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  1. Going to have to setup something for all the Dutch / Swedes / France. Anyone that wants to continue rumbling and stirring the pot... We should reroll and make a Squadron... EG need 25 folks. If mixed timezone, weekends warriors, with light pvp during weekdays.
  2. Dutch in negotiations *1 or 2 gentlemen in the room*: Thank you sir (prim and proper). Russians: *mob of 30 rowdy players laughing their butts off* "Dat zis all you offer?" (so all could enjoy the tears) No joke - that was the process.
  3. Leaders may have come to agreement, but it doesn't make it any less________. Needles to say, the rank and file don't need to agree. Capitulate after 2 days? Where's the reroll button?
  4. I do not know for certain...whom is here for Sweden to say otherwise?
  5. That screen shot is awesome. I respect that very much.
  6. So... Stars & Stripes banned from TF teamspeak. Drama! Too busy fighting each other maybe.
  7. No, they just wanted 1person per nation. I posted first in the thread. As proof of how pathetic I am on the list, I was sunk yesterday, and the victor didn't even bother to claim the bounty. Bwahahahahahahahahahaha!
  8. I'll start the irrelevant posting first. (only because I'm sure 10 pages will follow) Grim PS-I hope it works out for Sweden. Ask for your ports back and sign non-aggression pact. EDIT: Sorry, that was flippant. If "News from the North" has taught anyone anything, this type of thread doesn't work. You know whom are the primary contacts in Sweden. Contact them privately. The time limitation smacks of "or else" with a hint of gloat... if the offer was true, you would not do this publicly. So sarcasm... But if this was the intent all along...Bravo!
  9. We are attacked by a horde of Vikings and Wooden Hooved beasts. Not some drunkenly band of scalawags. Let's keep it in perspective.
  10. I ganked a BOAT Frigate with my Renomee yesterday in a 1v1. I sank. (But only after it became a 1v2). Point of the story: the open sea is dynamic and constantly changing. There are those looking for "fairish" fights. Yet no one is a fool. What starts as a 4v4 equal ships very quickly becomes a 4v8 with chasers and 3rd rates waiting on the OS....... This is the nature of the beast when fighting in enemy territory. To Dutch credit, last weekend, they did amass a homeland defense fleet and drove us out. That's how it should work. Kudos Each SIDE (Dutch/French) knows they've done their
  11. I like this one - one of the better ones out there. You notice that Pullings and Gralznov are twins?
  12. The Ter DE Basse fight was decent. Danes had roughly 3 third rates and 17 Trincomalee. It wasn't exactly that, but close enough. France had a constitution, and a averaged out at a cerberus. Many late French entrants caused or fleet to be very spread out. Danes lost 2 smaller ships, France lost 10? Good fight. It was enjoyed!
  13. Hey. We only lost 9 ports so far today. It's not all bad... I sank in a 1v2 and no one claimed my bounty
  14. Maybe a language barrier. Prater and I are native speakers of English... I do not understand either. How does pirate grief you?
  15. Not a problem. I was addressing player JTW.
  16. That's when you know you're loved.
  17. Ummmmm... You have the floor. And you ONLY mentioned it, without detail. And you can him out? GEESH!
  18. Join the Sea Lords Marine Francaise. Long history in naval gaming. Yes, we share a name in common with our English cousins in the Royal Navy. Sea Lords Marine Francaise was originally founded ~2003. Each nation had a represented navy, and collective these adversaries were known as the Sea Lords. None the less, we have some fun with it as many within the community do not understand the rich history. So without further ado...
  19. Oh, I don't want to say anything with it. Actually, it would more compliment you (indirectly). Even though you had many more ships, they were small ships, while you opponent had big ships / big guns. In my opinion, I would not necessarily call the fight a gank. In other words, even fight (slightly in your favor... But not excessive). Therefore, a compliment to you.
  20. Battle rating might have been kinda close, looking at the ship compositions...
  21. I don't care what Caldwell is in. I'll pay bonus of he's in his trader.
  22. Yes there is... No impending peace... That you're aware off... Shout out to DAS!
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