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  1. We first assumed our BR was too high - but then why would you be able to join afterwards via the normal circles? After that we just assumed it was a 'feature' on the PvE server 😉
  2. On PvE server, members of groups I've been in, both as owner and member, never join when in the circle.
  3. How are you doing this, if I may ask? I'd like to do the same for the Peace server if it's possible. I'm a web developer by trade, so I can understand the technical parts of the process, I hope.
  4. A date with...would suggest it would happen again. The date with... would suggest more a one off event.
  5. It seems a simple fix - you can't do hostility outside the window, but there are all sorts of reasons why you want to be able to. Can the game not log how long it took to do that hostility before the window so the right people still win? (And there must be a way for defenders/other attackers to see that this is happening so that they can defend against it). Or some kind of hybrid system where you can do up to 50% before the window, but 50% has to be done in the window.
  6. I use the ~ key (depending upon your keyboard layout) to the left of the 1 key.
  7. Am I missing something - or is this a Swedish account which appears to be able to view GB nation chat? I'm confused.
  8. I'm guessing: First it picks an item from the list at random - if that is Catfish, Needlefish or salt, then you get one - otherwise you get the % chance to get one
  9. London (United Kingdom - England) vrijdag 13 september 2019 15:13:34 BST UTC+1 hour Sydney (Australia - New South Wales) zaterdag 14 september 2019 00:13:34 AEST UTC+10 hours
  10. No, timers are difficult, because you'd have to run them on the server (people logging out etc). With a fixed time the client can check if that time has been reached.
  11. In a one off battle you might be right, but in a war Russia will always win for exactly the reason they took Bluefields. They can always recover quicker. It's baked into the game now and that's the point. There is nothing that balances you getting bigger and more powerful.
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