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  1. Very interesting let's see where this is gonna go, and the consequences... very interesting...
  2. Repair System Overhaul Wrong: Overpowered repair mods with port bonuses, elite upgrades, makes battles uneven and advantage for rich and good players. Lots of kiting in battle instance with rinse and repeat. Ships with good mods are restored fully. Purposal: Limit number of repairs to 3 set in each battle for any hull or rig repair. Limit crew repair to 1 time in battle. Hull repair: Limit total repair to restore maximum %90 of the damage, for each set of repair. You always lose that %10 percent for each set of repair. No ship could be repaired perfectly like a new shi
  3. The way DLC ships are presented; Currently; DLC ships can be redeemed everyday, can be redeemed with season woods, can be from blue to gold with trims. What is wrong, You can redeem very strong ships every day, regardless of their rank. They are always redeemed with season woods, so if you do it everyday, at the end you will have a very good ship with season woods with good port bonus. If you do not like, just break it down for special wood. It is meaningless to craft for example any 3rd rate ship, as there is a very good redeemable, and crafting it with season woods is very dif
  4. Make it so, a clan can set 1 fixed timer for all ports, helps a bit ? There comes the alt accounts into use, cancer of this game. Make it so, all the timers are fixed for each port. Like Us coast, us timezone, some other ports for for other time zones, according to active player base geographical positions. So the timer are distributed according to percentage of players in different zones. US / EUROPE / ASIA. The timers can change dynamically according to player base, when a port falls neutral.
  5. I think that kings and queens should get involved in these politics and war aspect of our NA world. They should decide to start war, set alliences, set extra fees for the cowardly running to zerg nations, give benefits and profits to protect the small nations. They should not be very strict on moderating, but they should help to steer things in a more healthy way. @admin we need our kings and queens to pay attention to NA world.
  6. Now this guy with little balls (of course cannon balls) and his little princess pet. He voted for war against sweden, but run away from GB. He got allied with sweden, sweden lost the war. Now guess what they are doing? Joining mother Russia!!! I understand the little ball problem, but where is the honour? You have won against Bastards in that little battle, but you have lost the WAR, you have lost your everthing, including little respect from other players, that also came from your nice little pet, the princess Bastey. Now keep looking at that screenshot, thats all left for y
  7. Who would build a shipyard in capital? Only level - 1, may be. Warships are garbage without port bonus. You need a safe crafting port? In current state of NA, buy profolic forger dlc, switch to Russia for Vera Cruz or go Sweden for Orjenstad which is covered by privateer fleets. Welcome to zerg.
  8. All the capitals should give 35-40 points pre-selected port bonus. This is for the casual, this is for newbies. Do not worry veteranswill still fight for 50-55 points ports. But it is ridiculous to pay same building money for a shipyard without bonus at capitals or non-capturable towns. @admin please hear this !
  9. I do not understand the LOKI concept, may be good for "pain inflicting and suffering simulator". Another annoyance added to the list.
  10. From high respect level to shit level. "I did not know it was a bug, I just could not stop doing it for some time, look I reported it after I remember my self streaming" "Ah look it is still working after 1 month, let me try more"
  11. Can be a different part like WOT clan wars?
  12. The whole clan system needs lots of but lots of changes. From tax, to cwh sharing permissions, to different ranks etc. As well as chat interface to map interface. All needs to be handled, as we have enough money maker dlcs now. Time for dev team to take a deep breath and complete missing parts of the game. Sorry to hijack your post.
  13. More important than ammo, is UNLIMITED repairs in battle. It kills everything. 3 repairs maximum in battle instance. This would change the game from the current arcade style to something much better. @admin please hear
  14. More tow = more pvp but limited to 2, may be 3. Alts are already bypassing the tow problem.
  15. Not only Snow, but also other magical ships like Le Requin, have these acceleration related anomalies. Same happens to bigger ships, with Elite Spanish. So it is a wider range problem which needs correction. Demasting has always been meta. The horizontal accuracy of single shot is way too high.
  16. I disagree, pax missions and cargo missions are there. Ships are already cheap to buy for new players. There is the basic cutter, shop ships are 1500-15k dubloons reals. In this pain inflicting and suffering simulator, we sometimes need the tears. Gid gud...
  17. Hello @admin As the game ui is much better now (not the best), I think it is time to finalise the map and chat boxes. These needs to be added or fixed on the map. 1. The window when selecting the port is the old ui window which really looks ugly and primitive. 2. When selecting a port in game map. There is too little information. It should show resources the port dropping, port points and may be other information like your buildings there etc. Also if you have visited the port it should show added player investments like teak farm etc. Tab to see dropping goods. Hello Feli
  18. New players are starting at capitals and buildings shipyards which costs the same money, but does not give any port bonus. Capitals should give some port bonuses, for example GB-reloading FR-Mast thickness US-speed and so on , some bonuses special to the nation and capital. They should be 40-45 point ports and fixed bonus. So good clans and veteren players will still prefer 50-55 point shipyards.
  19. "UNLOCKING SLOTS FOR EVERYSHIP" We all do this, but I have never seen a player enjoying this, this is like a torture. For example I only unlocked 2 slots on Victory, now if Victory classic comes, than all slots on it will also be locked. Like uss and constitution. It is a meaningless grind, and it is also very difficult to unlock slots by pvp, you need to pve. Cause you have to attack a bigger or at least equal ship, to have some normal xp. I can sink 15x5th rates in my Victory alone, I tell you it is not that easy, as 15 npc has some decent dps. So after sinking them all I will get
  20. Historicaly it reduces the strain and stress on the ship hull, when you make rapid broadsides, you prefer random fire. In this game it is just place holder. If we had some structural failures due to broadsides, it would make sense, just like battle sails which were used to reduce danger of fires spreading. @Sea Archer made an explanation below, so it was actually other way around. "Historically random fire was used in the hot phase of a battle, when every ball counts and should be shot as fast as possible. Firing from bow or stern was for reduces strain, while the fire was st
  21. @Liq I still believe you to be decent guy, not only a very good pvp, but a good person, but your clan HAVOC, you do not know them well. You do not know their history, so your actions seem funny. Why don't you let Rediii, Liam etc. to make the forum fight. They are used to mud, but instead you are in the mud. Do not do this, let them pvp on forums, you pvp on the game. o7
  22. I hate the selected books on a ship to reset when sent to fleet. They should be still there inactive until, you make it your main ship, or it becomes your main. A vital thing, easy to fix, but... Even creating few preset of books should be good.
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