargo if any aboard.
  9. I agree with you sir Henry and i also dont have any problem with it. But i would note that shallow indicator should pop out a few meters sooner so all would be happy. The truth is that if everyone would cut their sails down when approaching the port and decelerate at proper speed that is required to enter a port we shouldnt have this conversation at all
  10. Like sir Maturin said on long voyage traders they where armed with more then 3 guns\carronades, Some of bigger trading vessels was actually heavyly armed considering their role\purpose is. But then again i mite be wrong that they where deticated trade vessels they mite be some sort of warship s revised to become a trading vessel. Fell free to correct me if im wrong about this sir Maturin.
  11. Welcome to the high seas sir Whiskey i hope you have much fun with NA !
  12. Its really not the problem with your CPU or graphic cards, 90% of the problem folks are occuring including me is that the game graphic is not optimized yet not even by long shoot . When they do that properly everyone will have much smother game play with no major issues. They stated what is the minimal req for playing the game so even folks with minimal spec should be able to play the game without having big problems and glitches ofc on low settings for those on minimal req that is how it is on every other game so i dont see the reason why it should not be the case in this game. My suggestion to all that have that kind of problem including myself is to if you want to keep testing\playing the game in this period now is that you arm your self with nerves of steel and try to swallow those major game breaking glitches\issues its nothing wrong with the game it is the natural way of game developing. On the other hand if you cant do that then simple take a brake for month or more and come back later on to see how the progress is going. There are many games out there that can keep you busy for a while until we all w8 for Devs to fix\improve\iron-press all the bugs gltiches and so on in the game client. Captain Axralis RAE
  13. Thank you sir Johan for posting screanshoots wich i could not becouse the game was not respoding when i was in those patches of graphic nightmare. It is exacly like you posted the same thing happens to me a lot of time and it allways begin when i leave battle instance. But today was even whorse then usual,usual is liek on your pictures today whole screan was like that i could not see anything not even my ship . I trayed to teleport to capital and restart the game but that didnt help ,when i log back in it was the same like i left the stroboscope lighting is still there. I did make a new caracter in US navy and sailed for 30 min in Open world and everything was fine but then again i could not find me an enemy to atack to check what will happen when i exit the battle instance, i will try to test that tonight if i got time to do so and post back my findings.
  14. This time when i logged back into game the issue still persist and its unplayable so i quited again and for test purposes i created a new caracter in US navy to see what will happen and at the start everything is good no issues what so ever im sailing wright now in open world and no issues what so ever. Now i will try to engage someone to see what will happen when i exit battle arena. My main caracter is Spanish btw.
  15. ok i managed to get one screanshoot but on it it does not really show the exax thing im talking about becouse in screanshoot you cant see the strobo screan lightinging my view , i can decribe it only like i did before i dont know how else to put it into words then its like strobo light in discoteque with lines messing my whole screan. And again everything was fine for 30 minutes while i was sailing around in open world then i went into battle and when i exited and got back into OW it started again and it does not stop until i close the game and log back in. This time i managed to exit game normaly tho not with task manager.
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