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  1. So many routes with this... It could be unit based (insert proper word... Guild, naval, company, Clan... Player run group). Especially coat of arms. As with all things, submissions monitored and screened.
  2. Just an idea, no word otherwise. And I wasn't thinking juivi, I was thinking different varietiants on classics. Especially if you're thinking of pirate. It would only really be noticeable by an opponent in a very close quarters scenario (eg, boarding). It is not limited to figurehead, it could be scroll work or coat of arms: "... The last example may well have been the sloop HMS Cadmus launched in 1903.[5] Early steamships did sometimes have gilt scroll-work and coats-of-arms at their bows. This practice lasted up until about World War I... " Source: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fig
  3. I put my order in... Key should arrive Dec 30 if I am lucky...
  4. Where is it that I can see all the navies that will be available?
  5. Grim DeGrim


    Aye, but give the game it's due. Was great. Is still "going" after ~7 years. Naval Action looks like something new on the horizon. Looking forward.
  6. Grim DeGrim


    Hello old friends and worthy adversaries. Naval Action is looking great. To pre-order, or not. Good to see you all GRIM
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