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    Why did players leave?

    Too many changes and the development never seems to end
  2. This may not have been what the devs were thinking, but I pretty much equate War Supplies to ground troops. 'Dropping a War Supply Bomb', in my book was the creation and landing of an entire army in the region. Yes, that would pretty much = 100% hostilities in someones neighborhood, no?
  3. Because crafting is what I do, and this is EA; where our objective is to provide feedback IOT try and make the game better for release I want to help make the game succeed, but become disheartened
  4. 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 exceptional Frigates....FINALLY the Ingermanland
  5. 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 exceptional Frigates....FINALLY the Ingermanland
  6. RURickJames

    Fight Club- PvP 2

    Nyurtle et al I briefly discussed this last night with one of the leaders of [CN]. (For those who don't know, nearly the entire Dane-Norge population on PVP 2 are members of CN) He was approached by one of the GB leaders about this. He is interested, but concerned about timezones. CN is made up almost exclusively of players from the Western Pacific, GMT+8 & 9. We thought that perhaps scheduling these events during the weekend would offer the best chance of success/turnout.
  7. RURickJames

    Fight Club- PvP 2

    Perhaps you were not around then, but, if you turn back the clock a month, the Danes were in the exact same position (reduced to 2 ports). Then it seems that nearly all the Swedes & French left the server. The last remaining Danes rebuilt and are basically pushing E/SE until they find players to fight. If there enough French players around to build a consensus, develop a proposal and I'll forward to the Danish leadership. It's only fair, as something similar was done for us in the past by the previous generation of French players.
  8. RURickJames

    Extra Pump requires extra notes?

    Thanks Guess I never noticed, how embarrassing...
  9. RURickJames

    Extra Pump requires extra notes?

    Am I seeing a glitch or is it correct that the Extra Pump module requires 1-5 mid-notes now? All other modules appear to still require the normal 0-4 notes EDIT: It appears Steel Toolbox is now also 1-5 notes?
  10. RURickJames

    Top 10 Age of Sail boardgames...

    This, hands down Plenty of additional material also found in AH's The General magazine
  11. RURickJames

    YEP...another OW rant

    Am I the only one that saw this subtle hint?
  12. RURickJames

    Tuna Missions OP

    I thought you had to execute the Marine Recruit Order first, then this. But I may be confusing it with the Pompano Fish mission.
  13. RURickJames

    PVP2: Continuing Tales of France

    Sir, the use of the pronoun "you" in your original post implied a sweeping indictment regarding port windows across the server. If your original post was meant to be pointed specifically at the British of PVP2, then I apologize and will withdraw from the conversation as I cannot speak to their actions/intent.
  14. RURickJames

    PVP2: Continuing Tales of France

    Please do not be so narrow minded and parochial. People from all around the world play this game. I for one am in Japan and most of the clan I am with are scattered across the Western Pacific. As noted by a few Australians already, your "...only reason to do it..." time frame is right in the middle of our workday