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  1. It is kinda like Bond...they always think they've got him. But he turns up...
  2. Bounty paid. Alas, no prisoner transfer included.
  3. Good group to join if you like large battles and rvr. They like to pvp too Best luck gentleman!
  4. Thank you for the fine post Matsje. It certainly was a surprise to find you in my battle yesterday!No one can be too serious, eh? We're privateers in Danish waters. *Nakor - I'll get back to you with RP and we're in your TS most every night this week - you've been missing!
  5. My favorite part of the whole thread: real Dutch and fake Dutch. I know what you mean... I'm sure the true Frenchman probably say the same about us. Lol
  6. Grim DeGrim - I play North American evening timezones typically, but good chance I'll be on during EU evening timezones this weekend. You can also PM me through the forums. And I like long walks on the beach...
  7. We should make arrangements for payment. I've ports in Florida, Hattie, Puerto Rico. PM Me.
  8. Always a gentleman Guybrush. The name is as it should be.
  9. Une guilde avec le vrai cœur à faire ce qui est juste. Bonne journée Monsieur.
  10. Bishop's Rock (32) has set sail to join Tonnerre Enfant (28) in the North. News of recent events have reached the ports in the South.
  11. I hear whispers he is considered the second coming off Nelson, is 8 feet tall, and that he does not use a microphone - he just barks orders at his computer it sends them out of fear...
  12. I sure am glad that the "peace treaties" didn't include clauses for the forums! I thought things would be boring. Hethwill, Jager, pass the bowl please
  13. There must have been at least 1 good one in the 30 they brought...
  14. Believe our not, there are plenty that play the meta game heavily, and use cutters and such to report on enemy movements. Not all" national" ships are actually allied to said nation. But group members is an excellent idea. Hopefully that is the extent.
  15. For a Drunken Sloth, you sounds pretty reasonable. Nice Canada flag, by the way. While vintage, I do love our maple leaf.
  16. I'm playing it wrong. I'm broke. Maybe another toon on another nation for economic is what I need.
  17. Tow the line, or walk the plank. Must have been in the fine print when we joined the PVP server. Thou must follow "popular" opinion. Good on PFK for playing their game.
  18. Sounds like pvp 2 France has True Grit. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grit_(personality_trait)
  19. Maybe our frigates can meet again? We've unfinished business from Rousseau.
  20. A blind eye will be turned to reason, despite the known fact that it had taken France monumental effort to organize a efforts on a single front. This is no insult to anyone - it is just truth. But Brits are bad guys, because we could not sail not to stop a Danish fleet of 3 third rates and 17 Trincomalee. Once the 2nd front opened, it was over. But, credit where due: France took 2 ports back the next night and set good timers. This treaty is like winning the jackpot for the Danes. I guess I should /Tiphat to them for something so well played.
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