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  1. Wish economy missions would NOT be added to the journal...pain in the azz deleting them. Also add FLEET indicator/warning to show you have fleet ships. Annoying when you enter a battle/mission and realize you didn't detach your trader ships.
  2. Leopard 4th rate added (at least in api). 15k side HP, 450 crew, 24lb lower deck. Expect changes to specs before we see it in game.
  3. Just as good as F11...worked fine.
  4. Hi Felix

    What great work you've done...I used it 1000 times!

    As I have spent many hours in my Naval Action Explore.ods project I wonder if they will continue the API json uploads?

    Any idea?


    1. Felix Victor

      Felix Victor

      No idea, but I hope so.

      Btw: your tool is great ^^

    2. SS Minnow

      SS Minnow

      ty guess well have see - o7

  5. Make it simple...take BR completely out of the equation. Just settle on the join timer limit. Don't make us do math and ask a dozen hypotheticals.
  6. The ROE are not clear. I have not seen anyone that can explain them perfectly. Players ask this every day and there is no link to refer them to. Perhaps they are too complicated ATM.
  7. The US can not defend its coast, no less the capital. A BR difference of 1.5 does not help us any when the guys attacking want us to 3 vs 1 them anyway. We aren't going to get 25 ships in the first 2 minutes either...its broke. Either try different formulas for the ROE or just scrap all ROE. We might be able to defend coast / capital with no timer or BR limit. BTW we don't like to do math either.
  8. Just checked, and this is true - 50k is the max price. We checked all ports the first day of the patch and it was either LO or WO used to be 75k...now its changed to 50k. Not sure that helps much with that price per log.
  9. @admin Could you please clarify if the intention is to have a maximum of 10 missions (battle missions + economy missions = 10 max). We are unsure if economy missions can be deleted and still get the reals and doubloons rewards upon delivery. Yesterday we tested deleted cargo missions and found doubloons not being paid, only reals paid. So it is strange. Should we test again today? Preliminary feedback: I believe the intention is to have doubloons worth approx. 100 reals. The doubloon rewards have gone down and the real rewards way up, so that seems like the correct method. Doubloon costs for buildings, ship crafting, clan econ missions, etc. did not seem to change at all. Maybe the doubloon costs should be lowered a bit. For example, I think it costs 75,000 doubloons for 5000 WO logs (or 15 doubloons per log). That would be 1500 reals per WO log. Does that seem too much? The delivery missions seem to pay a disproportionate reward compared to delivering trade goods. I would bump up the consumption prices and maybe lower the delivery rewards a bit.
  10. Second Update: Clanmate volunteered (thx to Evil) to test again. He deleted his delivery mission and then delivered the cargo to Marsh. Doubloons were not paid, reals were paid. @adminThis confirms the bug occurs when you delete your delivery mission beforehand I believe. We also tested doubloon missions from yesterday that were deleted. This bug does not affect eco missions that were deleted yesterday before the patch. Players that delete their delivery missions will be disappointed that no doubloons will be paid...so don't delete your missions until this is addressed.
  11. Ty for testing. I guess we still need to delete the mission before delivering the cargo to see for sure if that is the bug.
  12. Update....a clanmate just completed the mission and was paid both reals and doubloons. They went directly to his chest. As i said i only had 239 in my chest. The only difference is that I deleted my mission after taking it to make room for more. He did not delete his mission.
  13. no it disappears for the player that took it, but remains for someone else to try it
  14. No, only had 239 in the chest. We will retest the mission to get all screenshots.
  15. Just tried a delivery mission (clanmate screenshot the mission). Sailed from Truxillo to Turneffe. Reals were paid but NO DOUBLOONS. Others have tested and received both rewards but at a friendly port. Maybe the delivery to enemy closed ports is bugged.
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