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  1. Be quiet Charles. Your bad attempts at writing as an American hurts my eyes... PS - I added to your bounty.
  2. I'll put another $50k on Charles. I can meet you in key West to pay. I play evenings in North America.
  3. Well. Whaddayasaytodat? Will this be a woeful war of attrition? Dutch: Let's make Love. Not war.
  4. Francis Tabernac, such an optimist. Francis for President of the Player's Association!
  5. For posterity sake, 130 French vessels amassed for the operation. While zero Victory were had, the operation was an overwhelming success. Congrats to the Dutch & French alike. As per normal, the facts are the facts.
  6. The rumors are more true than you know, Nakor. I MEAN CHARLES!
  7. For the record, Jean de Leon fought valiantly to the end...
  8. Please, Please... The Jenever was all we were after. Alas, I fear that prior shipments were had in full! We now see your plans in full, allowing said goods to be captured on the eve of battle. -------- In all seriousness, I fought 3 NPC's for 30 minutes before someone finally told me they weren't players (Thanks Steelsandwich). I think the Dutch will be OK...
  9. Delete. Duplicate. I moved it to Good fights thread.
  10. Hmmmmmm. Should get my Muchas Gracais video moved from the Spanish sub forum. It was meant for the Dutch players that blew me up. Good fight Dutch! Very entertaining ALEX SERGANT CPT FRED
  11. It's interesting how is everyone else. There is a very distinct trend with TF and negotiations - and it spans nations. I recommend reviewing the playbook, and maybe trying a different strategy.
  12. Oops.. Wrong forum. Was for Dutch. Lol.
  13. Don't worry Maturin. It's going around. The message is competition changes everyone, but not US (pun double entendre intended!).
  14. Don Cosmé Damián Churruca y Elorza would never suffer an affront on his honor like this. Diplomacy 101: leave a way for the nation to accept with dignity. What do we have here? A public pity poll. Even if they want to accept, you've made it impossible to do so. But hey, your hands are clean now for a killing blow. /RP OFF Long live the memory of Commodore Don Cosmé Damián Churruca y Elorza. The same passion still runs in the blood of his people. Good post.
  15. SPAIN: TAKE THE OFFER. Otherwise US will need to fight Spain, Pirates, and Britain all at the same time, while sending a fleet to Lower Antilles to Support the Dutch...
  16. Ask Boris to drop by tonight to the teamspeak we use sometimes. Ttyl.
  17. Lol, I'll wait for cooler heads to prevail. But for certain, I have them saved on my phone (3 more)... There's always another port, another diplomatic kerfuffle. Prater hasn't turned down the Gazzetta option Edit: couple thousand views and 100 replies (50 of them mine)... Pretty sure the thread is done "developing". Lol
  18. No rif. Just TF honoring their tie to their ally. Maybe... Not sure why everyone is in such a furor!
  19. lol, I couldn't resist. Alright, I'm guilty. Is that what folks need to hear? The meetings occurred. Reference was made, 100%, to sending a fleet down here if no ceasefire is made. I haven't misrepresented anything. Is it a threat? Potatoe, Potato. That's in the eye of the beholder.
  20. I told Prater to PM you directly. He felt inclined to continue attacking me.
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