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  1. That isn't griefing. They are so close to you but you can't hit them with your Carronades. Thats not the fault of your opponents
  2. Even if he did this what you are talking about.. It is not OK to do friendly fire. Why didn't you use your mouth? Why should you do friendly fire? My first idea was that Jack in the Box is an Alt Account who wants to protect the Russian Trincomalee by doing green on green.. You are not in a Clan, your Forum Account was created after we (Pit & Me) created this topic. You join a battle and starting to to chain your teammate. It stinks to the sky An IP Check would be cool
  3. Ok so he can join again the forum? Is it possible to unban him?
  4. Nope, he can't join the forum. So i posted it in his name
  5. Hey I was in battle with [REDS] Haci Czech Men and Jack in the Box joined our battle on my side. Then "Jack in the Box" started to shoot on me with chains to slow me down. Please check. It was green on green.
  6. Where do you find racism here? I just said that he should stop crying, just because he had to take a defeat. Please take a look at the last 10 postings that dealt with this topic. No one was banned for Griefing. Incidentally, he does not have the right to demand a punishment. There are others responsible for that
  7. eneibesmuB


    I can't agree with you. It's not pay to win. It's a good idea. Economic Warfare doesn't exist. Nobody hunts traders because of loot. It's all about PVP Marks..
  8. eneibesmuB


    Lately, I keep thinking that we spend too much time in Naval Action. Have you ever considered premium access? I imagine that a premium access to the game has no advantages in the fight, but a massive time savings. How does that work? The majority of the game is based on transporting goods from A to B. However, most players have no time and no desire for it in the evenings. If you have premium, you could then simply order the goods from the NPC and the NPC delivers the goods. I think this would be good for the game and the game development. I would want to spend something like that for 5-10 € per month, just to save myself all the time. What should premium make? - Time savings through goods delivery - Cosmetic stuff (Painted Sails or whatever) - Financial help for the developers to develop the game faster
  9. Pit Pinsel is right. The game loses its player base because there is no minimum level of fairness in the game. That it is possible that much larger ships join a battle that makes the fight pointless or in the end still unfair to the other side, is not a durable state. BSERK is often in the Truxillo area because we are looking for a fair fight. But since none of the British has the guts to offer us this fight, we sink so long ships until we get a fight.
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