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  1. OK ..going back to bed, which means the game will start almost immediately. You're welcome.
  2. Hey, while we're waiting do any of you know .. any of the Polish, Russian or Prussian ranks? The API data either doesn't have it or I can't find it ..
  3. Revision 47717.CleanOWProd.x64 -- stuck in me brain no ping time on the 11th then pings on the 12th back to no pings on the 13th ... taking that as a sign .. going to start up soon now .. yep .. anytime now ..
  4. Funny .. I mentioned that there could be negatives, which pretty much assumes that it might not turn out to be a successful idea. Some details as to why it didn't work in the past might have been nice though; as were were pondering different aspects of it.
  5. This is just me tossing out idea for the halibut. If the devs already have something planned for this, great. If they don't and see something here workable, great. If neither, I'll play/enjoy the game anyway
  6. Yes. This is another idea. Not sure if there are any hidden negatives to it .. but I like it too.
  7. That's another take on end-game. If a single nation takes all ports but nation capitals they 'win' and port wipe. But, there again we deal with starting over again with resource / port benefits grinds. Which isn't necessarily a terrible thing.
  8. ok .. really no thought into this just throwing it out there so flail away .. but maybe something like if a nation gets under x ports then taking a port from them gets harder in some manner. Where 'X' is some number deemed appropriate by the gods-that-be. Maybe have an assigned 'minimum-port' number for each nation depending on its location and where it lies on the 'hard-to-play' scale.
  9. No, I was actually thinking of some sort of dynamic setting in the game that makes it harder and harder to wipe out a nation ... should be easy right? lol
  10. argh, correct. I don't know what the answer is to nations getting wiped. Would be nice to have some mechanic in place that would help them get back on their feet.
  11. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!
  12. I thought I was in a different plane of existence when I came back to the game, only to find out I no longer had to make carriages (shudder) to make a ship.
  13. That's all I was trying to put forward. Constructive criticism sure .. but over time a lot of it (not even TRYING to put a % on it) just became a continuous flow of negativity. And that is what annoys me, and possibly others. I got snarky earlier, and admitted it after looking back on it. "In My Opinion" ... some people, and seriously have no one in mind here, just need to lighten up.
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