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  1. I can't decide between a new player and a skilled player in the Open World. Especially if there are only 900 players online and i see a player who i can attack i will attack. I learned this game the hard way. If I can do that, other people will do it too. This discussion comes too late. The game is already released. Why should the dev's do a 180 degrees turn? Because you are not ok with the game it is at this stage? Then turn it of. You are all here talking shit only because you can't manage to play the game the right way. You are sinking 5 times a day? Then you have to change something at your playstyle. The game won't change!
  2. Sorry but i dont understand why all brits are thinking that we are going to truxillo with our best ships? I often use crap ships to go there
  3. There is already a forum thread ..
  4. i logged in but it is very laggy
  5. Sweden [HRE] Holy Roman Empire / German speaking / PVP and PvE oriented + Trading / From beginners to experienced players, everything is welcome. Teamspeak : sverige.ninja
  6. Das eine schließt das andere ja nicht aus. Ich glaub einfach, dass du zu sehr durch die "NA-Brille" guckst. Eine negative Kritik ist weder Kindisch, noch stößt man irgendwem das Messer in den Rücken. Es ist der Eindruck des Spielers und die Chance für die Entwickler auf die ganzen negativen Erfahrungsberichte zu reagieren. Wenn Naval Action insgesamt ein super Spiel wäre, dann gäbe es wohl auch kaum negative Kritiken.
  7. Genau weil es tausende Spiele auf dem Planeten gibt, steht es jedem frei seine Meinung über dieses Spiel zu äußern. Darum gibt es ja auch die Steam Reviews.Wenn man einen negativen Eindruck dieses Spiels bekommen hat, steht es jedem frei diese dort auch kund zu tun.
  8. Multiply the result ten times, then you know what we are talking about here. I only hijacked two ships and sunk two.
  9. I didnt intercept into the fight. The alt was only there to loot
  10. Lol, my trader even had no guns. What are you talking about?
  11. AFTER the battle was over. Thats a big difference
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