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  1. Your are right i did a mistake when writing my post Vice admiral is one lower rank then Admiral and to be whorse i did know that but i write it down wrong. Clearly my mistake and i apologize sir Alex. But for Genaral Admiral i did know at all and i didnt come across of that rank even beeing mention in this time frame that we are speaking off,maybe it is a later developed rank , But then again maybe its just me not hearin or reading about it and you are right about it once again my apologizes sir.
  2. Hermione arriving in Yorktown Virginia Watch at start of video how it comes from the fog like a devil ship from Master & Commnader
  3. You obiusly just read the first 2 row the post and and concluded that he was a shipbuilder not a naval captain ... well you couldnt be more wrong. He was first a naval war captain then second at later age a shipbuilder and he was a succesfull ship builder mostly becouse he was an awsome captain with lots of experience in battle when at the time that tsar plea to him that he comes to Russia and be and Admiral later Vice Admiral wich is the higest rank in Russian navy at that time . It is clear that he would not get that kind of rank just for building ships for tsar and if you say he was mainly
  4. It looks like a trader shes really fat especially on bow side but then again it looks like she was well armed also a 38 guns or more so for a trader it is impresive armament for sure.
  5. Thax Alex i will do the same lately i have much work so im not online that much we are preparing hotels for season so it is really madhouse at work with lots of overtime work hours but it will be over soon in proc 15 -20 days and then i will be much much more online so i cant wait to team up and hunt with you Alex and the rest of our Armada ! ) Saludos friends and comrades!
  6. Same here like Alex said was in game then i log off for dinner and now i cant login.Proly server issues or to many ppl storming in and to much load for account server to handle with many log off log in becouse of bugs .
  7. Helloo to all, First to say im sorry that i didnt participate in the meeting last night i just saw the invite from Comandante Gomez 5 min ago and i wasnt active these last few week. If some important things are decided last night i would apretiate that you post the summaray of the meeting here so that i can be informed . And i just logged into game now and i got the invite for the open world so im going to test it today as soon as the dl is complete. See you all at sea Saludos
  8. Axralis

    Black Sails

    Im watching the show for quite some time now the first season is really a build up for the second season and if you like what you see so far then i can asure you its get even better i personaly like the show but then its just me its not superb but its watchable and i will recomend that you give it a try P.S. They actually use ships and guns in season 2 a little more often then in season 1
  9. All exelent choices exept Fury. Fury is not that good movie compared to the rest that you mention and he is a good class down from them.
  10. Je vous souhaite à tous un accueil chaleureux mer calme et beaucoup de chasse Bonne chance à votre flotte cordialement, I hope i didnt make to many mistakes in French i really dont know nothing so i got help from my brother and my brother is semi noob in French Anyway i wish you all the best and welcome to Naval Action! Kind regards, P.S. @ sir Grim Be good to Spanish or else you will see me often coming from behind ;p Comandante Axis - RAE
  11. A warm welcome and best of luck to all of you ! Kind regards, Comandante Axis - RAE
  12. Helloo to all of you dear distant relatives Slaven s (im from Croatia) i wish you a warm welcome to Naval Action best of luck and happy hunting. Kind regards, Comandante Axis - RAE
  13. Since i have problem with the veritication on whats up aplication( it does not work for me dont know why and im stuck on verifaying and nothing happens and now im locked for 24 hours to try again ) So if you all be so kind and post here on forum also when there is some kind of event or training meeting in the game itself so i can see it and ofc try to be there if i can. Thank you in advance, Comandante Axis
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