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  1. XP Wipe is ok but not the ship knowledge slots. level ships is soooooo boring
  2. i m sure that you have your own server after release global server are not working.
  3. its better after the new patch
  4. PvP and RVR is Content Grinding slots is very boring. The same with long afk sailing trips for repairs. Old system was better. We need repairs in everyport and more tows . More tows = more action
  5. Sorry. I m not an expert. I dont know thats enough for the new games. 520€ isnt very high prince for a Graphic card
  6. Thats fine. Do you have all settings in ultra?
  7. The devs has to fix it. Ships are sunk=boarding interuptet
  8. We need a option that we can put a friendly Clan (other nation) on our clan friendlist
  9. i like the ow but i hate afk sailing
  10. I dont have time after work to sail 1 1/2 h to my PvP outpost. More tows are good for workers or guys with familys Most guys here cant play 5h per day
  11. We have 2 problems. 1. Only 1 tow 2. Not enough outpost slots.
  12. most nation are dead. russians and brits are most active
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