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  1. I can't loot the enemy ship in a flag mission. Pressing X all the time but the window doesn't show up.
  2. eneibesmuB

    Server down

    Das Boot 3rd Season
  3. eneibesmuB

    Server down

    Logged in but ....
  4. Spectator Only Slots for PBs Streaming Mode to broadcast PBs with Twitch / Youtube PB Streaming Overlay in the top with : 🏴Nation 1 vs. Nation 2 🏳️ Tickets Nation 1 / Nation 2 Circles Nation 1 /2
  5. I don't understand the drama about Trux too. I love to see that BSERK got bis first harbour now 🥰
  6. Patch abwarten, dann kommen viele wieder
  7. BASTD: Exploiting RvR by using an ALT account to keep the last chance to control Truxillo. HAVOC: Complete change of nations with main accounts. At the time, HAVOC was not under pressure to lose San Juan as BASTD is now
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