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  1. Which timezone do you play in? And also for which nation?
  2. I wonder two things...what server are you playing on? Maybe we can arrange someone to come and to a battle with you to help explain things. Also what guns do you have on your ship? If you have medium guns, then you need to get close to your enemy in order for them to do much damage.
  3. Maybe the information you want is there, but not in the form you want it to be. You are never going to get a list of which mods your opponent (be it AI or player) have. You do get, however the number of muskets, marines etc. You can infer some information from that. AI traders always have marines, for example. You can also watch in the early rounds of boarding what the AI does, mostly it does a set pattern of commands (for eample fire grenades followed by 2 braces). You can then use that to decide how to counter that. I attack on a fire grenades for example. It hurts in the beginning, but it wears down their morale quickly. You also have to do that whilst not giving the AI time to react and also you need to think about what your morale/prep is. That seems to work for me. But now I have put marines on my boarding ship, it has certainly made it easier.
  4. I may well be wrong, but I always thought id didn't matter what guns you put on a fleet ship, it was always fitted with mediums, at least in the past it was like that. Maybe they have changed it now, would be nice to hear from the devs or someone more in the know.
  5. If you capture a Le Requin (for example) in a battle (instance) and transfer to it (sail in it) you can do that. If you want the doubloons/other rewards, you have to sink it in the battle (instance). To do that you have to be on a different ship which needs to be a non DLC one.
  6. Might it be they fell foul of the dreaded text counting problem? If a computer compares two values as text, then 10 is less than 2, because it only compares the 1 against the 2. If a computer compares two values as numbers then 10 is bigger than 2 - because it compares the numeric values correctly.
  7. Maybe I'm just unlucky, but I did some PvE last night. I took 2 fleets of medium AI - 1 Frigate + 8 en 1 Belle Poule + 7 = 17 ships plus also 1 other random ship and 4 traders. For a total of 22 ships sunk and looted I got 17 doubloons from one of the mediums. I also got one or two nice upgrade drops, which is nice, but I'm not sure if the doubloon level is what I should be expecting - or if, as I say, I was just unlucky.
  8. if ships are capped at 15knots, that's 27.78km/h. So in an hour and a half you can only travel 41.67km in any one direction, so battle instance doesn't have to be all that big.
  9. Am I just missing the mint building - or isn't it available yet?
  10. That might be a good thing. Might give a reason to own a particular port if it spawned good missions - leading to more rvr...
  11. Whist crafting I noticed that the list of ship blueprints you can make doesn't update as you craft, so you can't see what you can make with your live crafting level. You have to close the list and then open it again in order to get the up to date list
  12. If you mean you can't see the testbed in the dropdown list, I had the same problem. You have to enter the code in the box and click checkcode to get the testbed option to appear in the dropdown list.
  13. This was one of those wierd moments. Litterally randomly on the wall of a restaurant in Borgio Verressi in Italy when I happened to be on holiday (hense the bad picture because we were leaving when I noticed it)
  14. Diana values that are in the api now can be seen via: http://royaltraderscompany.com/ships.php
  15. Where will we be able to see the BR? Just wodering how we will calculate the BR for a PB if they keep changing...
  16. Could we try testing the complete removal of mods? So we just had ships that you'd then choose the build/wood of. That way ships would be much closer together and I think each would have their role again. Would be much simpler for everyone too. Maybe bring back a small region dependant bonus to promote pvp around those regions?
  17. I think the frigate class was the most balanced. In my clan we had people who loved the Trinc, but others hated it's heal and loved the Essex. I didn't like the heal and had to have bow chasers, so my favourite was the frigate. The point was no ship could do everything. Which your favourite was, depended upon how you liked to sail. That's how it should be. If one ship can do much more than any other in it's class, then it's always going to become the ship of choice.
  18. Is it me, or is he reading that sat on the toilet?
  19. I just trained the dog to nudge my mouse once every 30 minutes
  20. https://odealo.com/articles/beginners-guide-to-eve-online-currency
  21. Some more Dutch ones around the right time period
  22. I think the idea of pvp reward being based on the difference in levels between the two captains has some merit. I think now that some lower rank players probably don't engage in pvp because you have no way of knowing what you are going to be up against until it's already too late. All you would have to do it add the rank to the ship info, so a click on a ship would reveal ENEMY REAR ADMIRAL or ENEMY COMMODORE, etc. If you took on someone of your own rank you'de get the pvp reward as now, less if you took on a lower rank and more if you took on a higher rank. People will say you can exploit this with alts, but if it's an alt you already know what the rank is, so you could already do it and if the system was so no-one could hide behind the excuse of not knowing the rank of a player if they are engaged in seal clubbing.
  23. I have 2 alts I've ground all three of my charachters to level 50 crafters and rear admirals way back when you didn't get any help to do it (No instant M&C for doing a tutorial). Yes I've had a benefit of having extra warehouse space, outpost slots and buildings, but then equally I've paid the moeny and put the effort in on each account (They all have 1000's of hours in the game). What is so wrong with that?
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