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  1. It would be nice to be able to see all the posts Admin or any other devs/mods have made recently without having to do a search.. Much akin to WOW's forums any chance of that feature being added?
  2. 1 way slide to rats needs to be done away with.
  3. but not for all.. only some players seem to be affected
  4. Don't agree with the poll.. allow capture, remove ability to sail captured AI ships above 6th rate, allow the ability to sail all ships captured from players.
  5. simple fix... no more nation vs nation... game becomes clan vs clan.. new players are 'handsoff' and automatically placed in pve only NPC corps until they decide to join a clan. Clans allowed to establish their own ports and areas of influence , or just hang out at free towns. Other clans able to come along and wipem out..
  6. Not makin a whole ton of xp in each engagement, not getting assist or kill exp...
  7. if you don't have a character on the other server and you create one this happens... all your characters revert to 0 labour hours
  8. My suggestion is to not allow capped AI ships to be sailed. Allow the player the option of breaking up or having admiralty buy it from the player. This would allow devs to even bring back larger AI fleets with Victories or Santi's even. Allow players to sail ships capped from players Allow low level AI ships, such as traders, and anything 6th rate and down still to be captured and used. The cash payouts would help in financing crafted ships, being able to only sail capped player ships might inspire a little more pvp perhaps. Bigger, nastier AI fleets might add some exci
  9. know nothing about this ort of thing.. but is the port defence window timers available with this?
  10. Possibly not new... CLan tools would be greatly appreciated, i understand some, like the clan warehouse present challenges, but no serious ones! Clan wallet and warehouse with security permissions.. (only accessible in clan home port) clan MOTD popup when logging in with clickable links etc Now to the easiest.. More info in the clan member list.. first and foremost to have it update every few minutes sortable at least alphabetic.. but would be nice to be able to sort by rank more information, such as crafting level..
  11. Perhaps a crazy idea.. perhaps not... At least while we have the current mechanic, why not add a fee for players to join port battles....? When buying the flag, the player has the choice to log as a clan purchase or individual purchase. When choosing Clan purchase, the player sets a price for non-clan members to be able to join the fight, be it a percentage of the flag cost or a token amount.. or perhaps even the ability to lockout non-members.. When choosing as an individual purchase allow the player to be able to choose a cost per player that cannot exceed the cost of the fl
  12. it always replaced a mast that was destroyed, not sure how many hit points they came back with. It doesn't say anything about changing the mechanics so that it won't replace a destroyed mast.
  13. Here are my thoughts.... http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/8221-remove-unlimited-free-ships/?hl=unlimited+free
  14. a 3rd is worth like what 30-50k to sell it as is... too much
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