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  1. Overhaul of War & Peace mechanics and national relations, pirate role and national alliances. Long overdue, and it will also give more reason chasing around the OS and as such give a meaning to the dull sailing. Not to mention pirate role could really make this game truly unique and interesting.
  2. I really can't see the issue with not having this. Not only was different aids available, sailors of this time had a complete different understanding of sailing wich we can't even use for an aid in this game, such as currents, winds etc. I do think it's beneficial especially for the new players, whatever promotes people to get out there on the OS is good, what limits them limits their experience. For that reason at least make it optional or available as long as you are able to hire fleets. As for the "navigation" as such in the game, there's really no achievement to it, so not implementing
  3. I think you missed his point. For myself as an example, I'm mainly here because I'm interested in the PvP, and as such, the idea of risk-free hauling is a non-issue, really, I'm not out to catch traders. It's not what I expect from PvP, what I expect is fighting other fighting vessels. On top of that, as a player interested in mainly PvP I also support your argument if I understand it correct, that the game should tweaked in some way to increase the chances of PvP, instead of as it is now, where it's basically down to attacking where one expects empty waters and no opposition. If I unders
  4. Look, if some players want more PvP (since that's from where I see this coming, I doubt it's out of concern of people not doing PvP to "miss out" on something spectacular) the solution would be finding ways so that more players tried this game in my opinion. Trying to implement mechanics that will in effect cap your progress unless you PvP might make more players prone to PvP in the future, but I'm pretty damn certain it will make others drop out. As such it's a horrible idea in my opinion, since it's my firm belief it will reduce player retention. Player retention should be the main focus,
  5. His suggestion actually says "requires one-on-one PVP battles at each rank.", so it would be a mandatory thing to level up.
  6. From what I've experienced, PvP gives more XP and as such is a quicker way to level for those who like it. I think that's a pretty good way going about this.
  7. What I wish for is for as many of the new players in this game to stay in this game. As I said, most of us here are seasoned, so this doesn't really concern us that much since we've learnt to handle it. The issue as I see it is what effect it will have on new players. Will they consider it immersive, or will they consider it confusing? One option of course is to have it as optional and then those who want the immersive experience can turn it off, but then the reply always is "others shouldn't have that advantage" (wich is sort of an odd reply though, since someone who claims to be able to nav
  8. This is very true, and I agree that alot of games "spoonfeed" their players these days. Now, this game has another issue, and that is that it's gigantic. If it's going to be dynamic there need to be more players or travel need to be compressed in some way, otherwise the result will be a pretty empty open sea most of the time. While that might have its charm, I do belive one thing this game need to survive is an active OS. That said, considering the huge map, I would figure some kind of more leanient approach would be needed to increase the amount of players that stick around. It's not a
  9. I'm sorry if it came out the wrong way, did see it as a support for the argument and assumed nothing other than that.
  10. I don't understand it as an issue where people want to transport stuff without risk, it's merely a fact that it sometimes require alot of time to haul stuff. As ObiQuiet says, if there would sometime develop trader chains I'm pretty certain not many haulers would argue about it. Now, this interacts with the risk, I belive. I'd wager that haulers have less or no problem with the risk of losing their cargo if the haul is 20 minutes. If they do a haul of 2 hours and lose their cargo, my guess it's not the risk that will break their spirit, but the prospect of another 2 hour haul, wich might end
  11. Well, people do drop out from the game. If it's because of something like this or something else might be up for debate, I do however belive that tedious stuff will make people drop out to a higher degree than challenging stuff. And in fairness, grinding once you reach a certain level and OS travel can be considered tedious.
  12. I think this approach raises problems, really. Although you of course are entitled to your opinion, most of us are seasoned in this game. An approach to this issue is to envision what new players think of it, and how they will react. If new players drop out due to experiencing OS travel as unnecessary difficult to grasp to a start, that's really not beneficial. Topics like this wouldn't occur unless this was an issue. This as well I think supports my arguments. This map would'nt exist otherwise.
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