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  1. Lovely little newspaper thing, but could you please add a server tag to your thread?
  2. Seen the three players together multiple times after the incident, usually south of vieques and then heading further south,- I'm starting to suspect them of farming eachothers or something of the sort, but I do -not- have any proof of such at all, it's simple -SPECULIATION- on my end. Regardless of the reason behind it all, they still attack green, hindering, ramming, firing broadsides- whatever they can to keep others from taking on that pirate, it all seems highly suspicious if you ask me- And yes.. I tried again two-three days ago, reported it that time through F11 though.
  3. Oh I agree completely with you, and I do believe my examples show that the enemy of the british were indeed far from cowardly- Such as the Zulu for example,- Attacking british red coats armed with rifles, while your own forces are armed with spears and the like most certainly require some balls, if you pardon my french. I agree in regards to insults and accusations, even more so with your last statement- Battling is far more fun than idling. I do however disagree with your real-life losses in this regard, when someone claims such a thing as the 'gentleman' above, then he clearly requires a
  4. Is that a fact? What about these battles; Saratoga, Islandlwana, the battle for the danish straits against Bismarck, Singapore, or even at the Gazala line. How'd all of these go for the british, hm? Saratoga is an excellent example if I do say so myself.
  5. Then I hope you'll have your facts straight the next time you decide to boast of it.
  6. If you have a more efficent way of getting up the ranks than hunting AIs, then by all means- Do let me know, I'll have you know however that I perform my fair share of PvP as well, and a loss is a loss regardless of how you might want to twist and bend it,- and if you lose once, then well- You're no longer on a win-streak.
  7. The 'certainty' of victory have lead to the fall of greater men than any of us gathered here.
  8. I agree completely with that, but one can't very well then claim to have delivered 5+ days of defeat and frustration
  9. 5+ days of defeats and frustration? I have nothing against y'all bickering here on the forums, thinking one or the other is better than others- But at least keep it truthful. Three-four nights ago DRUNK lost at vieques for example- I know that for a fact, and if you doubt me you can ask Reiwok, he was in the battle as well. So yeah- That doesn't seem like 5+ days of defeats and frustrations, certainly not so to me.
  10. So-.. I'd like to claim the bounty that was placed on Reiwok. http://imgur.com/rKuTOwq
  11. Thank you my good man, I'm glad you enjoyed it!
  12. "A frown was plastered along Kommandørkaptajn Pedersen’s face as he looked out across the damaged bow of trincomalee; the bowsprit had been snapped off during the fight the night before, leaving Pedersen’s usually proud “Lady” in illrepair, though he was certainly displeased with the situation, he couldn’t help but feel a touch of pride for his crew’s handling of the ship; there they had been, heading valiantly straight towards a British constitution, guns had called out as thunder, hammering into Pedersen’s Trincomalee, smashing into the bow- some even hit the the fore-mast, nearly bringing
  13. Perhaps so, but my good man- You are guilty until proven innocent!
  14. Good, there's the fighting after all, and then there's the aftermath,- the latter is the most costly and time consuming Glad you enjoyed the read by the way- That's the intention!
  15. Oh please- I'd take two surprises over four Rens any day of the week!
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