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  1. Brilliant! Now we will be one big family again!
  2. concept of team/group/nation. everybody pulling together for common goal. easiest to achieve with a group than stays together longtime combined with an ENEMY. Sweden achieved this with being underdog for a longtime , sticking to their guns and being loyal. Builds team spirit. Sir Waste of Space achieved this by creating continuous flow of enemies by his own actions. Also probably went too much for a whip, and when failures began lost it. First method, longevity, second no. And ofcourse, like everything in life, practice
  3. CPU runs hot while playing Naval Action

    http://www.alcpu.com/CoreTemp/ https://www.cpuid.com/softwares/hwmonitor.html for example
  4. CPU runs hot while playing Naval Action

    I think its in your end. Your CPU has not been overclocked so I would guess that you have too much dust gathered in the case and fans. other possibility is that your heat spreader has dried up quite a bit between your cpu and heatsink. Maybe do a good clean-up and see if it helps. Those temperatures are abnormally high. Check that all fans are working as well, they do die off from time to time. Also getting a new heatsink is a good idea if you are operating on stock cooler. (and overclock that cpu....)
  5. The Royal Dutch Provinces declare war.

    Thanks for the fight to all captains involved! I had fun and hope all of you did too. 'till next time. o7
  6. Nerf the Wasa (Poll)

    actually makes sense. thanks captains. Makes balancing wasa even more important though.
  7. Nerf the Wasa (Poll)

    related but slightly oftopic. Why are there ships (wasa and hermie) craftable by notes anyway? I assume for testing something legends related but now test has lasted quite a while already
  8. Uninstalling

    yes, i have not been able get hold off Quineloe
  9. Uninstalling

    so it gives you a list of people who have visited the port/system in the last 24h?
  10. [PVP EU] battle results

    you pile of monkeys, you are talking crap on a wrong thread. talk it somewhere else. and rediii, you too. dumasses
  11. Uninstalling

    hope you still have some ds you can play available though Elite has this thing where you can see who has visited the port in last 24h... might be kinda fun feature....
  12. [PVP EU] battle results

    is this the thread where you can just click and see results of awesome/good battles. hopefully watch a video of them as well? without too much rubbish in between? damn, i must have clicked wrong... my bad
  13. Server merge until release

    First id like to say, Its a shame that we are divided to different play rooms. I understand the reasons for it (even though personally i felt winning or losing ports was not a biggie, more fight for everyone) But with mechanics of being allowing defender to choose defence window combined with the chance to reduce portbattle sizes, there might be a mechanic to be found where we can all play on same server. although i cant figure out exactly what it would be, i remain hopeful maybe somebody smarter can come up with concrete ideas?