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  1. it is possible to list the ships in auction below the ships in the docks? Thank you
  2. You still didn't understand. What is boring for you may not be boring for others. What i am saying is you can farm what you want without many difficulties. About AI traders hunting , because of how they work in the new patch i spent much time sailing in enemy waters, so what it seems boring for you , for me is actually an adventure. Sometimes i hunt a player, sometimes they go chasing me. Sometimes i rage board some AI traders in half an hour until i found something interest. Sometimes i got an amazing loot , sometimes i got some interesting woods or goods and sometimes they came chasing me when i am sailing with a precious trader in the fleet lol.
  3. Doesn't matter if is boring or not the only thing it matters is that works great for new players in game. Just for you have a better picture , last week i farmed 7k doubloons in 3 days, many different woods ( some white oak, live oak, teak ) so basically with the new patch i am able to buy almost anything with a little work, also it helps a lot for new players that want to craft. If you like to do different things there are missions , you can help your teammates in fighting the AI fleets to gain exp, etc, etc . It is an open world have fun.
  4. ok i think i did understand just some questions to clarify. 1- I can capture all 4-1 rate players ships and sail them in OW? I can't capture and take any 4-1 AI ship to the OW however i can use them in battle. 2- So lf i capture an 4-1 AI ship or a DLC ship in battle and transfer all my crew to that ship and my first got sunk what happens when the battle ends? I will teleport to the nearest outpost?
  5. I need some help please. The devs said and i quote in the patch notes: You cannot take non captureable ships to the open world but you can use them in the instance this means you can capture all ships for sailing in the current battle instance once you exit the instance non capturable ships will be taken over by the admiralty (with hold) Please make sure you dont exit in the imported ship or non capturable ship to the open world if you have valuable things in the hold To receive a reward for that ship sink it in the instance transferring to a capturable ship The last part is what i am getting confused. " To receive a reward for that ship sink it in the instance transferring to a capturable ship" My english is not very good so can someone explain in more details the last sentence?
  6. I would like to get an answer from the devs if they plan to take in consideration this aspects in to the game before the release. - Diplomacy. We can expect to see some mechanic for the players decide what should be the nation diplomacy to other nations? - There will be any exploration gameplay? - There will be a different gameplay mechanics to the pirates nation? - Can the devs consider tweaking slighty the wood stats to make all interesting ?
  7. no one

    Never give up French!

    We try to respect? What? Not attacking enemy traders just because the top clans are making profits? So your idea is to say what the new player should do or not do? Congratulations in ruining the game for other players. I left France months ago because idiots like you.
  8. no one

    eco patch rebalance

    Fallacy of division
  9. no one

    Never give up French!

    I remember 3 or 4 months ago when i start to play NA i joined the french. I met some very nice people there and unfortanely also some arrogant idiot clan leaders who are willing to annoy the players that didn't follow some agreements with other clan nations. Well time move on. Your alliance with the dutch doesn't exist anymore. The english grow up and started to take arms against you. Other nations noticed that the french weren't that powerfull anymore and now all wants a piece of land in the french waters. In my country there is an expression "who sows the wind harvests storms" so i think what is happening to you guys is all fair. But don't worry about . The new patch is here and now the teleports are hello kittyed up, in fact i think all the game is hello kittyed atm. So if you guys want a chance to take the ports you lost now is the time to unite and take on arms.
  10. 2 words. "Parisian furniture."
  11. Thank you so much for the detailed explanation and the tips you gave.
  12. Well that is the point. I know how to use manual sails and still find me in situations where i need to waste precious seconds to make the ship stable to fire the guns. And because of this sometimes i lost my chance to fire my cannons in a perfect broadside ship. Also i like to add the Requin which i use a lot doens't have depower sails and this perk helps a lot . Getting leaks is more difficult but usualy it never wasnt a problem but today i noticed something when i was fighting the french around puerto de espana, It seems because the ship is more stable the hull in the Requin is more effective in bouncing shots since that slope hull continues to be in a steep angle. But of course i will need more testings about this. But tell me how you use the carronades? Is doing pve ? How they behave with the perk and other skills?
  13. First i want to thank you for sharing your opinion. I didn't reply yesterday because i wanted to try trimming expert first to have a better opinion. "I always play super cautious the first 3 minutes of a fight, so I have plenty of time to get guns to load before I move in to engage." I never thoght in this terms. Makes sense . I will discard prepared. "Double Charge (use all the time to demast)" I never use double charge and i also suck at demasting . Maybe this would help me alot. I will also try this one. "... I'd sometimes use carronade master combined with accuracy mods to make a carronade ship into a mast sniper." I thought a little more about this and since the carronades loses alot pen around 200m i just think is not worth it. About my trimming expert experience. It makes a lot difference when playing with the Requin. Now my biggest complain about the requin not being a stable gun platform doesn't exist anymore. I can sail 90 degrees to the wind and i can aim my cannons that are facing the wind to the waterline all the time . Also it is more difficult to get leaks with this perk. I will need to make more tests but it seems it also helps a lot in the aiming having a stable platform all the time. So my first impressions about this were very good. So atm i am considering using the following perks. Fleet control 1 Expert carpenter Double charge Double shot or ( fleet control 2 because trading ) Trimming expert