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  1. After reading all 19 pages more or less, i am gonna post my opinion on this subject here, too. I am not part of any swedish clan and in the beginning opposed the peace deal made by the big swedish clans. But soon i understood that this peace is necessary for our nation to grow and prosper without being reduced to one port. DRUNK says that the peace treaty with the danes prevents them from doing certain PVP actions against the danes. Yes, true. But you know what? Yo can do these PVP actions that you currently cant do against the danes (PBs, attacking player traders, etc) against the dutch. Danes, Dutch, who the fuck cares who you are attacking? PVP is PVP. So there is absolutely no legitimate reason for DRUNK being rogue, so i support the opinion of Hugo that they are just trolling. Also, its not the "majority", its the MAJORITY. Forum, nation chat, everywhere i see more support for the peace deal than against it. Horrible idea. I am a clanless player who does PVP and this would force me to join a clan, which i will never do.
  2. Ohhh.... sry, the game told me you guys have ports near the Danes. So i thought you were able to attack the Danes from the other side when their entire fleet ws in Sweden and France. But the game must have lied to me then... oh welll...
  3. Hm... France turns against Britain? But why? Britain has been such a good ally to France and us Swedes, they helped us defend against the Danes and... Oh wait.....
  4. Many people here know im a very patriotic swede (ingame, not real life, im german in real life) but even i see that we need this peace to rebuild. So if I am able to accept this peace, everyone else can too.
  5. And yet we only captured 4 ports that bday and not 12. And no, it wasnt the 2 strongest nations at the game at that time. It was france and britain, britain being the strongest, yes, but france is most certainly not one of the strongest factions of the game. And the fight was still fair, because at that time you already had massive 3rd rates, while we at that time had sooooo few 3rd rates.
  6. Its fun how the danes consider themselves a minor still..
  7. Where have you been when the Danish and Dutch steamrolled us and France? And now you want us to start fighting again? You fucking kidding me? In my eyes, you guys are just selfish and thats it. I see the brits now as an enemy.
  8. Ask Sweden. We wont get anytime soon near that magical 25 3rd Rate mark.
  9. Just let it be like it currently is but add that your nations members can join your fight once an enemy entered it.
  10. I did not want to give these ruskies, äh... i mean Danes this port without a fight. So i took my Cerberus and joined the PB. I was so sure i could kill them all but sadly these cheaters used aimbot and god mode so they won. But it was really close! I swear! I died with honour! http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/322376165605997270/1860E6934706BF14C456A9C47E0A8BC9CBDC9E0C/ No swede should surrender to these filthy danes! I will fight until the end of days.... or until i need to farm money and xp again.
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