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  1. Thank you SO much for adding patch notes to the game interface. This is actually huge.
  2. I really, really miss the dueling 'missions'. Please find a way to bring them back. With all the seal-clubbing going on these duels are a fantastic way for new players to learn how to maneuver and fight. Also yes to no xp or loss in the duels. For training only. And, yes, the moon
  3. Maybe so, but I sure would like to see this addressed; and I'm sure there is a solution out there that would make sense.,
  4. I'm not sure I agree. The DLC ships will become overpowered as the game and port benefits progress. There are ALWAYS options on what the proper benefits would be for a DLC, but it should not be CHEAP and it should be greared toward what the DLC owner's clans's port benenfits are currently.
  5. This would be a nice addition. Just make it moderately expensive. So .. - Each time you redeem a ship you would go through the process of paying (Reals/Doubloons/Combat Medals/?) for a DLC-ship upgrade to accommodate the current port's shipyard benefits. This will allow the DLC ships to keep up with newly-created ships.
  6. I really like this idea. However, I wouldn't want a huge dock used to stockpile fleets of ships. Maybe five or six slots for the purpose of handing new ships off to their new owners when the two players (crafter & new owner) are not on at the same time. -- would be even better if, while in these docs, the ship was 'owned' by both the crafter, owner and clan leader so nobody else could wander off with it.
  7. Thanks Vernon ... someone in-game just now told me that. Would be nice to have some sort of clue <hint, hint>
  8. I'm getting the feeling I'm missing something terribly simple .. but I can NOT for the life of me find my crafting experience. I've crafted a few ships but can not find how much crafting experience I've accrued.
  9. OK ..going back to bed, which means the game will start almost immediately. You're welcome.
  10. Hey, while we're waiting do any of you know .. any of the Polish, Russian or Prussian ranks? The API data either doesn't have it or I can't find it ..
  11. Revision 47717.CleanOWProd.x64 -- stuck in me brain no ping time on the 11th then pings on the 12th back to no pings on the 13th ... taking that as a sign .. going to start up soon now .. yep .. anytime now ..
  12. Funny .. I mentioned that there could be negatives, which pretty much assumes that it might not turn out to be a successful idea. Some details as to why it didn't work in the past might have been nice though; as were were pondering different aspects of it.
  13. This is just me tossing out idea for the halibut. If the devs already have something planned for this, great. If they don't and see something here workable, great. If neither, I'll play/enjoy the game anyway
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