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  1. the fire The ship taking penalties on handling when on fire would be excellent balance factor and just remove the fire shock to make it not overwhelming RNG on the fired individual. As for undefended ports you can't really do much about that the map is excessively large and the player base is small so its hard to muster a defense the devs really weren't realistic with world size and player population and time, one has to wonder if they expected people to take this up as a part time job like I was/am doing and its just freaking unhealthy. Also alot of players are just far too squeemish about losses and that's just a reality in any game majority of people will always min max if rules aren't enforced and I hope the devs will buckle down and put many thing in place that encourage engagement and losses if the combat is truly enjoyable and filled with pretty flares people will likely find it acceptable, although I imagine time to find an engagement and losing is a turn off too.
  2. Once that server merge was announced people began to evac in great numbers to PVP 1 I'm sure a good amount decided to call it quits for a long while too because the game does get very stale quickly with all the traveling and unwillingness to take risk. They should've never announced that merge in the first place but if I want pvp I can still get pvp on PVP 2 but what I can't do is find others who are willing to take the risk in going in the pvp area go figure. Please remember time zones different areas will likely be more active throughout the week this is an international game with a small pop.
  3. maybe they can make that awkwardly placed Aves a Free port instead
  4. too many, I've already stated to many people I've invested too much time in this game.
  5. Haha hilarious it's a pirate trade mark to be as offensive as possible. I actively choose to not get into spat matches and behave well and ended up having a somewhat balanced talk with a guy who started like that as i slowly blew his mast away.
  6. i'm more interested in the combat itself and siezing some ports at the moment, the player self appointed politics stuff is filled with what feels like melodrama and i just want a team combat game. I'll be happy when some big clan or group of rando players decide to sweep in and fight the french or our guys hit some spot hard that isn't the freaking danes or something, I'm in for fun not to act out the next episode of black sails or game of thrones like a dork.
  7. on the other hand pve has none of this silly backroom politics going on with clans and individuals bickering about who is okay and not okay to attack. Diplomacy patch where are you I want and will probably need you soon, I kind of want the pirates back they made things simple in the south.
  8. totes happy what your clan and all those who tagged with you done but it's not like you can't teleport back to help like i do, sadly now U.S have free reign over louisiana and crafting is going to start getting painful as a result, doable but painful. Although with that area gone us northern folk will have to go back down or come up with a migration plan for another alt area so I look forward to see what happens.
  9. actually during our peak times we could take a freebie, we got enough people up there that can sail rather large ships and craft some suitable deep port ships, but we definitely can't contest them against the U.S i saw their group and that was at like 3 a.m eastern time. I think the french players are going to be forced into the dutch pretty soon unless the pirates choose to stick around for pvp.
  10. worse thing i got was a comment on the recent shootings in france something along the lines of "looks like they didn't get you all" that guy should be flat out banned i'm not even actually french but that's freaking revolting
  11. You folks are way too melodramatic about this stuff, remember that there's 100's of players maybe 1000's playing on different sides not all of them listen to your silly clan leaders. For all we know and it's very likely it's probably a small band of big ships just taking up ports to make the Caribbean uniformly green, as there is very little else for them to do up there and they obviously don't need the crafting space. They got plenty of other areas where pvp would be rich so ya probably a few guys who just want to complete U.S and some easy ports to practice in, friend of mine saw one just one and sunk the guy with little effort so don't worry and if they do come in a horde pack up or resist.
  12. hilarious how that place is still holding
  13. it's theater and I'm loving it on the forums, I do hope I can help stir it up some more haha
  14. So he's a bit crude, some corny light roleplay, and sounds like embellishing a bit, I'm assuming he's getting the hate because he's doing a solid job at port defense but is clearly being too loud about it. Well he hasn't polluted the french channels thus far so I guess I still retain that he's good thing for the french team, although I hope people aren't offput by him I haven't seen him be a dick in nation chat. also that bounty thing hahalirarious I bet slamz is loving the infamy/fame
  15. if they don't know him they will trust me, I ask this cause i play the same server as him and I know he's an avid pvper and he's actually putting up a regular fight all the time. I just don't get this weird hate on him seeming how pirates are the ones that chose to swarm us and he's just playing the game I feel like theres more to it. Heck I was in a clan for a little while someone ran off and thanked Slamz sarcastically for god knows what, I for one am impressed with his little resistance group it's hilarious seeing people angry about him. he's the only player whose name I hear being spouted about places, he's going legendary status at this rate. Also the pendulum will probably swing your right and we will get alot of skilled based or determined players in french side so in the long term it will probably be a good thing for us losing all these ports.
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