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  1. really,really liked this game.much better than NA(1500 hr) .could fight and not loose your boat.can't wait to see it return.
  2. b.westall

    can't craft tric

    thanks for the rapped response
  3. b.westall

    can't craft tric

    i have 5 but none in ctown your saying that the total number of ships count . so if i destroy 1 i'll be able to craft.
  4. b.westall

    can't craft tric

    i'm in c town no ships in port ,when i try to craft a tric it says no room in docks. any ideas ?
  5. I tried to make a character on the eu server it told me i would lose everything so whats up with that!
  6. b.westall

    General Comments

    thanks for the update I thought it was me or my computer
  7. when do the officer perks take effect ?Is it right away or is there a lag.
  8. b.westall

    O W coordinates

    was wondering if you folks could put map coordinates on O W ,would make things a lot easier than switching back and forth. thanks
  9. What does the X mean in chat?
  10. No traders HUGE fleets instead and the npc's never miss.what happened?
  11. b.westall

    trading between capt.

  12. how do you exchange goods and or ships when in port
  13. How exactly do you claim a sell contract? Do you have to make a corresponding buy contract?
  14. b.westall

    How do I get rid of rank

    Want to start over as midshipman tried uninstall but nothing seams to works