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Flipping Truxillo using rookie account (alt?)


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What happened:

Swedish Player [CRC] Die Geist, Rank Kapten, created 23.08.2019, started a hostility mission for Truxillo. A fleet of Russian 1st rates joined him to flip the port. The Port Battle is scheduled for 10.02.2020, 13:58. [CRC] is not on the friend list on any of the major Swedish RvR clans - it 99% surely doesn't have the capabilities to take any port. (It actually only has the 1 single player. can't really be more obvious.) Most likely an alt account, british or russian - up to the devs to check. 

In the mission, the hostility was actually grinded by the russian 1st rates.

No legit swedish Kapten rank player would randomly sail from its starting port, Gustavia, across the map to Truxillo, to take a hostility mission and have a fleet of 1st rates join him.

With the port being flipped by [CRC] it is therefore unable to be attacked for 4 days.

Using this "mechanic" you can evidently evade port battles.

So would it be fine for us to take a hostility mission for port XY (example Black River) using a GB account and have it filled with Dutch / Pirate / Spanish players to EVADE an actual port battle?

This needs to be looked at ASAP @admin

Suggested FIX: Only clans on the friendlist of the clan owning a port can pull hostility missions.

UPDATE 10.02.2020, Port Battle:

Pre-story (hostility)






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Just now, Genevieve Malfleurs said:

an ego thing i guess. that´s why some swedes decided to do some business on their own. and as we can see, the accusing machine runs already



59 minutes ago, Liq said:

Just an addition from my side:

If this gets classified as "alright", you open the pandoras box of alt witchery.


19 minutes ago, MassimoSud said:

so what?

you realize that if you're all fine with this and it somehow becomes "alright" as liq said, it's going to cause a huge shit-storm of game breaking proportions and in the end no one will have fun. no one is going to like what comes of this if THIS is not addressed NOW.

this isn't time to be smug about how we found a way to abuse the RvR system, this is seriously something worrying.


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