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  1. ^^^ Humm. St. George you say? Interesting.
  2. Humm thinking I was in the wrong navy back in the day. Can't recall the USN ever having that kind of fun. Sure we have videos of singing and dancing at sea, but we never could get the officer of the deck to let a flash mob go down.
  3. If you are worried about what the council is thinking please contact a council member. Attempting to insult or shame the council, members, or the nation via the public forums is not productive. Since the launch of OW Sweden has been a great friend. Sweden has a lot of honorable players and we'd link to continue to have a productive relationship with those honorable capitaines. I am on TS often and a member of the council is normally easy to find. Please talk to us if you are concerned. I can't stress this enough, if you want to hear from the council contact us in the correct manner. Please don't jump to extremes because of the freedom of speech ever naval action player has. Doors should not be closed when options should abound.
  4. Good luck on the meeting. May it be for the good of the NA community.
  5. Good luck with your fleet sirs. RP To be clear, violation of orders lawfully given given by Rue Royale is seen as a treasonable act! You are lucky to have a patron who secured you privateer orders and seals. Regardless of those papers I have requested a bounty be placed on each of your heads. All capitaines and their crews will be hunted and tgis matter will be settled at sea via the court of Neptune. OFF Stop in for a few PUG matches.
  6. Drunk how can anyone craft or test the port content if you have no ports and 1 resource prod sight? Maybe your council was thinking about the EA agreement and game dev first?
  7. You do realize you have pirates and GB on your western front? Why beat sweds to 1 port and ruin the data load for game improvement? Or are you hoping you can get all the Swedish players to go Danish?
  8. come on brother!! It has nothing to do with proving a point in OW. It has to do with the simple fact this is an alpha/beta build game atm. There are things the dev team is still developing and the point of an EA release is to help fund those developments and generate more data to improve the game. To not realize this, and not understand this game is still under a testing status hurts the entire community of all players and nations on all servers. If you do what you suggest you want to do it will result in players leaving the game. France has to many players to be isolated to the island chain you want. There will not be a possibility of crafting for anyone, as resources can't be obtained without buy contracts. You are a part of this EA release, and if you were here, like I was before EA, then please try and understand we are building the best game possible within it's genre. The map will be wiped, and it's not benefiting the community to lose players until that time. Can't generate data or report bugs if the population isn't high to encounter those issues. Please I ask you to understand this isn't about territory for the pretty blue dots, or about saving face when we lost. It's about keeping members in the community pure and simple!!!!! I respect PFK and the position of wanting victory, but not at the cost of players to improve the game.
  9. SLMFr Agrees fully with this, and to PFK, and DWIC. Please understand this agreement had everything to do with keeping players playing and enjoying the game. Total Land, or making a point of defeat was understood by your positions. We were defeated fairly and you'll worked well to do this. To not have room for all players in a nation to enjoy the game content and actually craft ruins it for everyone. Please understand we agree you won, we just want to be able to continue to play and craft, which wouldn't happen if you'll took the entire south. I know it's hard to see it from our side, but a day as a Frenchmen north in our island chains will show you we have maxed out all the production. SLMFr Agrees.
  10. I was saying you don't count only because I was talking about the southern front. I meant no offense to you or your nation my friend. You are correct time heals all wounds, and my wounds heal fast!!
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