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  1. Thank you! This is all I ever wanted :3 Nevertheless, to build upon this argument, physically carrying gold on your ship is increasing risk of the game. And this is not necessarily a good thing. Loosing a ship, loosing a port where you stacked your crafting materials AND gold... you would be able to loose way too much at once, a hit that would most likely put you off of the game. Your gold being untouchable is a safety valve - you got it always, you can rebuild with it, you can rely on it. And you don't need to keep it all in your capital to do it. Another problem with it is... well...
  2. At least read it before answering. I commented on the very way an argumentation should be presented and how a mechanic is justified to exist within a system. There was no extremes, no nonsense, no place for taking sides. I did not call your idea good or bad, I called it wrongly argumented. Your answer leaves it unlikely that one could expect a proper answer, though. The shear amount of loaded questions and begging the question you commit by itself is stunning. Please, rethink the way you try to debunk other's posts. "I bet you don't even lift" is always a number 1 way to make yourself a la
  3. Sigh. When will people learn this is never a valid argument? Keyboards and mouses just doesn't fit with the era of gameplay. For cryin out loud, the word gameplay just doesn't fit with the era of gameplay. Your post is not period viable either. Should forums be hard-modded, so that everyone who does not post according to ye oldie rules is banned? Should we switch to mailing lists, and I don't mean e-mailing? Would that be either fun or efficient? Something being or not being 100% history accurate is never an argument by itself. How this accuracy does or doesn't affect gameplay,
  4. Learn to read. I'm done. It's pointless to try and give you arguments, when in turn you "debunk" them with "it won't because it won't!". All this time you failed to answer to the first argument of my first post. In meantime, you created a super-idiotic strawman of monetary value - and now you even talk about "buying things in game with real world money". Your whole proces of argumentation relies on juxtaposition of words used by your opposition until you can debunk an iteration - nevermind it was never used in the argumentation. It's pointless. You keep arguing with things you imag
  5. I never mentioned in-game prices. Try again. You managed to completely misread my whole argumentation yet again. I would think it was my fault explaining it, if not for the fact you used a comparison I made and pretend this was my argument in the first place. A mistake that I already pointed out for the other guy. In bold. BOLD! Seriously, this is getting stupid now. I'm reading your posts, even though it's pointless - as you seem to completely ignore mine and guesstimate what I wrote. If you want to take part in the discussion, reading other side's arguments is part of it you cannot s
  6. Then please, debunk what I wrote before. Be my guest. Go for it. "Na-ah!" does not work as an argument.
  7. Sigh. I used that metaphor to make it easier to understand why non-linear increase in LH amount will cause a non-linear devaluation of said LH... NOT to say that LH = money in real world. I am staggered how you could even take it that way. Do you honestly, really believe I meant LH are equivalent of real world money? I specifically pointed that out. I have also never, ever mentioned anything that could mean my comment is about in-game money. And then you go out to say... ... even after I specifically pointed out that this is a bad idea because it punishes lower levels.
  8. Because balancing. I wrote that already. You balance top down. Introduce a change that increases amount of LH for high level crafters = increase LH prices of everything to balance it out = high level crafters remain balanced = low level crafters remain with the same amount of LH as today, but the prices have risen = low level crafters can craft less. It's like real world. You say - "Hey, let's start printing all the money with 2x the value on them!" and then are surprised that prices went up. Your reasoning is - if the country prints 2x the money, everyone can buy 2x the stuff. But it
  9. I would say ability to group up and lynch people out of the game is way over the "votekick abuse" issue. With all due respect, what you propose is purely inept.
  10. Sigh. There we go again. Since any balancing in a system is done top-down (according to max level, comp scene etc), adding more LH to high level player will have no effect on their ability to craft - i.e. the balancing will be adjusted to account for the fact. This means the change would be felt by the lower levels, as they would suddenly be able to craft less and - even though it can be adjusted too - level up slower. In effect, your idea leads to slowing down of low level crafting, while does not affect the high level one. And I don't think there is any reason to slow down crafting a
  11. Don't play EA games. Ever. You report bugs for them to get fixed, not to get "please forgive us, here's cookies" e-mailes over each and every one. And if you cannot stand it - DON'T PLAY EA GAMES. You're acting like a child.
  12. The only thing to stop people from deleting wrong outposts is to remove the ability to delete outposts. Chill out on the "warning upon warning upon warning". So yeah, you had 57 confirmation windows and you managed to fail anyway. Congratulations to you, please, don't request any more confirmation windows, you proved you don't read them anyway.
  13. The only proof you can get is personal confirmation. At this point you report with right click on the name -> report and you're done. Reported as an attempt at witch hunt and public lynch. Nothing good can come from this.
  14. How? "It's easy" doesn't really describe it too well.
  15. You could as well forbid wearing jeans while playing. Good luck executing that rule.
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