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Found 29 results

  1. Hello: I am a reasonably new player, and I have talked to a few people about joining a clan. One of the people I talked to I asked some questons about the game play, one been about port attacks. I asked why our nation was not trying to take back two ports that had been captured by another nation. the answer I got was very strange. It seems the clan that captured the ports had set the time that they could be attacked right at the same time the server restarts every day. the time they set for the attack was 05:00 to 08:00 and the sever restart is at 06:00, I may be off on those times by an hour one way or the other, however, you can see the point I am making here. Now I am sure this is nothing more then an over sight by the devs, how ever it is in my opinion a use of a glitch in the game by the clan that has captured the ports and set those times they can be attacked, I myself also consider using such a glitch as nothing less then a loser cheat. however, a simple way to fix this, is to set up the server restart on a 9 day circle. pick 9 different restart times and run a circle of 9 days, or how ever many days you like as long as it is not 7, 14, 21, and so on, that way the restart times will change on the different days of the week. Now as I said, I am a new player, so maybe the restart time was set up as it is for the loser clans that need a glitch to hold the ports they capture, and yes, I will call those clans losers and a lot more because that is what they are to use a glitch in the game like a cheat. and I hope the devs are smart enough to see this and fix it. thanks for your time. Player call sign Cyberjoe
  2. Server is playing up it seems.
  3. Hey, Can't see the shard to join in anymore
  4. Hey everyone! Good morning! I have a question... does anyone know the exact times wen the Legends server goes up? Or arent there really exact times? Because yesterday it was almost not online... but the day before that it was the whole time online.. and now it has not bin online.. and i want to play legends , so does anyone know? ?
  5. We need more players! More Players=More Action!!! Please merge Server until release and bring the defence port timer back!
  6. Que me he hecho de Clan [DEAD] Pirata / Lat-ES en el server Global, ademas tengo un dominio que dedicare a la guerra de clanes navalaction.online ojala me permitan apoyar pues nada... extiendo la invitación a todo aquel latino, hispano o similar porque por aca en mexico estamos olvidados y no hay mucha publicidad, aunque seamos uno de los paises mas poblados xD bienvenidos a todos los que les gusten los tacos si son de ribay en alguna salsa mejor. si no traen Ron a la quilla
  7. SO before summer sale could we get global server moved to the top of the server list. Seeing that Global server is for everyone and European server is for euros this would make since. It would funnel much of that new blood into the correct server for them. previous games have shown that the new player will pick whatever is first on the list due to the excitement of a new game and just wanting to play. and by the time they figure out that they cant participate in RVR due to timers they will have so much stuff and wont want to start over with nothing on the correct server. IDC if this starts a fight because it is something that needs to be done. the reasons are for such a request have been made clear. please take action before steam summer sale.
  8. Thats a suggestion to ask the players if the want to have 2 PVP servers with less guys on it or just one with all of the guys on it. Maybee you find a way befor the Wipe or just merge the servers?? If there are not 400Guys on a server the server is Empty. Look on the map and the Ways and the time you need to get where the action is.
  9. prospect


  10. The information delaing with the player will not be anymore steam linked. In this way we can think we will be able to craft on pvp eu and on pvp global. What wll prevent people to exchange hours of craft from global to europe and reverse? Is it a way to let the craft hours linked to steam and not the xp?
  11. Ahoy captains, It is safe to say that NA has at least two types of PVP players. Those who want immediate PVP action even if it is a lobby match and those who like the opportunistic OW PVP. What do you think on the idea of reforming the servers? PVP1 - remain as it is. A stable server. PVP2 - is a hardcore pvp testing server. When new features implemented such as less coastal defenses, easier tagging ROE, less restrictions to get into PVP, but also less hand holding features like short battle closing times, BR limits etc. PVP2 will be dedicated to design, test and balance all those hardcore PVP mechanics and if approved by the community implemented on PVP1. I dont want to go through millions of benefits of this system. Instead I invite you to vote and express your opinion on the matter so it is clear how this community feels about it. Appreciate your attention and time! Koltes
  12. Problems : - PvP1 is in trouble due of some nation not covering all the timers making them easy target in some timers - Testbed has been launch and new stuff are on test but there is not enough population on it to test all of them - No one is ready to face the sacrifice of being push away on this or this server to limit the timers that have to be cover Solution : - Apply on testbed a window of 12 hours that will make the UE community able to face pb in their prime time. It seems the nightflip are just a problem for some UE community (mostly France/danish/Spanish/some Swedish) why I don't think timer based on US should be necessary or wished by them. The people who would move there and start from start except the few redeambale we got will be able to make fresh eco, fresh alliances and stop the craziness we face on pvp1. If devs propose soon the new eco that may wipe the ships, it may be the place to test it without wiping the 3 existing servers. This new start, based on volunteers and not on people forcing to move their will allow a less trash talk/stressful rvr. The no diplomacy made on this server will allow new wars to start and new alliance to form. It doensn't force anyone to leave but encourage the ones who could left the game due of nightflip stay aboard and keep helping the devs and the community improving the games. This solution could, when the game will be launched, been vanished if enough people are online covering all the timer or stay if the players base is happy with it.
  13. Is the PvE Server down or is it just me ?
  14. I have created a forum specific to PvP 2 in attempts to bolster population on this server. Below are sample boards. Please review the forum and join if you find it interesting and usable. TY To be able to post, it is much like any other forum: simply click Sign Up, fill out the info and click Join. Then check your email and click the activation link. http://napvp2.lefora.com/ Main Layout Nation Boards Bounty Board
  15. ​Salve capitani! La prossima patch uscirà a breve, probabilmente la settimana prossima (si spera) In questa patch il server PVP​ EU 3 verrà chiuso e unito al server PVP EU One. ​Tutte le risorse verranno mantenute e/o rimborsate nel server PVP EU One sotto forma di oggetti riscattabili. ​Lista di risorse che verranno traferite sul server PvP EU 1 ​​Denaro Risorse nei magazzini Navi Upgrades Blueprint sbloccati Gli avamposti e gli edifici costruiti verranno persi ma il costo in denaro sostenuto per la costruzione e l'upgrade verrà rimborsato Informazioni importanti per i giocatori del server PVP EU 3 (non riguarda i giocatori degli altri server) ​​ I vostri averi verranno trasferiti automaticamente, voi non dovete fare nulla. I vostri averi verranno trasferiti al vostro account indipendentemente, ​questo è un ottimo momento per cambiare nome e/o nazione ​Tutto ciò che avete verrà trasferito sotto forma di oggetti riscattabili Se avete 200 tipi di risorse o navi avrete 200 oggetti riscattabili (un bel casino) per cui è consigliabile espandere il magazzino vendendo ciò che non vi serve. La roba che avete è agganciata al vostro account del server, non importa se avete già un giocatore nel server PVP 1 Sia se avete un giocatore da creare sul nuovo server che se lo avete già avrete a disposizione gli oggetti da riscattare Scegliete con cura il giocatore che volete utilizzare, non utilizzate gli oggetti riscattabili se non siete sicuri di voler giocare con il profilo giocatore che avete scelto. Questo è il momento migliore per cambiare nazione se volete. Se non avete un profilo sul server PVP 1 non dovete preoccuparvi, createne uno e riscattate i vostri preziosi averi provenienti dal server pvp 3 ​Suggerimenti importanti ​Non riscattate i vostri averi finché non siete assolutamente certi del nome e della nazione da scegliere, i vostri oggetti non riscattati sono legati al vostro account quindi saranno sempre disponibili per essere scaricati (ovviamente non in eterno) . Aggiornamento Prima della chiusura del server tutti i contratti, le consegne e le navi in vendita devono essere cancellate e ritirate dalla vendita altrimenti verranno perse nel corso del trasferimento al server PVP 1 Hello Captains Patch will be deployed next week (hopefully) In this patch the PVP EU Three server will be closed down and merged into PVP EU One. All resources and assets will be compensated and/or merged into PVP EU One as redeemables. Resources merged into PvP EU 1 Gold Resources from warehouses Ships Upgrades Known blueprints Outposts and buildings will be lost but the price of construction or upgrades will be compensated in gold Important points for players from PVP EU 3 (this info does not concern players from all other servers) Assets are transferred automatically, you don't have to do anything Assets are transferred to account - not as players. If you wanted to change the name or nation - its a good chance to do it. All merged assets will be given to as redeemables If you had 200 various types of resources, ships, items you will have 200 redeemables in your list. To minimize the redeemables list feel free to optimize your warehouses selling assets you don't need. Merged assets are provided for server account. It does not matter if you have a player on EU 1 or notIf you don't have a player on PVP EU 1 you can create a player and he will have all merged assets from the EU 3 server in the redeemables list If you have a player on PVP EU 1 he will have all merged assets in the redeemable list Deleting vs creating playersDo not use redeemables if you are not sure about the existing player his nation and his name If you don't have a player you don't have to worry about the assets - create the player and redeem the assets If you do have the player please think carefully about using the redeemables. Better be sure if you want to play for that nation or keep that name Suggestion for safety Do not use the redeemables until you are absolutely sure about nation choice - keep them in the redeemables list. Un-used redeemables are tied to account and will always be on the redeemables list. Please translate this information for the national forums. Be careful as these instructions are important. TLDR version All assets will be merged as redeemables Do not use redeemables until you made up your mind about the nation and player name Lets discuss if everything is clear and we will post this announcement on steam as well. Spero di essere stato utile Coriolanus
  16. It would be really helpful if we could see the server time easily, especially on OW. If it was part of the drop down menu of your ship, that would be fantastic!
  17. I think the pve server is crashing or something. people aren't getting in and people that are in can't leave abattle or enter a battle. I filed a report about the login in in the name of Captain Jon Snow (steamID: (DD) Iron Eagle)
  18. ------TL;DR: Have only one server. Create more open worlds (new instances) for the populace to filter into as the server reaches peak players. Close them down again daily when maintenance downtime cycles the ports.------ THE PROBLEM: The game got big (steam release), servers became over crowded, lag became an issue, log in queues were frequent, the devs split off more servers and everyone was happy for a time. Now one server is dying and we are merging them back together. The population is going to wane and wax overtime, that much we can bet on. Opening up and closing servers as the population fluxes is not a very good way to deal with the overloads or population declines. Instead, I propose the following suggestion: MY SOLUTION: One server, spawning multiple open world instances on demand. There will only be one version of any port or any battle. When you enter Charleston, you enter the same Charleston as everyone else. The same prices, same contracts, same chat. Charleston isn't likely to become "overloaded" from the servers perspective. As players filter to all the different nations and many available port cities. Also, Charleston just represents a UI essentially. The idea of 1000 people being in Charleston is like 1000 people being in a chat room. But 1000 people in the Charleston open world harbor is like having 1000 call of duty players inside the same room. The chat room is practical, the overcrowded "call of duty room" is not. This WILL require some changes to the port flag system or some special considerations for how that would work. So keep an open mind on that. Let's explore solutions together a little later. HERE ARE THE DETAILS: Let's have one or two servers. One PvP and one PvE. I honestly think we can do away with PvE servers and perhaps just have a PvE type mode available. Where people have the option to be in a safe place, like the protected areas, to do their PvE stuff. I don't see a lot of value in PvE "only"servers for this type of game. -----However, that is an entirely separate discussion that doesn't need to be addressed here.------ So let's just say ONE server. For the purposes of our discussion, everything will be in reference to only having ONE universal server. We need multiple open worlds to deal with the population spikes. When you leave your port you will be spawned into the open world like normal. When that open world hits 75% capacity, a second one will become available. The second one will mirror the first one. All the same ports, same owners, same cross sword battles, same fleets patrolling... Everything is 100% the same except it has ZERO PLAYERS inside of it. Now that two are open (one almost full and one empty), when you leave port it will bring up a dialogue window asking you which of the two you would like to enter. This is how we will keep friends and groups together, since they may all select the same version. The dialogue window could also show the populations of the worlds available. Example: "YOU ARE DEPARTING FROM CHARLESTON. WHICH INSTANCE DO YOU CHOOSE? 1) OPEN WORLD 1 (873 players) 2) OPEN WOLRD 2 (793 players) 3) OPEN WORLD 3 (176 players)" ALL battles, no matter from which world they were spawned from, will be viewable in all the instances. If there is a port battle against Nassau, the message will be broadcast to the entire server and all of the instances of the open world. All players will be able to go to Nassau and join the port battle until that port battle instance becomes full. The additional open worlds will only become available when the population density becomes too high in the preceding open worlds. They will all close when the servers come down for maintenance. When the server comes back up from maintenance, it will have only one open world that everyone will log into until it becomes almost full again, then the server begins to open more. If more players attempt to log in when the other versions have opened, it will just ask them which they prefer to go into. When an open world becomes COMPLETELY full, it becomes unavailable to log into and players must choose a different version. BENEFITS: Players can select the server that matches their goals best. Traders will go to the least populated versions for trade runs. PvE seekers will go to the least populated servers to save themselves from lag. PvP players will seek the most populated servers for more potential targets. This will also have social and economic benefits. We can combine all the players into one gigantic server with one economy and one ongoing war. Everyone will have a chance to meet and interact together. The only thing that will separate us is our nation. That will be solved, in part, by "war and peace". Also, players can switch nations with the help of their new friends to xfer things. This game is highly social, and putting up server barriers detracts from that aspect. Let's capitalize on it. THE DOWNSIDES: The biggest issue I can think of that really hurts this idea is the current flag carry system. Let's say there are two open worlds available. The flag carrier will obviously choose the least populated one to transport the flag and reduce his chances of being intercepted. Is that fair? How can it be solved if not? What about blockade tactics for the port in question? I have a few ideas of how this can be addressed but I would like to first open it up for community discussion. FEEDBACK REQUEST: Also, please, ANY other issues you can think of, absolutely do not hesitate to bring them up here. No matter how small or trivial. I would love the opportunity to address any feedback you might have. This same topic will be linked to the reddit subforum as well in case you prefer their discussion format Better (I know I do). THANK YOU FOR YOUR DEDICATION IF YOU READ THIS FAR
  19. Just bought the game, and i'm excited to play, but it freezes everytime I join a server, like instantly. I tried starting it normally and also in beta (x86), but the same thing keeps happening. I open the game, choose a server, and right after it says "connecting (and my steam username)" it freezes, I click on the screen, at the clint.exe doesn't answer. Any idea what's wrong?
  20. Alright I've decided to buy the game. However I'm still not sure which server (PvP a must) and which nation to choose from. I live in the Caribbean so a US server is the way to go. But, there is no info on reddit or on here that can give me a lets say breakdown of total players and popularity of nation in the game. I'm trying to avoid the more populated nations so US, Brits, Pirates and not particularly interested in playing as the Dutch. So I'm left with Denmark, Sweden, Spain, and France as potential candidates. Would it be possible to get some comments on the amount of players for the nations on the US PvP servers and possibly the name of clans/groups for them. Also if possible to get a couple of screenshots of the game map so as to see the current nation balance on the different servers?
  21. Why is there only like 700-800 players on pvp 2? i mean i know that it was only added in on the 21 but still pvp 1 has 2700 players we need quite a few more especially since the aussies play on pvp 1.
  22. To start, Love the game. POTBS vet. Been searching for a similar game to capture the community atmosphere and true RVR and PVP ever since. I see great things in the future for this game. Goal here is to address a potential major concern this game may have in the future and one that it currently has now, population. The game world is massive. Which is great. Immersive. Realistic. However, apart from a few major hubs it is by in large, empty. Problem: Lets face it fellows, the game is pretty niche. My favorite niche, but niche non the less. We cant afford to divide our population among so many servers. People will come and go and the more alive a server feels the more people will be willing to stay and invest their time becoming part of the community. Having the servers divided among US vs EU does nothing to help the situation and you'll find new players just choose whatever closer even though we all known PVP 1 is where the game is really going on which will lead people on the other servers to grow bored and leave over time. Solution: Merge all the like servers. 1 PVP server and 1 PVE server. ( we have all noticed ping is a non issue) Issue: Technical limitations of server infrastructure. Proposed Solution: (Shards) -1.)OW broken into 6 major shards: (Gulf of Yucatan(1), Gulf of Mexico(2), Panama(3), Antilles(4), The colonies(5), Bahamas(6)) (Details to follow) -A.) When sailing towards the border between shards a warning is displayed on screen you are approaching said region and will be transferred there in 30 seconds if you maintain your course. If you maintain course you are transferred to region after a load screen. (The loading screens in this game are seconds) -B.) Create Shard boundaries in dead zones of open ocean. Rough boundary illustrations to follow. - 2.)Battle Shards: -A.)Every PB or instanced fight could potentially be hosted on a strictly battle shard. Enter a fight connect to the battle shard where the conflict is focus. Upon completion connect back to shard you left. Relieve main server resources for duration of battle. -3.)Shard population Cap limit : -A.) To combat the potential for full shards restricting free movement hard cap shard capacity at 2,500-3000(whatever the developers have determined is the safe population for a single server) and cap the entire server population at 10,000. -1.) This would make it extremely unlikely that over 2,500 would be sailing in a given region at a given time. And if for some unforeseen reason this becomes an issue (mirrored shards could potentially be researched.) -4.)Control Availability of resources per region: (to promote travel and boost economy) -A.)By making the availability of resources fairly equal among regions it ensures that no one region becomes dominate and gives incentive to conquer other regions via RVR in order to control a larger share of a given resource. -B.)Give each region a unique resource to promote commerce and trade( i.e. American Cotton, French wine, etc. Proposed regional shards: -1.)Gulf of Yucatan: (South-Western Mexico)(Pictures Below) Begin: Tip of Yucatan at the halfway point between "Tantun Cuzamil" and "Mugeres" - Arcs out towards the halfway point between "Mugeres" and the tip of Cuba - Loops around in a northwesterly direction to end at the halfway point between "Aransas" and El Ranco. - Eastern boundary of the shard will reside in the Gulf of Mexico, west of "Alacranes" - Western boundary of shard will be the coast contained within. -2.)Gulf of Mexico: (Southern Coast of U.S.)(Pictures Below) Begin: Halfway point between "Manataca" and "Gasparilla" - Proceeds directly west into the Gulf of Mexico to intersect with shard (1) north-west of "Alcranes" - Northern and eastern boundaries are southern coast of U.S. - Western Boundary is Eastern Boundary of Shard (1) -3.)Panama :(Coast of Central America)(Pictures Below) Begin: Tip of Yucatan at the halfway point between "Tantun Cuzamil" and "Mugeres" - Continue South-easternly towards the top pf South America - Dividing the Open seas between ports such as: -"Serrana" and "Bone Cay" -"Misteriosa" and "Geroge Town" -Boundary ending between "Rio de la Hacha" and "Santa Marta" -Eastern, Southern, and Western Boundary to be the coast of Central America -4.)Antilles: (The Antilles)(pictures Below) Begin: Mid-point between "Rio de la Hacha" and "Santa Marta" - Boundary proceeds north-easterly to the tip of the Dominican Republic between "Sale-Trou" and "Barahona" - Boundary continues from the northern side of "D.R." at the mid-point between "Samana" and "Macao" towards the North-Eastern edge of the map. - Northern and Eastern Boundaries of the shard are the edge of the game world. - Southern Boundary is the coast of South America. -5.) The Colonies: (eastern coast of United States and Bermuda)(pictures below) Begin: Mid-point between "Cabo Canaveral" and "San Sebastian" - Proceeds north-easterly towards the edge of the game world. - Northern and eastern boundaries are edge of Game world - Western boundary is coast of United States -6.)The Bahamas:(Cuba and the Bahamas)(pictures Below) Comprised of the region contained within the boundaries of the other shards and game world. - North-western boundary is Shard 1,2 - North-Eastern boundary is Shard 5 - Eastern Boundary is the edge of Game world - South-Westen Boundary is Shard 3 - South-Eastern and Eastern Boundaries are Shard 4 Conclusion: - In theory this would create a much more rich game environment for all to experience. -Would make true RVR and actual possibility with the bolstering of population for the smaller nations. - Keep the majority of the community together to help build the bonds that will keep this game alive. - Generate conflicts for National control of a Region - Make the game feel more alive. Note: Boundaries and theory open to revision. We are just spit-balling here for the good of the game *Screen Shots of rough boundaries attached. Higher Res pictures available but reduced due to size limits. Will post regions pictures below Links to images of shard concept: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9mOinkVxfkQQk9GVVVwa1JWODg/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9mOinkVxfkQSWZUMU1rZ1VNWWM/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9mOinkVxfkQcVhhZGdxamhrTU0/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9mOinkVxfkQMkM3TzB0SnNlQU0/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9mOinkVxfkQUFFYTVpOb2xqVG8/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9mOinkVxfkQTkhxd3NsQVFPSjQ/view?usp=sharing EDit: Updated server setup implementing Mirror542's great idea which can be seen is his comment below https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9mOinkVxfkQc19DeEpma0pybFk/view?usp=sharing The updated Concept requires 6-8 servers depending on decision to enable individual shards for battles or ports. 4 of the shards boundaries are displayed in green above. 2 of the shards are transitional boundaries. If sailing West from the far left edge of the map you are on Shard one. - every single player in visible distance to you is also on shard one. - As you approach transitional shard A you become loaded onto that shard as well as shard one. - All of this is done behind the scenes with no interruption in gameplay. - You would be able to see all players in your visible distance located on both shard A and Shard 1 - As you cross the border between shard 1 and shard 2 (north of cuba in this example) your ship is loaded into shard 2 and removed from shard one. - All of this is done behind the scenes with no interruption in gameplay. - You would now be able to see all players in your visible distance located on both shard A and Shard 2 (or 3 depending on which side of cuba you are on) - If you continue to sail west along the northern coast of cuba you would eventually be removed from Shard A and reside solely on Shard 2. - If we continue our example you would be loaded onto Shard B as well as Shard 2 - Again all of this is done behind the scenes and presents no change to gameplay. - You would now be able to see all players in your visible distance located on both shard 2 and Shard B -And so on to shard B and 4 and then solely 4. This becomes and effective way to join the entirety of the current player base to one "server" and resolve the issues presented by hardware. If in the future the player base increases it is even infinitely scalable by adding additional transition shards. Transition shards for transition shards , ad nauseam. Creates a truly alive world. Doesn't impact game play at all. Creates competitive RVR. A need for trade and commerce in the upcoming player driven economy. There is no reason more people playing together is a bad idea. Game labs already is running several servers. This would convert those servers to shards and rather then divide the player base per server use those servers to unite the playerbase.
  23. During the last few days problem with server, I find out (the hard way) that ship can be lost simple by disconnect from server during a battle even if the enemy ship does not have any guns at all. While this might not be a problem with lower rate ship which got 5 durability, if that happen when a lot of people in 1st rate having battle or at peak time, it is a disaster. So what you guys think about this problem? Because Im quite sure that server connection will have problems in the future, might be due to some nasty bug.
  24. Hi everyone! I just had a quick question about server locations for this game. I currently live in Japan, and am worried about lagging if I connect to servers in the US or EU. Are there Asian servers for this game? Really looks like something I would love to play! Thanks!
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