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  1. Are there still limits on the number of ships you can own? As in you used to be able to have ships dotted around different ports then a stupid rule limiting your ships to a certain number of slots was introduced. This was a major turn off for me regarding the game.
  2. I am just starting to get back into the game from the merge from global. I am finding dock space a big problem, I started with 6 ships in dock after the merge and one port down from 4 prior to the merge. I had 7 ships to redeem and the cost to get port slots, expand my warehouse to accommodate items from my ports is bankrupting me. As I understand it this wasn't a wipe so I am at a loss as to why I am being disadvantaged like this vs people who were on the server previously. I had thought the process was essentially just a server transfer without any great loss, but I am finding that I cant even manage to get my ports/storage space with the available money and to expand to two ports and an extra 3 ship slots has diminished my money so dramatically that I cant even afford the extra ship slots let alone try and replace the factories I lost. The redeemable wipe seems a bit ridiculous, data isn't expensive and to store that you have an item as a redeemable would take up miniscule space in any case.
  3. Bulwyf

    To battleship specialists

    I would be interested in being involved in this. While I am no naval architect I do have some fairly detailed books on it.
  4. Bulwyf

    Patch monday - urgent.

    This idea of clans taking over ports is a bad one, it will screw over anyone not belonging to a guild and you will lose players. Even those in guilds will tend to migrate guilds to get to ports they want.
  5. Bulwyf

    Transfer to global server

    I was aware but had no intention of swapping from the EU server and thus it didn't seem necessary. Purely by luck I personally had played on the US server. There was no notification of the change in port battle hours till post wipe which effectively left us without an option to play there. The fact that I was aware of the wipe doesn't mean that I was aware that the EU server would become restricted and essentially unplayable. For my children who don't visit the forums at all (like the bulk of players) there was no notification at all. The posts you mention take no account of this and simply remind people that there was a suggestion that you synch your characters if you wanted to play on other servers, never that you would have to play on other servers. It would seem the developers were absent without care through out this whole fiasco.
  6. Bulwyf

    Transfer to global server

    I would like to know that from a developer (while I appreciate your taking the time to reply I am not sure who you, are but you don't appear to be anyone with a position with the company) in which case I will cease playing for obvious reasons. This was very poorly handled. A lot of people don't visit the forums and even if they had the restrictions imposed on the EU server didn't appear till post wipe.
  7. Bulwyf

    EXP Didnt Transfer

    My kids were in the same boat, while they made mention of logging into different accounts they never said that they would restrict the hours on the EU server effectively forcing people who had no intention of changing to do so. I was lucky that I happened to play on the US server but my 3 children didnt as none of us intended to change. The lack of synchronisation was a silly move and totally unnecessary.
  8. Bulwyf

    Transfer to global server

    Hi, My son and daughters had not played for a bit before the wipe and had their characters on the EU server playing Britain. I was myself in the same boat and had no intention of switching from the EU server. When the wipe came they had no characters on the Global server and thus their experience didn't transfer. I had played there myself despite having no intention of switching and thus my character could restart on global without a penalty. While we had no intention of making the switch, the decision to limit the times at which port battles occurred has forced our hand and while it hasn't affected me personally my 3 childrens accounts are basically having to start from scratch giving up lvl 50, 32 and 24 crafters and a variety of ranks. How can their experience be transferred? Bear in mind there was no advance warning of the time limitation on the EU server which essentially excluded Australians from being able to effectively play there as we had intended.
  9. Bulwyf

    Please un-cripple the LGV!

    The cargo capacity should be brought back up, this new version of the game is very anti trader anyway, all the traders are slower, teleport totally useless now so twice the sailing, extra guns for some ships but no extra crew to man them, fleet ships now much harder to get unless you devote all your perks to them. And to top it off the economy is hopeless. There seems to be a plethora of stupid and short sighted changes.
  10. Bulwyf

    AI massivly underselling players

    Most goods that you produce cost more to produce than you can sell them for. The economy is pretty much broken and yet to buy anything the cost is astronomical. I can produce a 24 lber cannon, it sells for 51 gold, but to buy the same its 5192 gold. Production costs are more than 51 gold. Oak costs 73 gold per log to produce, yet almost all oak is at a price below this unless you are actually buying it from the shop.
  11. Yeah I pretty much said that when I said I was forced to move against my wishes leaving behind European friends. As a ship builder, producer and trader the changes seem fairly stupid. Shipping produce before was very boring and long winded. Now with the removal of the teleport to capital it is doubly so. Instead of one multi hour sail with a teleport at the end to return I now have to sail both ways since the tow will take me to the nearest port. Why on earth magnify the grind?? Every action you take seems to be anti trader anti shipbuilder. You say you want to promote PvP (this should be a choice anyway and its stupid to make this the only way to advance) but by making ships so expensive you will inhibit peoples desire to participate. Every loss entails having to replenish cannons, ships and crew which on rates will be an astronomical amount of cash. Its a lot for even a cutter for a newbie as guns alone runs to in excess of 20K for anything other than freebie ship with 4lb guns. Couple that with an economy where it is difficult to make money and I think the present system is a recipe for disaster.
  12. With the restricted hours for the port battles and the Conquest and PVP marks system I am having trouble working up the enthusiasm to come back. The changes to the trading and crafting system are unimpressive too. Experience may change that, but I also seem to have to change servers because of the silly implementation of the restricted hours, colour me unimpressed.
  13. I have always played in PVP1 and am from Australia. My guild there had a few European players and many from the Oceania region. As I understand it we are now faced with zero possibility of conquest marks due to the timed lockout or having to move to the Global server where we have no clan. The whole concept of the conquest marks seems destined to be divisive and benefit a small part of the population while robbing most of any chance to participate. My impression is that this is a poorly thought out option.
  14. Bulwyf

    Mega Patch 10.0

    What Destraex and myself want to know, is if we redeem on the EU server do we lose our redeemable experience on the Global server as we have redeemables in both places. Or can we redeem in both locations? We played on EU but the port battle lockouts which I don't fully understand are making the EU server look like a no go.
  15. Bulwyf

    Regional "Trims"

    Pirates can run down any merchant and run away from any warship at the moment. They seem the favoured children of the developers with better perks and bonus. At least fitting your merchant with pirate perks allows you to run from any national The pirate refit/perk definitely needs addressing, Pirates didn't have good ships historically and for some bizarre reason in game have the best ships speed wise.