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  1. Please read this line in the first post. Thank you
  2. BASTD: Exploiting RvR by using an ALT account to keep the last chance to control Truxillo. HAVOC: Complete change of nations with main accounts. At the time, HAVOC was not under pressure to lose San Juan as BASTD is now
  3. Why should the rule expire only because the release happend a few months ago? That doesn't makes sense. For my opinion the rule stays active. The only thing is that changed is that you will not getting unbanned if you are doing this.
  4. That isn't griefing. They are so close to you but you can't hit them with your Carronades. Thats not the fault of your opponents
  5. Even if he did this what you are talking about.. It is not OK to do friendly fire. Why didn't you use your mouth? Why should you do friendly fire? My first idea was that Jack in the Box is an Alt Account who wants to protect the Russian Trincomalee by doing green on green.. You are not in a Clan, your Forum Account was created after we (Pit & Me) created this topic. You join a battle and starting to to chain your teammate. It stinks to the sky An IP Check would be cool
  6. Ok so he can join again the forum? Is it possible to unban him?
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