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  1. Curious if there are any active on the pvp server?
  2. Is this API still being maintained? Who do we have to contact to get a key for it?
  3. I finally got around to leveling up my crafting skill a bit and I'm a little worried about how this system will affect the economy of the game. I believe that in order to spur a player driven economy you need to force players to interact. If every player is able to craft everything, then you have no incentive to actually trade. Instead players will just hoard commodities. I would propose that there is some kind of skill cap on certain items that are crafted. For example a player could be a master caster, woodworker, etc. but not master of them all. If i'm able to craft everything myself, what
  4. Hey all, Last time I posted my blog it seemed pretty well received. Linking it again encouraging any and all to follow it so you're updated when I post...so I don't have to post here every time Have a good one! https://britishprivateer.wordpress.com/
  5. Oh interesting. So it's more a mechanic to prevent an exploit of the starting position of the ships? If that's the case why can't they just make the starting positions more dependent on where you enter a battle from the open map? (I realize it's probably with good reason when you know all the dirty details)
  6. I'm sure he means to say: "But in total forbidding basic cutters from pvp is not something we should consider until more data is gathered, sorry."
  7. I would probably agree. While I typically lean towards a "harder is better" mentality. The map is simply too large to restrict experience game in this way practically. These really sound more like gamemodes to me. I could see a sea trials type lobby being fun to test ship fittings and the like. But I don't think there needs to be a dedicated server for this style of play. Really the multiple servers is just a means of managing the alpha testing player base at the moment. Eventually the servers that do exist are all going to be the same game, just multiple divisions of the player base. Ther
  8. Sad the pics came out so dark. They looked much better before I uploaded them. I'll have to check my wordpress settings.
  9. It's true...they have been battling the British quite successfully.
  10. I can never see people pics on these forums. Is there a setting I need to change to be able to see them? Hey BuzzMoo, thanks for helping organize the fleet. We were heavily out gunned and outnumbered but it was really fun either way!
  11. Read all about it! https://britishprivateer.wordpress.com/2016/01/27/beat-to-quarters/
  12. I know that this suggestion for server specific sub forums was posted to the devs so hopefully we'll be better able to manage this soon.
  13. I mean other games allow you to mark instances for assistance etc. If you are in an instance and don't want someone to join you don't click the assist button. I prefer friendly fire, I like the realism of it and I think having the potential for backstabbing is warranted in the game and era. I was just seeing if this was something the devs were going to implement as a game mechanic and haven't gotten to, or if this was the extent of their dealing with it. Don't care either way, just wanted to know which way they were leaning.
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