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  1. Always enjoyed IIN8II content, looking forward to help him
  2. ...Pagan Pete went without a rope necklace (Hello Potato). Hello
  3. Oh my, send this one straight to the Admins office!
  4. Mate, that's not a Russian ship in the photo. That's the HMS Duke of Wellington https://www.google.dk/search?tbs=sbi:AMhZZit4GtFjSwqaCatKSsGwFETfvSazDIe775yadE5saxKS_1oEfK4UGsa71HXQOFpmPftVsTZPFPJQOaLoVIh8k5zB8r3nBAWbVZbgOzRKbBbB7QCtmaKXinZIU2bD99XuPgfg4vh1MySxkAurfAn0d8lwCRmynnW3pucr54FbaO-G1qN55IO7Fd3NkhEPQydAFo4l10LAVEy6UQhnb2gTvXphshKwvONIPWelo10uUeQXKSi_1kpIpx4W5ufgSg23_1mnz82A4Wzo9jdSWSM5QRNTAqpyLMbc_1KuLe1OE0nlG59J4Ut1LT8ARsnfRLfCcQgzoHqNcZdMBuUlqxDSPFev7FphH-yYJTeHIB0TtC2Z2C8O8AK0Vq8JKRzgLMOSuXXYc0kY11QodoPnljwy3g8tuw9VlN4Ajku6HZ9A7PI-J2QB3wlxew6KtL2bYPyU1vLRmLpf3Obn49lTe5tCQRtfI1
  5. Bah! You filthy peasants! Look at what a real Danish MAN can do. P.S, had to go make a video for you all. Took me around 1 hour 30 mins... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trU8PpfVHHU Rainmeter for the hexes. DreamScene for the desktop (wmp video files only) And a custom Windows Start screen button found of Deviant Art. About a days work.
  6. When I get the time I'll definitely be making an Icon... and perhaps also some inspiration.
  7. Don Alvarez was delighted to see his friends sink
  8. ''7. Those tiny front-LED cables.'' As someone who can't read 10cm in front of him, I can totally relate... Sure, there's a manual, but you can't f*cking see anything in that either! I called a mate over to read it for me...if only my motherboard has one of these.
  9. As a Dane, I'm highly offended by your totally not biased reviews
  10. EA... A game like this shall never be compared to such... Just don't please.
  11. AMD Athlon 760k Black MSI r9 270 2gb 8gb DDR3 1666 Run the game around 40fps on high at 1920x1080
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