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  1. Same here. Was fighting an enemy fleet in a LO/WO Vic with various upgrades and was kicked out. Finally got back in 10 minutes later and of course the ship is gone. Would like compensation - F11 report sent (and crash report and connection reports during the outage sent as well).
  2. Once again, we see a stated intention from the devs followed by a policy which achieves exactly the opposite. Stated intention: reduce the price of dubs. Policy: make quality and popular woods (LO, WO) much more expensive to harvest. Effect: everyone buys them from the Admiralty at 3 dubs per log (much cheaper than farming), creating more demand for dubs. Evidence: The price of dubs today is twice what is was a week ago.
  3. How are people supposed to invest in ships if their ships keep changing stats, week after week? This is completely ridiculous. If you want to change the meta, which btw is a completely pointless activity since it will just replace it with a new meta, then at least introduce something new and stronger in order to do so. You're killing the game with all of this constant meddling with the numbers. People need some stability.
  4. it's certainly not true on the PvE server, categorically. You make practically nothing killing Elites for the reasons given above.
  5. The only special guns from those five, plus another one this morning (so now six in a row) were Obusiers or Congreves, and neither of those sell for anything on the PvE server because players recognise that they're actually weaker in combat than standard guns. Obusiers are useful for capping, but not many people are doing that, not least because the Elite AI cheats to the extent that you need at least a 4-to-1 crew ratio to stand any chance even with perfect action selection. Obusiers and Congreves don't sell for more than 5k a piece if you can sell them at all. I don't mind cargo or pa
  6. Given that the game is called Naval Action, not Naval Fedex, how about increasing reals and doubloons rewards for sinking AI ships instead of further encouraging the boring Fedex stuff? I sank five Elite AIs of 1st-3rd rank yesterday, and didn't receive a single doubloon, a single ship note or any worthwhile upgrade and a total of around 70,000 reals for all that work. A single Fedex mission with no risk on PvE and less risk on PvP would have netted me more than that. There should be an increase in doubloons especially, but for combat, not for Fedex.
  7. Yes, definitely; gankers need a bit of assistance, as I understand there are one or two new players still afloat somewhere. Why don't you also propose that any player with less than 6 months longevity or sailing a ship below 5th rate should not be allowed to purchase any guns and should receive constant damage while in the Capital Zone?
  8. I agree; I think this is the most likely explanation. Hitting a magazine a second time is a cheap exploit that you can easily use against the AI; literally the majority of AI fires I cause these days spread and end in fire shock, and in every case it's just because I keep targeting the fire area with cannonballs. The AI doesn't intentionally do it against players to the best of my knowledge, but it can happen by misfortune.
  9. Fantastic, thanks Felix; all seems to be working again now.
  10. Thanks Felix. Unfortunately, I think the acceleration values with different woods in the ship compare are incorrect now (they're certainly different to how they were, and acceleration is now close to zero with some of the heavier woods, which doesn't seem likely). Perhaps worth a quick look?
  11. Excellent, we now have magic and radar in the game. We just need aircraft carriers and flying carpets and the game will be complete.
  12. You obviously didn't bother to read the quote from the dev, who mentioned PvP as a reason for the changes and whose point I was directly addressing. If you think PvP is irrelevant here, I suggest you go and tell them, since they raised it, not me. Why shouldn't the AI be more aggressive? You also obviously didn't bother to read the four or five reasons I gave above either then. Maybe you should spend a bit more time reading and thinking about the substantive arguments and a bit less time just attacking people for daring to voice an opinion different to yours. How is it going to af
  13. Peace server players complaining of lack of peace. 😉 I'll remind you of that when you need to logout but you can't because you were just tagged by the AI. Or you want to do that trade run, but you can't because the AI will sink you. Or you've just bought a new ship and need to take it to the port with your Forge to fit decent guns, but were sunk by the AI on the way. Or you were out hunting in your Wasa looking for a nice 3rd rate to fight and were ganked by a Bellona + 10. Honestly, the number of scenarios in which this is a potential disaster are countless. At the moment, we
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