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  1. So the economic patch is coming soontm, and everyone is excited about it. I figured therefore that this would be a good time to revisit this topic and maybe update a few things. We've seen the introduction of the Americans. What can we say about them as a faction? What are their ships like? And their sailors? Would this be a good choice for a new captain? Well, the Americans are difficult to define. But should you make the decision to join them you will be sailing for hours from their ports (reputed to be somewhere "way up north" but I've never been) just to catch sight of anythi
  2. Added all ports from the coast of Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, Mexico and the Texas Coast to west of New Orleans. Mapped by the Dutch Antilles Squadron
  3. Personnel Moving on, let's talk about your fellow captains and the people who will make up your crew. You'll be spending a lot of time with these people. In the case of Great Britain, France, Sweden, Denmark and Norway, Spain, The Pirates and The Neutrals this time will usually be spent in uncomfortable quarters - rowing away from burning wrecks in lifeboats, manacled together below decks on some prison barge in the sweltering Caribbean heat, etc. For the prospective Dutch Republic Captain the accommodations will be far more opulent and voluminous, but it's still important to selec
  4. I didn't want to include the American faction in this overview, as they are Not Implemented Yettm. When they are included I look forward to giving them the kind of insightful, unbiased coverage you have come to expect. Thus far we have covered the factions in a macro-view. Let's start really digging into the subject matter so that captains can get a better understanding of their options and thus can make a more-informed choice. Let's start with what is of paramount importance to any naval officer: Ships. What ships can you typically expect to command in the service of the country o
  5. Additional information concerning some of the locations in the Netherlands Antilles: 1 2 3 4 Previous Next ARUBA OUR BEACHES TripAdvisor.com recently named Eagle Beach one of the top ten beaches in the world. THE SUNSHINE Aruba has the most of sunny days of any island in the Caribbean making for the perfect Beach Vacation. THE WEATHER Located below the hurricane belt in the southern Caribbean, Aruba has 82-degree days year round, refreshing trade winds and low humidity contributing to the Best Caribbean Vacation. DIRECT FLIGHTS To enjoy your best Caribbean Vacation, y
  6. Gentlemen; As we are on a hiatus from the Open World, and as hopefully many more captains will join us in the coming days, it is perhaps a good time to discuss the various factions, and their positive and negative aspects. It is important that new captains be given a fact-based and impartial overview of the military, political, geographical, and social characteristics of the various factions. This thread will serve this purpose. So without further ado, let us get on with the overview: Great Britain (England, Britain, whatever): Worst people ever. Terrible food. Have you eve
  7. Just a suggestion as to great music to accompany the sailing on the open world - and perhaps nation-specific music in ports as well. Add your own thoughts. To me this is a perfect sailing companion, and as it is violins, it certainly captures the Aubrey/Maturin feeling. I've heard a few different recordings of these concertos, but this one is my favorite. http://www.amazon.com/Violin-Concertos-Antonio-Vivaldi/dp/B0009IFF08/ref=sr_1_12?ie=UTF8&qid=1431111509&sr=8-12&keywords=Vivaldi+Concertos+for+4+violins
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