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  1. I'm guessing: First it picks an item from the list at random - if that is Catfish, Needlefish or salt, then you get one - otherwise you get the % chance to get one
  2. London (United Kingdom - England) vrijdag 13 september 2019 15:13:34 BST UTC+1 hour Sydney (Australia - New South Wales) zaterdag 14 september 2019 00:13:34 AEST UTC+10 hours
  3. No, timers are difficult, because you'd have to run them on the server (people logging out etc). With a fixed time the client can check if that time has been reached.
  4. In a one off battle you might be right, but in a war Russia will always win for exactly the reason they took Bluefields. They can always recover quicker. It's baked into the game now and that's the point. There is nothing that balances you getting bigger and more powerful.
  5. Yes, but that is exactly the point. There is literally no way GB alone can ever beat Russia if they continue to be aggressive. So then you have to have alies, but there is no mechanic in the game to do that. The imbalance is already set in stone with one side always able to do things faster and better than the other. Russia can now kerb stomp every other nation out of the game if they choose to
  6. So Portobello, Bridgetown and Basse-Terre...
  7. To do this you'd have to have a list of attackable ports per port in the api, then you could cross reference who the owning country was, but I don't remember there being a list of attackable ports in the ports api file...
  8. Do you see them come back to the war server? I'm interested in what people would do next, not dissing your advice.
  9. is this coming at the next maintenance? (10-07)
  10. Middelburgsche Commercie Compagnie [MCC] A Dutch trading company that is involved in the slave trade. The archive of this comapny still exists and is held in the Zeeuws archive in Middelburg. It is on the World Heritage List. It made all it's moeny from the slave trade. Don't know if you knew/care
  11. @OjK you are right!, but so is @Spikes
  12. No. It makes the problem worse. It means everyone with an alt can get cheap permits and those without one can't. At least with a population measure the more alts the less benefit...but the basic problem is why it will not happen I guess.
  13. I'll stop when I get an answer to my simple question
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