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  1. wow the devs are getting more stupid,they killed the game long ago with thier 30 min night and day crap,,the game looks and feels depressing,,the constant tweaks in precision fireing,,made a lot pf people mad.i remember in closed beta we were many..now its a dead game and they spent thier time over this crazy new currency that sounds like crap.i prefer gold.why wud i want something stupid as reals,,lmao..maybe we check in next year to see if the devs grew a brain
  2. hard to do anything with ur ship,,i notice now we dont have 4 or even 5 mods slots,,ive seen mostly one or maybe 2 now,,not much u can do with 1 or 2 mods,,or maybe give us the ability to take off the perm mods and refit with what we want,,i dont know,,1 or 2 mods dont work for me,,i cant set up my ship for my style of play
  3. aww man you left out my flagship again the xeebec corsair,mastercraft hevy frigate,,500 crew and marines boarding power,,un heard of upwind close hual speed.and the most cool and exotic looking ship in the game,,people like cool..
  4. it came to my attention,,i realise nothing is set,,but it may be that we may not be able to buy gold here. that the forces against us wallet warriors trying to make a game without us! to deny our right to wallet our game! to sit at the docks and look cool with a santi and drink scotch and smoke ceegars while the little people grind forever!,this is all gone? im shocked and sad and i must cry. and now i must do my duty and state my case for all the wallet warriors in the world,,i make this stand. why do you really love us wallet warrior? 1. becouse u love to sink us with a smaller ship 2.we easy to ambush while we drinkin scotch and smokin havanas lookin cool at the docks in our santis we paid for. 3.we support the game so you dont have too! 4.we look cool hideing in the back of battel to be last one left so u can hammer down on us. 5.becouse we make you look good! 6.after a hard days night you feel great sinking us and makes your day! 7 becouse at the end of the day its the wallet warrior who pays the bills! 8. becouse it will be us wallet warriors who put your great work into real action and you into a ferrari! these are just a appitizer of the reasons why the wallet warrior must prevail here.devs you have been programming for years now,,and no money has been comming in! and i will further that with do you wish to drive ferrari? or a honda? ill give you 2 choices and you only need 1.we all want the game to be succesfull. to compete with the other games and there will be and is tuff competition out there.we must be allowed to buy what we want.i already tried to bribe you in building my own personal flagship xeebec corsair with 500 crew, and fast and heavier armour, with bigger guns,,ill up that to 300 us dollars or gold bullion! oh yeah i will.. so if we are not allowed to buy gold in the game,,here is veyrons solution.. THE PIRATEY PACKAGE:.. the piratey package includes your choice of a great ship like the xxebec corsair.\ 2. 50k in gold 3. a real captains cabin with guns,swords,maps,laterns not the dull\ blue screen we see in the port lobby ( yyyuuuck) 4.for our women players who have been totaly excluded,,an all female crew loading our guns.(the zombi girls) 5. double double scotch and rum xp for a month 6.double double gold reward for all battels for a month. 7. you get to name your ship and it will be on the back. 8. a parrot and a dashing eye patch. all of this great (VEYRONS) piratey package for the low price of 299.99 oh yeah,,and you can make some modifications to the great veyron piratey package for lesser budgets,,a 20 dollar package,a 50 dollar and so on,,I WILL NOT STAND AND WATCH THIS GREAT GAME DIE BECOUSE OF A FEW TARDS AND THIER BOYSCOUT FEELY GOOD, WE DONT WANT THOSE WALLET HOODS. TO PAY TO WIN CRAPOLA..MONEY WINS,,NO BUCKS! NO BUCK ROGERs!,,NO MONEY: NO GAME OF THE YEAR AWARDS: we have to beat the crap out of world of warships. this must be the place to be.NOW! this is all i have to say of this matter so may the wind be in your sails and a star to steer by,,god speed to all the great captains here at NAVAL ACTION,,,vey
  5. well its happeing again not to just me but many others,,getting kicked from game so much its about unplayable,,i had to sell my consti becouse i cud not get in to battel,when battel starts,,game frezzes,,im transported to the enemy ship then back to mine,,this is unreal..its not my end,,we have checked,,the game has a awful amout of hase and clouds in it,,in other games that can couse excess lagg to some,,i dont know,,but i think we need the game to be a bit more optimised,,scince i have to test so far away in usa.but i cant test this game much more,,just too much irratation,,so im walking the plank and maybe be back when the game is more stable.i have seen ping number in the 25000 area about every day. always from 9000 to about 20,000 usualy.ive tested other games and never seen anything like this,,and they were a lot more complex..battelstar dvelopers were on the spot day and night fixing bugs,,we had over 1000 on a side in system battels and never had lagg like this.most of these battels have less than 12 ships in them mostly,,so,,ill just have to find something else to pllay for a bit,,till at such time this game calms down,,i disinstalled and reinstalled,done everything we could,,had the system checked and we have a top notch internet,,anyway very dissapointed,,walking the plank to davy jones locker to the far side of the world,,be back later,,,vey
  6. what we need is some beautiful exotic ships like the xebec corasair,,lot of these ships in the game now are the most boreing,and dont inspire people to play,,your customers will be looking for beautiful ships and cool looking ones,,this game seem bent hell on gearing up on nothing but ugly looking battelships for war,,instead of adventure,speed,,,ill be kicking back drinking beer in the best lookin ship in the game yet my pleasure battelcrusier yhat with the band has yet to arrive
  7. yeah i suggested a hunters moon at night,,and hope that they rid us of these retard 18 min and night days,,geee the game is so cloudy and hazy during the day and nights are so lifleless is like living in a somber mass
  8. tactical was my discussion,,this is my suggestion,conclussion and vision of naval action
  9. after careful analysis of the pirate tactical discussion,i think ive found what this game needs,and the money thousands of people wud pour into this game for the adventure.heres my conclusion,my advice. 1.reduce number of pirate ports down to half dozen or so around matthew town,,the cay and the caicos islands area,south bahamas will be scary pirate waters,,aye!, half deep and shallow ports; 2.shallow ports zone shud reach out enough that a tag from other nations heavy ships is impossible. 3.pirates shud have thier own ships,,the clipper,windjammer and most of all the xebec corsair,polaris,these ships spark imagination,they look piratey too.and the only way any other nation can get one is to board it.,not a lot of armour,cant go toe to toe with the navys by themselves but as a group can give the navys trouble.thus is a way makeing pirate waters dangerous but these ship can fight to run away at 16 knots.i know the corsair was not in the carribean,,so what! we want it any way.this will give pirates an identity,and a long lasting role in imagery,and spark imagination,and inspire people from all over the world to come and play,just to get the chance to slip thru pirate waters,,kids will love this,,and you bet our wallets are going to be open big time for this.becouse that is what the public wants..the pirates of the carribean,,so shall we be.what say you all! 4.tortuga must be in the game. fun and excitement is the order of the day,in this way pirates will never be op,,just dangerous,in groups ,and pirate waters will be scary,kids and grown up alike will enjoy the thrill slipping thru scary pirate waters,and im sure the talent we have on the pirate side right now, most will be legends in this game,pirates shud be able to econ,fish,boat race,build ships,treasur hunt,,missions as any other nation, as the front page of this game says we may determine our future,in this way we inspire imagination,excitement,a great role for the pirates to play for the public, just waiting for a truly great online game.people will want to be playing this game ,i belive in this way we will spark thousands of loyal naval action fans from all over the world,and it safe to say that already this world may just be big enough for millions of fans,mmmm you boys may just be driving ferraris sooner than you think,,so get rid of the 18 min day and night and the somber mass look to the game,,and lets have long days and nights,bright sunny days to make people happy,and hunter moons at night,getting people in the right mood is important after a hard days nights at work,,and remember my old saying,,no bucks,,no buck rogers..think about,,,,may the wind be in your sails and a star to steer by,,,vey this is my vision,of the pirate role here at naval action...vey
  10. a good argument,but realisticly,pirates are going to operate as a nation regardless in this game,,we are going to be hunting in wolf packs,we will protect our new players.and stop port camping when possible.now the tools to do this is a differant matter pirates have to have economy<<food wasent free even back then,,and there were farms on tortuga,,and not everyone playing pirate wants to sink ships all the time.fishing,boat races,treasure hunts,missions,and mineing for gold should be available for all.some players are loners,,as all will be differant.and as i stated earlier,,pirates was not really what they were,,they were payed by the french as a fast attack task force to hit the spanish who laid claim to pretty much everything in the area. and tortuga had to be recaptured by the spanish several time,,they were piratee becouse they were out side the law and did what they pleased as long as they attacked spain..but the last time spain recaptured tortuga and appointed a govenor,,and the east indie company showed up,,pirates were regulated into history.only a few were dumb enough to continue at that time and we all know thier fate.so the question is,will the hardcore really want all this realism,? realism that all sides even now have made comprimises? if thats the case then take pirates out of the game..completly! becouse as it is,,we have no ships of our own,we have nothing to identify us in any way,just lack of forsight that tortuga is not in the game.,and if we are regulated to frigates ,,we still have nothing,becouse we dont really want to sail these naval vessels any ways,and there is nothing to give pirates a speed edge,,how about ,clippers,windjammers and xebec corsairs,these cant go toe to toe with the navy ships but in a wolf pack may give the nations a good fight.,that wud give pirates a identity,and do what pirates do,,hit and run,,at least with these types of ships we can fight to run away..and there will be scary pirate waters and wud give the game its edge.
  11. well i think all this needs to be adressed,,pirates have no ships at all.i have no problem to limiting to frigate buys,,but give us some competitive ships like th xebec corsair,,windjammers,and clippers,,so we can fight to run away..and no matter what we pirates will band up together at times..otherwise most of our ports will be camped any ways..and in the end those playing pirates will operate like a nation,,even if its to protect our new players.this realism shit has to relinguish to fun and realistic game play.ill give u realism and an education,,some of u are wrong about pirates,,u call them pirates back then but they were not,,they were working for the french as a fast attack task force against the spanish who mostly laid claim to about everything in the area,,and tortuga that is somehow by whatever wisdom is not in the game.had to be and was recaptured many times by the spanish,,only a few retards and you all know the names of the famouse so called pirates were dumb enough to act like ones and thier fate was sealed,,and by the time the east indie company showed up,,pirates were regulated into history,,and it was a chinese woman that was the most succesful of all pirates.so really we are taking about privetters basicly who just had tortuga to pretty much do what they want and attack spain with french money.till the spanish recptured it for the last time and a govenor was appointed over tortuga.so what we need,is a few ports around mathew town,,tortuga in the game,,both shallow and deep water ports,to help us defend south bahamas.we need real pirateee ships like xebec corsair,clipper,windjammers,,something faster than navy ships but lighter armour of course but ships that are cool .and as the headlines that game labs said in the begining,,we will decide our own future and how pirates will be played. i dont think these things are too much to ask.this will not make pirates op,,only dangerous,,competitive,and scary,,and that will bring the edge to the game.
  12. yes but we have no ships of our own,to run away in,and it looks like the choices we are givin in ships,,we cant even run,,we need every one to help give pirates thir own ships,,i suggest the wind jammer and the clipper can be modified for cannons,,not great in armour but u all have to agree perfect pirate ships and at 16 knots we can run from a trin,,also the xebec corsair,,upwind hualin axx i need ur expert opinions to present the argument and our role as pirates,,ill even let go many ports for a few around mathew town both deep and shallow for a chance to protect our area of operation and for the new people commin in..most of those ports they gave us will be un attainable and over runned and port camped immed when game opens,,we had little to stop the americans when they were port camping mathew town,,and it will be the same,we wont have the fire power against the big navies..but if u give us deep and shallow ports around mather town,,the caicos,,and cay island areas and clipper and wind jammer and xebec,,we cud at least give u all a good fight,,think about it
  13. oh yeah we found bugs,,sent in over 30 this week, and now after this update the game is unplayble to me here in kentucky usa,,25000 ping? are u kidding me,,ive tested way more complex game than this in alpha and never seen this kind of thing,,im getting kicked from game scince ive started in about every battel ive ever been in,,but now im getting kicked every 5 min even in port lobby,,i have done everything on my end,,uninstalled and reinstalled,,,,so i have to leave testing now and will be back when there is an american server or the game is more stable,,good luck every one,,im sure the game is going to be great and i will still be champion for the pirate cause,,and will be there when game opens to the public,,but for now its impossible to play,,may the wind be in your sails and a star to steer by,,vey
  14. id be willing to give up most of the other ports for a just a few around mathew town both shallow and deep,,so we have a fighting chance to protect our area for the rookies is all..we will get over run in most of them as they will be port camped all the time i can see that comming with the ships we may or may not be able to use,,and yes we brothers will have to stick together to even fleet in front of our own port..just asking a fair deal here and a fighting chance for the pirate cause.regardless,made good friends in the pirate fraction and have enjoyed playing with them,,i know you all will come up with the right answer,just asking the experts to take a hard look in tactical for the pirate cause,,even if your not going to be one,,help us be the best pirates,and help the game be the best before your own concerns.i need ur expert advice from all fractions how the pirate cause shud proceed and our role in the game shud be!
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