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  1. Galileus

    Please Explain This

    Oh boy, oh boy... If a child needs to be given a stepping ladder to compete with an adult in a basketball throwing contest, what is flawed, disregarding obvious answer of the contest itself? The ruleset of basketball? The stepping ladder? Or the child? Yes, it is the child. The child is too small, thus flawed, but it is cheaply employable and available in huge amount. The child, as flawed as it is, does not need to eat a lot and needs barely any rest, making it a perfect fill for a testing chair. The child is necessary, as flawed as it is. Does it mean ... well... everything is flawed, since the child is flawed? Like, dunno, toilet paper - the child does not use? NO. Hell no. Why would that even be a bullet point is beyond me. It's extremely silly to say so. The AI-child is flawed, obviously, if for nothing else then for inability to not be AI. It's an AI in a guessing game, in a game of mind reading, an algorithm that lacks both the ability to guess and a mind of its own. Of course the AI needs to be adjusted to be used alongside such a game, and such adjustments can as well be broad and unfair. This is temporary form, necessarium only to avoid yet another flaw, that being the human testers' fault of being too tempted to not use the easy way out. Simple and absolutely normal. And since we disregarded the silly statement of "if AI cannot do it, it's flawed" (honestly, WTF?), the second part falls apart of its own. Even then, if we replaced the first argument with something sensible, the statement holds no water. Why would a certain fault be automatically translatable between AI and a player? If a system can be gamed by a player, does that mean AI will automatically game it too? And if AI lacks the ability to fake guesswork, does that mean players posses similar perfect computing power and information access? Hell no. Again, why would that make any sense? I agree boarding needs a lot of discussion, a lot of explanation and a lot of work in general - for both devs and testers. But throwing around tantrum-like accusations that make no sense serves that not. It makes water murkier, it makes it harder to actually reach the problems and see the faults for what they are.
  2. Galileus

    Alternative to Cannon Grind

    I was just told to "step down from testing due to lack of constructive feedback" by a guy whose feedback is "why u take our NA:OW money!", "I feel betrayed and don't believe your promises" and "I wish they listened more". Which, let me explain - as my ability to believe in the alleged intelligence of human race is hurting now - is a feedback based on emotion, lack of knowledge and insight and generally the very opposite of constructive. So yeah, im disappointed in how OW turned out. Sucks to be me, but I knew this is something that can happen when I signed in. There was no foul play, there was nothing to call out "broken promises", the game just went a different way than what I would want. Happens. Might be sour, but there is no bad blood. For what GL presented, I have trust in their ability to present solid mechanics and their implementation. Ain't calling names or pulling betrayal screams outta my bag. Especially since one of the very first things they clarified is that NAL does not pull resources from NA:OW. Which is the no-foul consideration I needed. Studios work on multiple games, is what is. And when it comes to NAL? I might be weary, was burned once expecting something else (again - my own fault, that), and with free invite I have no reason to stress over it. NAL is something I might be very interested in, depending on how it shapes out to be, so I take my time, keep my distance and engage in discussions where there is actual discussion. What I do not do is call out my distrust, do not scream "mistakes were made!", do not raise fires over things that are to be expected of EA - because I expected them when coming in. I do not dictate priorities, I do not pretend this is something I am entitled to shape, I mostly just bash assholes who do. Take my time, see how it shapes up. Because if I felt like doing all that? Was the "perfect tester", har har, feeling like screaming how I don't like everything about the dev cycle, how I mistrust the devs, how A should be done now now NOW because reasons or fail? If I felt anything like that, I wouldn't be here in the first place.
  3. Galileus

    Alternative to Cannon Grind

    "I bought an EA and it went a different way than what I wanted, so now Im going to be grumpy and act betrayed" And just to clarify, I'm disappointed in what NA turned into as well. But hey, I bought an EA and it went a different way than what I wanted, so...
  4. Galileus

    State of the game.

    The go read the wiki. There is a forum section for that too. There is youtube. If you're going into EA game and expect it to hold your hand, you're doing it wrong.
  5. Galileus

    Alternative to Cannon Grind

    You are not a customer. You did not buy NAL, you got invited. Yes, you can call EA an EA when it has microtransactions. Its a shitty EA, and its an EA still. Why the hell wouldnt it be? There are no new players. Its a closed EA. This game is not finished.
  6. Galileus

    Alternative to Cannon Grind

    Yes, now I get it. Thanks for clarification! It's EA.
  7. Galileus

    OK...You got me

    Then wait for release. Im sorry to say, but game being in EA is a reason for you not to spent time in it to avoid re-grind, not the other way around.
  8. Galileus

    Alternative to Cannon Grind

    Yeah, I'm lost ^^' Sorry
  9. Galileus

    Alternative to Cannon Grind

    Doesn't need to go into extremes. Best players, most incompetent players... If we acknowledge underpoundage (is a word now) gets you to learn, that is still a problem. Guys in 24pd connies already learned. The playground is flat after that, the learning factor has no impact. Mathematically. For "gun grind makes you learn" to be a balancing factor, you would need to unlearn whenever you move up. You dont. Guys with bigger guns learned too.
  10. Galileus

    State of the game.

    Im sorry, you "predicted" that playerbase will go down? Do you predict dinners and sunsets too? I mean, come on. It's a closed beta. You're trying to "fix" it being a closed beta. It's not a bug. No need fixin'. And honestly You might want to clarify and specify it to arena-vehicular-fighting games or some, though even at that narrow a scope you still will probably be wrong.
  11. Galileus

    State of the game.

    Because you get only one shot at a release, and wasting it just to have numbers be bloated for no actual gain is insanely stupid. Closed beta with old victims included is as safe as they come, open beta means you get under a lot of scrutiny and if you missed your chance you're living with a stigma till the end. I will repeat what I say every time - don't want to play closed beta, don't play it. It won't open up just because you want it to open "cuz gameplayz 'n funzies". The failure is not in the dev cycle, the failure is in you inability to curate your own expectations. At that point, you should think twice before calling others out on "adolescent rage".
  12. Galileus

    State of the game.

    TILL THE RELEASE. What is getting absurd is you crying in every possible topic about something you have no say in. This game is closed EA. You want it to be open. You don't get to decide that. It's not your call. The fact that you're not having fun? Ain't reason enough to change plans and dictate dev cycle around it. It's closed EA. There won't be players. Don't like it, don't play it. INB4: "But I dont like playing in closed EA so this is making me like the game less so make it open cuz I WANT TO HAVE FUN and damn your dev cycle!" ;_;
  13. Galileus

    OK...You got me

    People are already gaining an increased amount of XP compared to what is expected out of full game.