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“I always wonder how many of the folks that make suggestions ever actually played pirates or leaves there port once in a while.  Most of us marking hard core sugggestion have played or currently playing pirates.” Sir Texas Sir

My intention wasn’t to cause any offense here, and I’m sorry if it did. I thought @Capn Rocko OP was very good, with the opening word “Yearly” the key point. And then a couple of posts lower @admin blindsides the thread entirely with priorities...


To Qualify...

Now just to qualify my position I’ve not as many hours as most, and run GB only clan. However, I have pirate assets and used them in GLOBAL and the Caribbean, but more for specific situations than as an MPC. I’ve taken a five-month break, but restarting again more seriously this week.

Reading the three pages all clear mechanics we’ve heard before and I agree with. Also, the older players much preferred the back in the day outlaw period. The feeling now no Nation differential and is attracting more new players and Care Bears or normal Nation type players, missing the whole point...


It’s NOT a Sandbox, It’s a Lite Sandbox at best...

I’ve written about this on many occasions wanting a more open or freedom in play. Removing more restrictions from game mechanics or NPCs brings it closer to a Sandbox. This I’ve wanted for years but understand the underlying nations if removed would destroy the game.


This is my solution, but the important part is reading @Wraith and my reply. This is probably a solution that’ll work for all. However, without the Panama Canal. The Pacific could have a LOW-SEC [EvE] play style without the need for nations and we form our own rules and alliances. The area is out of the protection of the law or outlaw.

Populate with Neutral ports and hidden island and the island also. The ports would then use your build limiters, PB timers and such. Its hard to get to Kidd Island but once you know how then its easy right?


Pacific LOW-SEC...

This image I took today on STEAM it’s still accessible easy enough. The x,z is where the Panama Canal would enter the pacific. Look at the Central America image. The red boxes are islands but adding many more hidden would be a great idea.

My Ship in the Pacific



This region you could make more an open Sandbox and it wouldn’t conflict code wise with the Caribbean due to how you access it. And returning is just as easy...

I think an outlaw region may help not just the pirate issue but other nations that want to try a more open or hardcore junkie style of play...










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On 9/14/2018 at 1:50 AM, Sir Texas Sir said:

Ok I’m going to say this very slow.  There is no diplomacy in game either. Since when i said there is diplomacy in game? lol I was referring to your attitude in the forums.  Oh wait clans and nations can make there own.  Just like pirates can act as Privateers for one nation or anouther are just be criminals to all.  It’s called freedom of a sanbox.  Just cause there is no physical LoM I game doesn’t mean folks can’t work for nationals and RP as one.

Most privateers in history turned to piracy when there was no more wars.  Why change from doing something your good at? Again referring to privateers. You are really slow to understand. There is no peace between nations in the game mechanics. If there is no peace it is impossible to exist privateers. 


I always wonder how many of the folks that make suggestions ever actually played pirates or leaves there port once in a while.  Most of us marking hard core sugggestion have played or currently playing pirates. You are talking to the guy that in 2 months played for france, sweden , british and pirates. Yes thats right because i know the game is going to have a wipe before release i decided to try to have different experiences when learning the game and to know better how which faction  plays.

Now before you talk more gong. If you didn't like the idea you simple say "i didn't like the idea" and it is all good.



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@no one

Sorry did you actual read both posts? I agreed with the OP and agree with the additional player ideas posted in the thread.

The point was to highlight the burden of a broad mandate the pirate nation now carries above any other Nation. This is why I doubt the Dev’s would return to the more favorable outlaw period liked by the older players (posted). The harder style couldn’t cover its mandated spectrum which I think most would agree? And @Capn Rocko will be writing another “Yearly” Post in twelve months’ time with no real changes implemented in the meantime...

This is a Lite-Sandbox and NPC Nation overlays will stay and probably will control Nation alliances not clan in my opinion.

The Role of the Privateer again adding to the Whole pirate nation role, but necessary. The Privateer role of a hired gun I’ve always thought needed for a “Civil War” mechanic to work. It gives the Pirate a Unique feature. This is different from the Nation v Nation + hired gun scenario I also agree with. This I doubt seriously we’ll go back to a dynamic Player input Controlling Nation policy (East v West, Care Bear Alliance and the Vote system) due to its tested result outcomes. This still would be a feature (expressed in my above link) no doubt, Alliances that is...

The Pacific Low-Sec idea may solve many solutions in my opinion only. Not just for Pirate but GB clans or anyone else. Its outside the law. Pirate clan or GB clan would still carry their base Nation but its irrelevant in the Pacific if they choose to reside there. We as clans can form alliances in the pacific with who we want regardless of background. The area though comes with heavy limitations in resources etc.  This way the Privateer can still raid or be hired and return to the Caribbean often. You write your own story in effect...

That was the theory...

My attitude was strong maybe, but was designed to help the pirate nation with all due respect no to hurt. The reason for the apology if I caused offense. My open lines show the issue why pirate nation is so hard to change with a possible solution that actually could work. It’s not I don’t like the ideas, I’m offering a way the ideas could be genuinely implemented...



Like you said, I maybe just really slow to understand and bow to your better judgement...


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On 9/10/2018 at 10:34 PM, Capn Rocko said:

Time for Rocko's yearly Pirate thread, this time a little different.

 First off, the usual suggested changes to Pirate nation: 

  • No RvR
  • Limited to free ports, maybe kidd's island as a home base (or another secret island)
  • No Safe zones 
  • Outlaw battles (yes I said it)
  • Rank 2 shipyard max
  • Some sort of a bonus (ex: 2% extra speed or boarding buff) 

Why do this?

  • Currently, there is nothing that separates pirates from the the other nations
  • It is a change people have been suggesting for years now 
  • Not everyone wants to focus on RvR
  • Give the role players and OW hunters a faction to be proud of
  • If the pirates are banished from Mortimer Town, this could open up an unique opportunity for the developers to introduce some new content. Example below:

An Idea i think that would be cool:

Turn the island of Mortimer Town into ai-controlled ports (similar to free towns) that produce the most lucrative trade goods (NOT crafting resources) in the game that only sell for good profit at nation capitals. These ports would only allow trade ships inside and could not be controlled by any clan or nation. This would let the entire player population bid against each other for the best trade goods. On top of this, these ports could be subject to clan-based raids (either pve or pvp) where the clan with the most hostility points at the end of the day receives a reward chest (or something similar) in their warehouse during maintenance.


What would this accomplish? It would focus trading and PvP to the center of the map. It would give economy-based players (and their escorts) incentive to sail out of their safe zone and into a highly populated area. This also would give solo hunters and group PvPers a central destination that is far away from safe zones. I think it has been suggested before to focus content in the center of the map, and with everyone wanting 100% safe zones, I think this is a way to make everyone happy (including the Pirates!).

Im sure someone will find a way to tear this post apart (I don't claim for it to be a perfect suggestion), so I encourage them to make a better suggestion :) 


I like it. But no speed buff. Maybe a crew buff. Speed buff would mean you could never catch a pirate or get away from one. 

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