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  1. Always enjoyed IIN8II content, looking forward to help him
  2. ...Pagan Pete went without a rope necklace (Hello Potato). Hello
  3. Oh my, send this one straight to the Admins office!
  4. Mate, that's not a Russian ship in the photo. That's the HMS Duke of Wellington https://www.google.dk/search?tbs=sbi:AMhZZit4GtFjSwqaCatKSsGwFETfvSazDIe775yadE5saxKS_1oEfK4UGsa71HXQOFpmPftVsTZPFPJQOaLoVIh8k5zB8r3nBAWbVZbgOzRKbBbB7QCtmaKXinZIU2bD99XuPgfg4vh1MySxkAurfAn0d8lwCRmynnW3pucr54FbaO-G1qN55IO7Fd3NkhEPQydAFo4l10LAVEy6UQhnb2gTvXphshKwvONIPWelo10uUeQXKSi_1kpIpx4W5ufgSg23_1mnz82A4Wzo9jdSWSM5QRNTAqpyLMbc_1KuLe1OE0nlG59J4Ut1LT8ARsnfRLfCcQgzoHqNcZdMBuUlqxDSPFev7FphH-yYJTeHIB0TtC2Z2C8O8AK0Vq8JKRzgLMOSuXXYc0kY11QodoPnljwy3g8tuw9VlN4Ajku6HZ9A7PI-J2QB3wlxew6KtL2bYPyU1vLRmLpf3Obn49lTe5tCQRtfI1
  5. Bah! You filthy peasants! Look at what a real Danish MAN can do. P.S, had to go make a video for you all. Took me around 1 hour 30 mins... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trU8PpfVHHU Rainmeter for the hexes. DreamScene for the desktop (wmp video files only) And a custom Windows Start screen button found of Deviant Art. About a days work.
  6. When I get the time I'll definitely be making an Icon... and perhaps also some inspiration.
  7. Don Alvarez was delighted to see his friends sink
  8. ''7. Those tiny front-LED cables.'' As someone who can't read 10cm in front of him, I can totally relate... Sure, there's a manual, but you can't f*cking see anything in that either! I called a mate over to read it for me...if only my motherboard has one of these.
  9. As a Dane, I'm highly offended by your totally not biased reviews
  10. EA... A game like this shall never be compared to such... Just don't please.
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