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  1. This is a good option. Another option i mentioned before is to force players to pay a 10%( or maybe 20% ) insurance for the delivery missions. As an example. There is a 170k delivery mission. The player needs to pay 17k to get the mission. If the player manage to deliver the cargo he will win 170k + 17k. The reason behind this is the factor risk vs reward is to low in the delivery missions, so atm if a player fails to deliver the cargo the drawback is minimal. And yes the trade needs a big buff.
  2. Ok interesting idea @admin. This one and the other about elite NPC fleets can be the beginning to make the NA more interesting to play for smaller clans. So +1 for trying. About my opinion about raids. - Keep it small and without warnings. - Get a mission in the county capital to raid some port. - The port quality will tell if is 3 vs 6 + 3 or 5 vs 10 + 5 ( i will explain this numbers more in detail ) I am thinking in a mix system ( pve + pvp ) so with this in mind. There is no warning, no flag in the map, nothing. The moment a raid battle starts all the players from that nation will get a message about the battle and they can join that battle or wait outside. How this works? regional ports will have 3 ( raiders ) vs 6 ( elite npc defenders ) + 3 slots open to players that wish to join the battle against the raiders. capital ports will have 5 ( raiders ) vs 10 ( elite npc defenders ) + 5 slots open to players that wish to join the battle against the raiders. keep shallow ports raid battles limit to 6th rate. keep deep ports raid battles limit to 5th rate. Raided ports can not be attacked again for 10 days. Raids should be done in fast ships , and should be a mission to give fun to all , so let's keep it simple and limit the ships by their rate and not BR.
  3. The moment you are defending the idea to use only 5 nations but with the possibility to add flags from other nations there is no real limit anymore. More nations flags could help with more players coming to NA. So with this in mind: -Portuguese empire -Genoa -Venice -Ottoman empire -Berbers pirate
  4. Add Portuguese empire in the Britannia flags.
  5. There is only one problem with your second suggestion. What would happen if the clan players start to craft Wasa Fir/Fir or maybe a Christian Fir/Fir and use them in pvp? The hull bonus removes the fir/fir downside, the speed bonus opens an opportunity, and if they use books and upgrades only for speed what you get is a monster with speed cap at 15.5 knots at different angles. Let's say bye bye to pvp. ☹️
  6. Beauty is very personal. IMO the most beautiful flags are the ones from the French Empire period. ( before Napoleon ) However if i could play with portugal and pick one old flag ( not from this time period )this one is to me the most beautiful flag Portugal ever had.
  7. About the Alliances. Alliances made by players always bring problems to the game. That is a fact. However i would prefer to see a dynamic alliance system where would be the faction king ( AI ) to determine who is allied or who is the enemy. This could make the game much more interesting. As an example: If one nation become to powerful in game the other nations kings could make an alliance and declare war to that nation. This would also promote an dynamic RvR.
  8. So true. As a portuguese i still can't understand why we have Russia, Denmark, Poles and Prussia in game but we can't have the 4 biggest naval power from that time period in game. If the reason is low player numbers well if they are in a alliance with the biggest nation in game then there is no problem. The devs could use the south east corner ( Santo tomé de Guayana ) of the map to put the portuguese capita there. That corner is always a dead place inside NA and the ports are close to Brazil. Is not Brazil but it is close so yes please do this.
  9. Ok that sounds interesting . Can be a nice mechanic. I will need to test this. However i have some questions about this: -Players will know who are the elite npc fleets in the OW? -This NPCs fleets , what are the size? 10 ships ? Maybe 3? If they are too big that makes impossible for a solo player to have a chance.
  10. And you can do 2 or more delivery missions at the same time and also carry passengers.
  11. Clans should have rewards / benefits for doing port battles? YES OF COURSE! Clans should have unfair advantages in pvp? NO OF COURSE NOT! That is what completely ruins the game. The game is so unbalance that there is no reason to play unless you are in a big clan. And many already quit playing the game because s-h-i-t like this. What you have now is a dead empty game with some players in clans trying to understand if there is any reason to do RvR. But continue to push with the BIG CLAN agenda and pray for the game to become a sucess, it worked very well in the past 2 years doens't?
  12. In other words. Develop and release Naval Action Legends.
  13. Yes. The game mechanics in NA are made to give all power to the clans and nothing to solo players.
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