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  1. Just to return to the original topic, I've now searched 20 ports and ALL Hunt quests of ALL rates at ALL 20 ports were without Gold Chests - CMs and Mission Chests only (this is on the PvE server, for the avoidance of doubt). So they've definitely been nerfed, even if it hasn't made its way into any patch notes that I've seen. An unhelpful change; how disappointing. Search & Destroy quests have also been reduced in availability. Previously I've been able to find quests for all the particular types of ship I want to fight after search through 7-8 ports, having 10 active quests. Presently i have 4 active quests because I simply can't find the other 6 anywhere after searching many more ports than normal. Someone else searched as well and he also can't find any, so it's not just me. So - missions are harder to find, when you do find missions they offer lower rewards, and fighting without missions is more pointless than ever because dubs rewards have been nerfed. So basically, there is less point to even bother to leave port now, since you're not going to be rewarded significantly for taking risks. Of course, there's less reason to stay in port and craft as well, since you've no idea how good that fine ship you've just built will be the following week after all of its stats have been changed yet again. Not that you can craft the best ships anyway, since the new rare woods are more expensive than ever which together with the reduced rewards effectively enshrines wealth in the existing wealthy players and excludes everyone else. So basically, there's just less point to play at all.
  2. How are people supposed to invest in ships if their ships keep changing stats, week after week? This is completely ridiculous. If you want to change the meta, which btw is a completely pointless activity since it will just replace it with a new meta, then at least introduce something new and stronger in order to do so. You're killing the game with all of this constant meddling with the numbers. People need some stability.
  3. If you want to extract reals from rich players - and I'm almost afraid to even suggest this in jest - you could tax them, i.e. each day at maintenance X% of your reals would be removed. Can''t promise it would be popular(!) but it would achieve the desired aim. I get that you want to take reals off rich players and that's fine, but with the seasoned woods it's in exchange for offering the best to only those players. Newer or even long-standing but poorer players aspire to sail the best ships too - it shouldn't be easy but neither should it require literally months of grinding to be able to obtain even one. It's not so much about the practical effect - although it clearly does help a bit - it's always that players aspire to the best ships and you're putting them out of reach for most. Imagine, for example, if you removed Santi permits from all loot and put them on the admiralty for 500,000 dubs each. That's the equivalent of what's happening here with woods.
  4. Then let's hope it's followed by a good example of devs acting on proper criticism to encourage us all to stick to facts and believe that reasoned argument will actually make a difference. That would be a very positive development.
  5. I'd argue that farming HDFs is a necessity too, because you need the wooden chests for port development and season woods. This again goes to the core of what's wrong with recent developments. Players want the best ships - that's entirely natural and in keeping with basically every other game ever created. A year ago at the official release, players could get the best ships by sinking other ships individually, or trading. That would give sufficient gold and silver to get the best woods and craft the best ships. Then PBs were added, first on PvP and then on PvE. Now if you wanted to craft the best ship you had to be in a clan and not just any clan but the clan with the best port or friends with the clan with the best port. Then along came HDFs and now to get the best ships you had to spend hours every day as a clan farming HDFs to get the wooden chests for port development so that you could continue to build the best ships and remain competitive. Then along came seasoned woods at their hilarious 42 hours per log and suddenly you had have a seasoning shed (permit from HDFs only, with separate wood permits from HDFs only), and realistically alt accounts or dlc in order to get sufficient seasoned woods to craft the best ships. To do the same thing - craft the best ships - has become harder and harder, and by harder I mean taking more hours and involving more grind, not actually more difficulty or enjoyment.
  6. The game needs things that players will not like? To ensure that they don't enjoy themselves too much?! I'm genuinely curious: if you know that players are not going to like these things - and can/have elucidated why - but you implement them anyway, is it: (a) because you think that the players are wrong and don't know what will make the game better; (b) that you personally like them and it's your game so it doesn't matter what the players think; or (c) some other reason? I'm honestly puzzled.
  7. You want to tell that to the players taking the demasting exam for the 10th time? 😉 My Elite L'Ocean + 1 yesterday was no picnic either and the epic Santis in the trinc fleets are a challenge even for the most experience players unless there are sufficient numbers. You can always find hard if you're wiling to take risks.
  8. Seconded. I no longer bother to go to the PZ on PVE because the last few times I did I stayed for a couple of hours and there were literally no ships at all that could be attacked in that period of time. I don't have a couple of hours to waste every day waiting for ships to turn up. This is supposed to be Naval Action, not Naval Boredom. So easily fixed as well.
  9. That unfortunately highlights what I believe is the fundamental problem behind almost all of the changes and the game design more broadly. In all games where there is primarily an individual focus - which includes most MMOs such as this one - players expect to do things of varying difficulty and requiring varying amounts of time and get regularly and substantially rewarded for doing so. They want goals - which this game has up to a point - but these goals need to be achievable and there need to be regular rewards along the way. However, the devs for some reason have instead developed a scarcity and difficulty mentality which leads them to think that the best way to keep players is to make things take longer and require more work, while making rewards uneven and variable. Clearly this is wrong, but it seems impossible to get that message through to them. YOU DON'T KEEP PLAYERS BY MAKING THINGS MORE DIFFICULT/MORE SCARCE/MORE UNPLEASANT. Today's hot fix is a case in point. Whereas yesterday new players could have bought at least some rare woods for 3000 reals per log (Malabar Teak) if they were lucky - with the same chance as veterans, today's fix has increased the price to 10,000 per log - beyond the reach of most new players - and by making it contracted has essentially handed them to the richest person (current price: 40,000 reals per log, more than ten times what it was yesterday). Vulnerable new players are screwed once again, and more of them will now leave, all because of a totally unnecessary change. You can just imagine the dev conversation that led to it: Dev A: "People seem to building too many ships with Malabar Teak. We want them to be rare so that they are highly prized." Dev B: "In that case, let's treble the price and put them behind a contract wall so that only people who REALLY want them and are prepared to pay a fortune will get them." Dev A: "Yeah, brilliant idea; that way those ships will be really valuable and everyone will aspire to them and keep playing harder in order to get one." It shows such a depressing lack of insight into player psychology that it's little wonder these poor decisions keep happening. The conversation SHOULD have gone:- Dev A: "People seem to building too many ships with Malabar Teak. We want them to be rare so that they are highly prized." Dev B: "We want them to be highly prized but we also want to make them available to all players with a reasonable amount of effort. We don't want a handful of happy people with the ships and most players feeling like they're missing out or are required to grind even more." Dev A: "Yeah, good point; let's not make them harder to obtain in that case." So many wrong decisions because instead of asking "How can we make it more enjoyable?", the devs are asking "How can we make it harder?".
  10. Oh good, I see in the latest update that rare woods have now trebled in price. Thanks goodness for this subtle and nuanced change; I was getting worried that there wasn't enough grind in the game.🙄 EDIT: Oh and I see they can all now be contracted as well. Excellent, because definitely we should be providing more help to the uber-rich players who are really having a tough time in comparison to all the new players with no money.
  11. indeed. But brace yourself, it's canon "rebalancing" (aka meddling) next. Who knows, maybe Obusiers will take over from Blomes as the guns of choice. I wonder if the devs have ever consider how many tens of thousands of player hours (real hours, from real lives of real people, time they could have spent doing other things) players invested to obtain certain woods only to have the rug pulled out from under them afterwards. It's like waking up and finding that the currency has been devalued and those savings you worked hard for are no longer worth anything. I really hope they eventually learn that continuing to develop a game means adding new things (e.g. ships), refining things like visuals, making improvements to playability or the interface. It does not mean changing core mechanics or even worse core assets that players already own; that's an abusive development practice. The really sad thing is there are SO MANY things that do need fixing or that could be improved, which would have universal support. But there is so much feedback already and most of it is ignored or dismissed even when most of the community feel the same way that there's almost no point in saying it anymore.
  12. I like the spirit of the thread, and of course the devs are on the wrong side of just about every decision which will be little surprise to anyone here, but equally we all know they pay zero attention to what players want in the misguided belief that they know best, so you can expect probably no dev response or else a "nothing will change except things we want to change" response. I can't remember the last time devs actually changed something based on feedback from the community. Still, that's no reason not to make people's views known.
  13. RNG needs loot tables and my feeling is that the loot tables have been nerfed and we've not been told. I've offered evidence and there has been no counter-evidence or even denial by the devs, just claims it's all a run of astronomical bad luck which is patently nonsense. For example:- 1. Based on the previous probabilities, obtained over a period of over a year, the odds of getting dubs from a line ship was something like 3/5. The probability of obtaining none for 18 ships in a row is approaching a billion-to-one, in other words even if played 365 days a year and sank 50 ships each day, it would take on average over 50,000 years to see such an event. I've now seen it twice in a week. 2. I had never before had to visit more than 3 ports which are known to drop Rank 3 Hunt quests to get one which offers a Gold chest reward. Twice in the last week, I have visited a dozen ports and found all Rank 3 Hunt quests not offering Gold chests, before giving up. We can all shout "randomness" and "bad luck" at the top of our voice and find individual instances where we lucky, but evidence is evidence. This is not bad luck, this is a pattern of rewards being nerfed.
  14. Four line ships, four Loki runes, nothing else. This is completely ridiculous.
  15. I'll certainly try it, but items are showing up; there haven't been any with no loot. Just literally none with dubs. My prediction is that when I log out and log back in later everything will be fine again, which would suggest some RNG glitch, but we'll see.
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