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  1. Hi, what for ports should be blocked ? o.O The router is not the problem. I do not have AntiVirus. :3 Kind Regards ΛвΛтz11
  2. I did it, but what now ? I do not got a message... 😕 Kind Regards ΛвΛтz11
  3. Hi @Archer11, i do not undertand your first sentence. sry Kind Regards ΛвΛтz11
  4. Hi Liq, Thank you for your Answer. This is my second Problem. After I choosed a server, is this Picture: But everyting I click on, will not work. Only the Exit button works. When I go with the mouse about my name, it becomes darker, and when I am with the Mouse from my name, is it normal. Kind Regards ΛвΛтz11
  5. hi, I have this Problem: How could I play this game ? :/ Kind Regards ΛвΛтz11
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