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Thank You @qw569 but I guess I was not precise enough in my question.

What I meant is that I would like to check, how many, and which resources do I need to obtain to craft a ship of a certain type (to calculate, for eg. the real production cost). So I look at, let's say, item template 747, which is the L'Ocean Blueprint, and I can see all "ingredients" in "FullRequirements" node. Of course, those ingredients, have their own ingredients and then I need to find those as well, etc, until I reach "raw materials". The problem is, that ships, as opposed to other craftable items, have different "versions" (different frame and planking woods). Depending on choice here, different woods wood framing parts and planking are required, and also - a different amount of those materials, depending on the choice. I was able to find how many framing parts of a certain wood is required depending on wood framing choice ("WoodTypeDescs" node), but I can't find information on the "planking" part. For eg. if I choose L'Ocean Teak / Fir, I can find, how many Teak Framing Parts I need, but not how many Fir Planks I need to craft it. I thought for a moment, that it would be a fixed amount, just a different wood type, but it's not like that and the number of planks needed changes depending on the wood choice, so I'm missing this information in the recipe.

Or am I missing something?

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