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  1. there are a lot of others things in this game that can be griefed, should be just get rid of everything? like trading?
  2. I also agree, not having a Bank because people can scam is terrible reason for not having it in.
  3. Many people want this but sadly Devs had said they won't put this is till they can figure out a way that people can not scam it.
  4. Once again lots of places use the SS.. not just the Nazi's, like how the Swastika is still used today as it means something completely different than the Nazi one.. They were also not banned for using that SS on their profile, I still do not see evidence of their apparent racism.
  5. I am seeing a lot of fingers pointing but no evidence to back these claims up. If you used F11 like you should when you see something against the rules in global or any other chat in-game these people you claim are racist and make poor jokes would have been banned by now.
  6. I am not seeing any evidence that shows they are racists or them saying SS is associated with Nazi's
  7. Provide evidence of such religious jokes and exploits instead of bashing a clan without evidence.
  8. There are lots of things in the world that have SS as it's abbreviation, just because they have it does not mean it has anything to do with Nazi Germany, really silly that you would get soo offended by such a thing... Politically Correctness has gone too far.. can't even have SS on anything now.. If they are such a racist clan as you claim it to be, provide evidence instead of calling them out without backing it all up.
  9. Press share on the youtube video and then post it in here Like so
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