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  1. I play Naval Action since the alpha and have now a couple of hundreds hours on it. I'm a 100% PvE player, my pleasure is to trade peacefully and fight only when I choose to. Tonight I have been attacked near Saint-Nicholas by an NPC fleet coming from Mortimer Town. Huge firepower as you can see on the screenshot. I escaped, loosing one of my ships. And I immediately get reengaged in OW by the very same fleet, which was about twice my speed. Then I lost everything. Ships, cargo, hours of travel... So my question is: HOW THE hello kitty could a fleet full of Santisima and L'Ocean be able to sail that fast ?! The speed for the fleet is suppose to be based on the slower ship !! @admin Your are asking what players think about this new feature. Well for me here is my answer: This is a deal breaker. This ruine my pleasure to play Naval Action. It must be either removed, or at the very least FIXED with proper stats. Worst update ever.
  2. Ok but then why do I loose points with my LO/WO L'Ocean ? Bonus should be better with % as it is already super-tanky, no ?
  3. Dear Team, I had a Navy Planking on my L'Ocean, which has a 6 Armor thickness bonus. I replaced it with a Cartagena Planking, which has a 7 Armor thickness bonus. However my side thickness downgraded from 101 to 99. Is there a bug with the item description ? If the Navy Planking is better than the Cartagena one, this needs to be fixed (and I would need to change it back). Thanks in advance for your support.
  4. Oye, both servers are still down at this time. Is it a crash (again) or an unanounced extended maintenance ?
  5. I lost around 20k xp that I farmed yesterday to get to next rank, any chance I could get it back? Not sure about the exact amount of XP, but I was leaving the port knowing that I was only one battle away from next rank when the server crashed...
  6. I hope so because I already claimed the redeemables for the last crash... And I spent my afternoon farming xp for my rank !
  7. Oye ! The PvE server just crashed (again) ... What's happening these days ?
  8. I agree. As all the other players this weekend, I lost several hours of trade run due to the server rollback.
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