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  1. No, it is not. Maybe only beginning. The fun had soured with some people's IRL feelings being hurt - by the truth no less. I'll give Prater this: he has taken up the sword on TF's behalf. Adieu Gentlemen, GRIM
  2. Let's not confuss things. I'm not a diplomat. I only report. Go back to original post. Nothing is changed. All remains the same. In the end, we're a 10 man Fleet on good day. Not sure why is so easy to get you guys flustered. Go defend your ally. Sorry for making it public. Typos!
  3. Don't make a fibb'er of of Prater... I will not post our PM's (private messages) here. But rest assured, you make him one.
  4. Nakor is well respected. Though I know you've been itching to say otherwise. Seems like someone has a beef. Care to explain?
  5. By the way, I've 2 or 3 more comics for this topic. They'll have to wait. If you like, I can submit one for your Gazette.
  6. Dodgy. Answer accepted. The truth is transparent. In the end, gunboat diplomacy is all that matters. This is a game of war.
  7. I couldn't wait. This is but one of many. There really is no need to explain it. We know the meeting happened. I know what was said. All a person has to ask is: Why would TF attend a Franco-Dutch ceasefire discussion?
  8. Prater wasn't there either I have the best comic for this when I get home tonight!!! Edit: glad to see you're at least admitting there was a meeting, between SLMFr and DAS, and that!?! TF!?! Was there in attendance. The truth is unfolding.
  9. As I think it through... One snaggle that requires thought : anyone can become a pirate at any time. Theoretically, you could end up with a massive pirate hoard.
  10. I like this. Supports having multiple server setup. You should find the "Defeating a Nation" thread and add this as a viable option. Any Frenchies playing during NA timezone would be greatly appreciated on EU1. Your xp carries over. I'm sure we can provide ships even if you just come for PB's. Maybe we can do the same. Our evening ranks are very sparse.
  11. I accept credit card and debit, and apologies. We'll see your fleets soon. PS - Can you stock Key West with some decent ships?
  12. If TF is lying (again), then yes - this thread could be based on a lie. However, you're the only one that would know that. EDIT - It isn't really TF I'm referring to. I guess that wasn't entirely fair.
  13. If only your statements were true - Louisiana all over again. "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me". The source is very reliable - in fact, I was given strict orders not to talk about it. However in light of the USN/Franco rumors, I felt it was necessary.
  14. I'm a bit unreliable...that's why I'm not brought to such meetings
  15. I forgot to mention the threat as fact. Cease fire or we're coming down.
  16. There are 4 ships that didn't even exist in the game. There's another ship from 1820, and another from 1710... It is the fantasy line up of ships. I'm less versed on the flags, however even they don't line up historically (if what I read is correct...it is the internet after all). I am hurt.
  17. They are only statements of fact: 1. TF sailing fleet to Lower Antilles. 2. You will find no one in your timezone to fight. 3. The Spanish conquest has been that of empty port battles fights. Prater raises a valid point; weekends will offer you some entertainment. Enjoy.
  18. Tattered Flags have threatened to bring a 30 man fleet to lower Antilles if hostility between France and Dutch does not subside. Enjoy the sail down boys. Much like your Spanish conquest, you will find no one to fight in your time zone.
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