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  1. Yes i know what you mean getting a 1st or an 2nd Rate is to easy i would like if you get the admiral rank really hard and only the highest rank could get a 1st rate. and 2nd rank a Pavel and so on would be much more fun and Pirates wouldnt be that bad without 1st and 2nd rates. And Pirates Ships like the frigate should get more crew or stronger or faster. and getting a 3rd rate with renos is not that problem.
  2. tell me 1 Pirate who sail in a 1st rate only 1 Pirate who have done a cap on a Spanish British or French 1st Rate
  3. i guess the Pic is verry self explainend. The dannes use 2nd Acc in Britis to Trag a fleet in. I have seen that 2 Times now in 2 Days(Much more they have done but i dont was in this Battles)
  4. I only need to say if you wnat to start a war WITH US just look at spain. They also start a war with us and now look what happen Good luck with it
  5. Kommt zu uns jeder Deutsche Streiter für King George ist uns Willkommen Wir Rekrutieren ab dem Rang eines Oberleutnants (1st LT). Wir haben eine Gesunde Clan Struktur mit Role Play Elementen Zögere nicht komm zu uns.
  6. you was that? then i need to say sorry for some bad words Was a good work from you In my view it was a good ramm, good speed and a high impact and then bam sea turtle
  7. No i have a half build snow -.- Sure i have a damn battle snow with damn cannons... you dont pay attention i was fiiting a player in pickle and 2 cutter... and he is shooting my sail and my Wood type was Teak....
  8. Look at the Bow and tell me that a cutte wouldnt be fucked up if that ramms you with 9 Kn?
  9. Really? My front crash in his middle i will be the fucked up? no he would breacking and would still floating I mean its a Cutter. And a snow is significant bigger cause its a Brig class. that Fliping is really anoying
  10. i have 3 enemies 89 % sale left so i have choose to ram the AI cause he is in rigging shock and i ramm him get above him he was under water almost complete i have no water in it only a little leak and then i was flipping im sorry for beeing angry first but i was really mad i think you can understand why. he was a good player shoot with his 2 AI my sails and yeah
  11. Guys there was no water on board i was fliping no WATER and no mast is broken on my Ship Nothing only Fliped
  12. I was on Survival and i have no water in my ship i was Turning into the water ... he (the little cutter) flip my bloody Snow. SNOW VS CUTTER the ship is 3 time bigger it would break
  13. I was ramming a damn AI cutter without front mast what dont do anything with 9kn in the middle what happen? yeah right my snow sunk not the bloody cutter. A joke right?
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