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  1. i've had dry spells long before the most current patches with no 3/5's (weeks)
  2. i disagree that compass wood ruins the economy... when a player in a 3rd can make money faster doing missions or clubbing AI... At least this leaves those of us traders/crafters with a way to make good coin.
  3. It should be removed... if u want to play as pirate make that decision upon creating your character.
  4. It would be nice to be able to see all the posts Admin or any other devs/mods have made recently without having to do a search.. Much akin to WOW's forums any chance of that feature being added?
  5. SKurj.

    players mistake

    1 way slide to rats needs to be done away with.
  6. wow.. thats a big hammer swung with this patch.. as far as npc captures go, its sort of what I have been thinking all along, though perhaps just a little heavier handed (i'd be fine with npc 6th rates being cappable) Not sure about the fixed npc prices of products... but just like most of this patch I am going to havr to reserve judgement until i get to play it!
  7. Had lots of luck on drops... made a belle poule the other day, just 2 notes.. it dropped the trinc, essex, and le gros bp's.. From all the frigates and belle's on the market (on PVP1 at least) lots aren't having similar luck.. but bp's on the market seem almost worthless.. don't quite get it... Santi, vic bp's lol almost can't give them away...
  8. This creates a way to duplicate ships.. no
  9. but not for all.. only some players seem to be affected
  10. Last thing I want to see is faster OW sailing, lots of top down speedboat sailing games out there go play one of those.. I would settle for a compromise for teleports, or some form of fast transport perhaps between regional capitals..
  11. Don't agree with the poll.. allow capture, remove ability to sail captured AI ships above 6th rate, allow the ability to sail all ships captured from players.
  12. the new le gros is one of the better looking ships in the game. The colours are not as 'perfect' as some of the ships which adds to its more realistic appearance.
  13. gros confirmed from bellepoule, inger confirmed from frigate
  14. no there aren't... when level 35 is required to craft hi grade notes, no players who wish to craft will want to stop at lvl 35 just to build notes.
  15. multiple accounts are even more useful now with recent crafting changes. I admit it.. I have a 2nd account, currently leveling crafting on my alt so it can be used to craft the hi grade notes i need to make sols.
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