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  1. OK you don't play naval action and pretend to speak in tribunal. To @admin and @Ink I would be grateful to you to take into consideration this fact.
  2. I'm tired to repeat and repeat and repeat that this topic is not for game mechanics. @Scrupl It seems that YOU have a problem.. no one has interrogated you. And you have no permission to say anything about what happened in the chat because you did not attend in the discussion. STOP TRYING TO BRING ATTENTION TO SOMETHING ELSE. That's shows what a kind of climate YOU are creating between players. Still speaking about topics that nothing have in common WHITH INSULTS IN NATIONAL CHAT. But I'm happy that you and everybody like you are SHOWING TO ALL COMMUNITY what are your intention
  3. @Peter Goldman No man, OBIOUSLY EVERYBODY MUST HAVE RESPECT, EVERYBODY. And what you wrote confirm that you havan't. I repeat this topic have nothing to concern with the game mechanics. There are others pages for discuss of this thing, and as you can see, this problem is not only our problem. And the conversation practically , is all !!! Because 4 of 5 photos that I posted have chronological continuity...BECAUSE AT 00.38 FOWLPLAYCHICKEN said: "I AM GOING IN AFK, SEE YOU LATER TRAITORS". @Tomms123 when he come back, attacks strated again. I hope that you have the possibility to read
  4. This topic have nothing to concerne with the game mechanics. The problems, my dears, is not the exploit or not the exploit.. THE PROBLEM IS HOW YOU DID TREAT US. I also like that @Ink and @admin investigate and verify the game mechanics, because it is in the common interest, for all the players of NA!!!!!!. But i require also that they investigate in what appened in the chat. @Batman this not concerne how others see us. IT IS A MATTER OF RESPECT. And these few photos that i posted are only some of what some people have wrote. @Apina this is cause by this people that continuosl
  5. This guy is attacking FIRST clan of cheating !! He don't care the fact that he was typing in national chat.. and he don't care of creating agitations in chat, and creates divisions between players.. and it's not the first time. So we want to put in evidence to you this incredible thing. Instead of talk with us in a civil way (meaby also using ts) he decides to shoot sentences without thinking.. only for pour hate against us... WITHOUT REASON. We are open to any type of cooperation with everybody, and to speak of everything.. but in a CIVIL WAY. We are not operating against britain, and th
  6. Te very great problem at the moment is that people have not time to do this great job of transfering of goods.. the other mechanics are good.. my question is; why you don't put your attention in this problem and try to think in a solution to improve the speed of play this game instead of think these stupid thinks like limited ammo.. you are loosing players !! and a game without players is not a game.. do something to improve the trading and transfer speed between ports..This is what we need.
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    FIRST clan

    The official album of the british FIRST clan.
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