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  1. Only other idea I had was to shrink the attack circle so it equals 400m in the battle instance(little more than effective shooting range). Player that was attacked can leave instantly when no attacker is within 400m. Wouldn't this force the griefing ship to stay within firing range of the griefed ship?
  2. If more interaction with the Admiralty was introduced (lets call it your Admiralty Report) this may provide a means to discourage griefing and encourage risk. Make a table of PVP actions that improve or detract from your standing with the Admiraltly. If you overcome great odds in PVP battles, you get rewarded in some way. If you do cowardice things, your standing with the Admiralty gets degraded. Maybe you even lose Rear Admiral
  3. Try to remove artificial game mechanics like circle of death. Don't like the idea for OW battles.
  4. Some good ideas here. Along these line, can we do this? Join swords only. No circles. Battle stays open indefinitely until everyone leaves (or some timeout alg) Wind and Weather in battle instance same as open world (find a way to do this) Escape must be possible (traders, damaged ships no repairs left). Eliminate tagging timers (I tagged him, is he tagged?). Use distance from nearest enemy. Exit point in battle instance must be projected to open world coordinates (find a way to do this). Eliminate invisibility mechanic. Suppliment hostility missions. When an OW battle starts in the hostility zone of a port, it will now stay open indefinitely as described in 2.
  5. SS Minnow

    Re-imagining Old Mechanics for New Port Battles

    Would using war supplies to change/skew the Port Battle BR be a potential use for them? I like the shore parties and economic suggestions. Manning forts again maybe? Keep the ideas coming!
  6. Here's an updated Loot Table Summary Loot.pdf
  7. Musket changes from the past two revisions are here: musketsBA-29.pdf
  8. SS Minnow

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Any suggestions for a Part Tres? US wants to send less experienced players to try PB...our few old vets likely would not win anyhow. We tried to come up with a new ship lineup (2 Santis)...so hard to find US players with 5 slot santi, 3rd Rate, Pavel, Essex. So in the interest of keeping us interested in trying this again, and maybe helping develop the RVR game, do you have any suggestions?
  9. The implied goal is to make the ship useful for at least some purpose. I dont want to see all the focus be on balancing the side HP, thickness and speed so it equals the aggememnon or constitution. Make each ship as different as possible but tailored to having an advantage at a specific role. For example, the US coast guard might include a wappen with the fleet to just handle the boarding if we were able to de-crew a line ship and wanted to capture it. Its more efficient than bringing a lineship with our patrol maybe. I also wanted to point out that the devs introduced internal structure (center bar) which gives us another adjustment yet to be used...its all set at 50% side HP for every ship....why? Lets try to be specific and give numbers...its more helpful and better understood.
  10. Since the wappen is wide it would be relatively slower and turn better as it currently does. The Wappen feels weak and under-crewed and seems to be missing a unique feature since it looks so different. I would think the Internal Structure should be more than 50% x side HP since the ribs span a wider distance. Make the Internal structure = 65% x side HP. An Aggememnon has about 500 / 538 gun crew. The Wappen has 470 /560 gun crew. Add at least 60 crew to fix gunnery balance. The Wappen has 4 decks which gives it an advantage in boarding. Consider giving it a boarding readiness bonus of 50 / 100. Adding the 60 crew for gunnery + 30 more crew for more boarding advantage. Increase the Cargo Hold from 748 to 1100. This will increase the speed about .3 knts. This will make room for carrying loot taken from 1st rates and make it easy to carry lots of repairs without losing much speed. The Christian VII may need similar adjustments once we get to that subject.
  11. Here is the trader (class8) loot: Class8Loot.pdf
  12. Looks like the AI trader (class 8) loot ranges from 600 to 7000 doubloons. Here's the doubloons loot summary for all RNG. DoubloonsLoot1.pdf
  13. The mission chest loot has changed apparently...some new upgrades I haven't seen before also (no new upgrades). The UI looks great...so much smoother and faster. I notice better frame rate and overall smoother appearance in OW as well. Here's the loot table for mission chest 1 before and after: MissionChest1-before.pdf MissionChest1-after.pdf
  14. One major game mechanic I would like to see explored in an upcoming patch is the limited focal points we have in aiming (100m, 250m or infinite). Is this limited focal point selection based on historic gunnery aiming protocol? Would it be possible to add more increments or even use the mouse wheel to scroll the focal point distance? Wouldn't the gunnery sergeant call out a target area on the ship to focus on? It would be more rewarding for the player to execute their intentional target instead of always compromising on the 'closest' focal point selection.
  15. SS Minnow

    Better Ships for All!

    I believe that the DLC ships are a problem still since you can just redeem one every day where you want it and proceed to have fun (with no cost) sinking ships of players struggling to make a decent ship. No work done, interferes with balancing development. DLC ships would be a nice blueprint idea, but not a redeemable every day where you want it and have instant ship ready. It defeats the rest of the game implementation. If I was a skilled developer struggling to make deadlines, I would not complicate the game theory with DLC until I proved the game was balanced and ready....but I'm not a skilled developer.