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  1. Dorian - his comment is on topic. He is asking if the port attack timers is available in the app data.
  2. Are you saying they use a British Alt to attack you (a British player), and then join as reinforcement? Can't be that... I can see their Danish flags (normaly the flags change in the ships when you reinforce different nation, no?) Or you were in the white circle and got dragged into an npc attack started by Brit alt. That must be it. Then they join. Whatever it is, going to be tougher to prove without better ss of all players in the instance.
  3. I have had this same bug from the same area around PdE, except it teleport ed me to Constance (? Name?... South of map) upon undock. And again the next day to the same area, except I was NW of LA Trinity (close to Fort Royal). I share the story only as my experience was generally in the same areas of origin. (of the map... I play from Canada) _____ All that said, I do love that GL has incorporated the "mystery" of the Bermuda Triangle into the game
  4. My last post, since it is a bit of a broken record... Just trying to say it different ways to see if I can articulate my concerns: In reference to shop data and sale values: 1. If it's great, then make it an ingame feature. I guarantee, folks will say it is immersion breaking... But that's another argument. However, making it avaliable in API format only, means it us USABLE to those with the "know-how" (unless some benefactor shares with the community). I have no knowledge of anything these smarter individuals are posting about. Therefore, advantage = them. (I had to Google "parse text"
  5. Set up a network, in clan. 4 people (as example of how small a grp), with outpost around the map. That's 12 ports (starting, plus destination... With use of teleportation). Plus any other ports close by... Transportation of goods can happen later. Just setup outposts in the primary hubs, you can get alot of coverage. Multiple characters generally required (cross nation, which this indirectly promotes).
  6. I would like to see prices and quantity remain hidden. Otherwise, build the tool into the hands and give that information to all players (specifically prices send quantities). In its current format, it heavily biases those people with the skills to use it, and those whom login right after maintenance. Just my 2 cents. Looks like I'll need to learn .Json files and API in the interim Ps- I am happy to see API, it was an original request! Good discussion.
  7. If it is made available to those with the skills / know how to get it outside of game, they should just build an auction house into the game and make it EASILY available to all players ingame. Easy of access and use does not favor the general masses of the gaming population. A select few will get rich with this data. Overall, I love the API. But there is some concern as noted
  8. Probably related to the fps hit. I'm experiencing about a 20 fps drop, and a clan mate is now experiencing his pc shutting off. The only common link is a change in this patch (more demand on gpu?). Hopefully it works out for you, and that dev's pinpoint the area needing attention.
  9. Please show respect by recognizing a person's right to think differently. If I tell you I like PVE and you say RVR is superior, will you slander me for disagreement for that as well? Tatann, you are highly regarded. Please consider making an apology here. You can write the words "your own opinion", but you represent EDR. It reflects poorly on them that one of their clan members would actively sabotage a recruitment thread.
  10. Noooooooooooooo. I was trying to link a Batavian flag with it! Darn. Svg files giving my cell phone grief. Your former glory is the Batavian Republic. No bitterness. Only humor (and truth) (forum pvp fail)
  11. Very soon you will be the Batavian Consortium. Looking forward to working with you!
  12. Best of luck. May the Consortium bring you to your former glory.
  13. Lol. I can't speak French. But my intent was to say "from France". I thought that was the english word we use! As always, thank you. Your policing is appreciated
  14. Bob Chance Mon ami! Jean-Gaspard de Vence is a fine gentleman. Il parle française.
  15. An excellent battle. While out gunned, and out numbered, we fought to our fleet's strength - speed (sorry cerberuses!). In an effort to segregate their fleet to gain the upper hand, demast was the call. One Renommee spawned in pointing at the enemy fleet, in the irons (Je suis désolé Belize). DRUNK was exemplary. Our opponents equally so. Mutual courtesies exchanged in local chat. While in defeat, it was the kind of fight that keeps you logging in. After all, this is a game about Naval Action.
  16. My favorite part is the possibility that there is no map reset. (in which case, well played Sir, well played) Then again, if there is a reset... why not, eh?
  17. OMG. Lol... They've never changed. Speaking of seal clubbing, does such a thing exist when a person signs up for the PVP server?
  18. Maybe they're utterly ruined from the financial loss...
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