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  1. I have found that my merchant ship knowledge slots have vanished for my Trader Brig on the PVE server. Prior to the wipe I had 4/5 knowledge slots open for the Trader Brig, 1/5 for the LGV and 2/5 for the Indiamen. Since the wipe I have lost all 4 slots for book knowledge on the TBrig, kept my one slot on the LGV and don't know on the Indiamen as I am yet to sail one. Anyway this could be fixed? it seemed to work fine for warships but not the Trader Brig at least.
  2. Can log into PVP but failing repeatedly on PVE server. It attempts to log in and fails with a message "Error Login queue request failed" Was fine after maintenance last night but is consistently failing now.
  3. My next gold mission box had total rubbish and not much of that so I presume you are correct.
  4. Yes did an F11 report immediately but this seems to be happening a fair bit from what other captains are stating, if it indeed does stack and I didn't believe it did then I must have got truly lousy chests as I didn't have any of the things you typically get in a gold chest.
  5. I just completed a mission (sink 11 rank 3 ships I believe) and went to St Nic to redeem the mission. The mission and gold chests redeemed successfully but when I opened the mission chest I got nothing. Perturbed I opened the gold chest and once again nothing. I could detect no change in my warehouse contents and wouldn't expect the new chest contents to stack. Do they stack as soon as you open a chest? There doesn't seem to be a way to check what you got so I am left wondering and so far as I can tell got nothing. Speaking to another clan member of my clan and he reported that he also ha
  6. Bulwyf

    Vanishing ship

    The battle was a foregone conclusion and my ship nowhere near it. It should be replaced as there is nothing saying this will happen.
  7. Bulwyf

    Vanishing ship

    I recently entered a battle to speak to another player who dived onto a ship I was about to attack on the PVE server. I entered the battle with my Christain and the other player was a long way away also in a Christain in the process of sinking the Indefatigable which I had originally targetted. I sent him a message regarding what he did and left. I was miles from the battle when I did so but when I next entered battle I found that my fleeted gold constitution was missing. I asked in chat if anyone had had a ship vanish like this and described the circumstances. I was then informed that t
  8. I would like to see the following: 1. The compass in the map selectable to default on or off. Presently its defaulted off and can't think of any time I want it off. 2. Books applied to ships remaining with the ships when they are in the fleet. If you must they could be disabled when fleeted but presently I have to reapply them every time I take a ship out of the fleet. 3. Interiors modelled on ships, this would be very atmospheric. This is done on the Connie to a limited extent but some ships are very poor on interior detail. In particular, the 1st rates which don't even have fu
  9. Wondering if its possible to join the BETA for this?
  10. While not strictly a naval flag, would love for a variant of this to be able to be flown for the British.
  11. I am just starting to get back into the game from the merge from global. I am finding dock space a big problem, I started with 6 ships in dock after the merge and one port down from 4 prior to the merge. I had 7 ships to redeem and the cost to get port slots, expand my warehouse to accommodate items from my ports is bankrupting me. As I understand it this wasn't a wipe so I am at a loss as to why I am being disadvantaged like this vs people who were on the server previously. I had thought the process was essentially just a server transfer without any great loss, but I am finding that I ca
  12. I would be interested in being involved in this. While I am no naval architect I do have some fairly detailed books on it.
  13. This idea of clans taking over ports is a bad one, it will screw over anyone not belonging to a guild and you will lose players. Even those in guilds will tend to migrate guilds to get to ports they want.
  14. I was aware but had no intention of swapping from the EU server and thus it didn't seem necessary. Purely by luck I personally had played on the US server. There was no notification of the change in port battle hours till post wipe which effectively left us without an option to play there. The fact that I was aware of the wipe doesn't mean that I was aware that the EU server would become restricted and essentially unplayable. For my children who don't visit the forums at all (like the bulk of players) there was no notification at all. The posts you mention take no account of this a
  15. I would like to know that from a developer (while I appreciate your taking the time to reply I am not sure who you, are but you don't appear to be anyone with a position with the company) in which case I will cease playing for obvious reasons. This was very poorly handled. A lot of people don't visit the forums and even if they had the restrictions imposed on the EU server didn't appear till post wipe.
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